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The blossoming

August 12th 2014 7:52 am
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Supernut informs that Nom Yen has become a woman.

We're so happy for her.


I'm not a beggar

August 11th 2014 8:00 am
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Today I picked a piece of chicken off the ground at the BBQ pit and Cha got angry. She called me a beggar and dragged me home.

In the afternoon ah ma came home after losing all her money at the casino and I didn't dare to ask for money. Ah ma said she only had $2 left.

I guess we're both beggars today.


New toothbrush

August 10th 2014 7:38 am
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My new toothbrush is making my gums bleed. I don't like it but fomfomfom insists on brushing my teeth everyday.

I'll have to tell ah ma to cook me liver to make up for my massive gummy blood loss.


Happy 49th!

August 9th 2014 5:37 am
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It is Singapore's 49th birthday today. To celebrate, fomfomfom brought me down for a real long walk. Then we came home and I bathed and fomfomfom put on my red collar for me coz I'm a Singaporean. We watched the fireworks together on tv.

Now I'm all pooped out from the festivities.



August 8th 2014 6:39 am
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That day Sammy and Jandelle excitedly and conspiratorially whispered to us that they know where there's a spider. They would lead us to it if we would follow them. Fomfomfom and I were trembling with excitement as we crept along behind them.

They pointed to a dead cockroach on the floor.


Too little

August 7th 2014 7:46 am
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I didn't feel well last night after I went to bed. So I came out and asked fomfomfom to sit with me until 12.30am. We think I probably had a gassy stummy coz I ate so much while lounging on my magic buttons. Anyway I was ok in the morning and I wagged my tail at fomfomfom when she came out bleary eyed.

So Cha was inspired to check the correct serving amount on the kibble packet and she counted the number I was supposed to have each day. Coz they think I was eating and pooping too much.

It's not enough.


2 girls playing

August 6th 2014 8:27 am
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Today fomfomfom was chatting with Alexis' grandmother so we had to amuse ourselves. Alexis gathered a bunch of twigs and fed them to me one by one. I bit them into pieces. Some of them we had a fight over. She won't give them up.

Then fomfomfom saw us and wagged a finger at us. Then she continued chatting and we continued playing.


Poop's good

August 5th 2014 7:36 am
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I pooped 5 times today. They were beautiful poop. The colour's changed to lighter brown, just like those of everybody else's. It must be that new kibble.

Fomfomfom says I'm the poopy queen.


My new kibble

August 4th 2014 8:46 am
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There were fireworks the last 2 nights, so by extension, there should also be fireworks tonight. I was waiting by the window but alas. I still don't know why there were fireworks the past 2 nights. I discussed it in depth with fomfomfom and the best thing we can think of is it was a weekend. Tonight is not a weekend, so there was no fireworks. Logic makes me feel so secure.

They bought me new kibble. It's a brand I haven't tried before and it's lamb and apple. We're going fancy-schmancy here. Apple indeed. We'll see if I'm allergic to it, I guess.


Baby got lucky

August 3rd 2014 6:42 am
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Ooh I saw a dead bat today. It was on the path near the swimming pool and quite a perfect specimen it was. I never knew bats were so delicate looking.

Then I met Baby and her mummy and I learnt she was sick just like I was a few weeks ago. She had some bacterial infection in her tummy and was gushing blood from her rear and ended up in hospital for 4 days. The vet said she could have died and they had brought her in just in time. Anyway the point is, she's had all her tidbits cut off, just like me!

Misery loves company. Giggles.

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