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It all works out

July 24th 2015 10:32 am
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It's been a week and they are still faithfully bringing me down for midday walks. It's very hot but I don't mind. I love going down. In return, I am more cooperative when they try to brush my teeth. I'm nice that way.

It's also nice to get out for a while because our neighbour is doing something to his house and it's drilling noises all day long. It makes one cranky. So we go down and we get all tired out and then we sleep through all that noise.




July 23rd 2015 7:41 am
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Ah bee bought me a mini volleyball. Its name is MiMi, it means mini mikasa. They were so excited about how I would receive my present that they had the lighting done and the camera all ready to take a video. I guess I was a bit cool towards MiMi and it was a very short video. It is hoped I would take to it eventually. Ah ma, of course, gave them a scolding for adding to the clutter.

It was eyedrop time when I shook my head and the drop landed on my nose and I promptly licked it off. Ah bee and fomfomfom were horrified and kept tabs on me all night to see if I were poisoned.

Yeah all these medicines are poison.


A puff, two Malteses and a baby bulldog

July 22nd 2015 6:08 am
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We learn that 2 pomeranians are called a puff of pomeranians. So pretentious.

The teacup Malteses from the other condo are crazy. They are so tiny they can't even bark; all they manage is to do is yip. But they confront dogs bigger than them (okay I don't know any dogs smaller than them) and circle them and keep yipping. This is what we call never die before.

There's a baby bulldog in the condo and he's cute. My mamas keep grinning when they see him.

It's okay, not for long.


It's warm

July 21st 2015 6:48 am
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We were sitting at the back gate watching the world go by when fomfomfom exclaimed she'd gotten hit by bird shit. Me and ah bee, we giggled and then ah bee fumbled for a piece of tissue and wiped it off the back of her neck. Then ah bee lifted me off fomfomfom's lap and we left her to contemplate her future.

Fom the dirty creature just washed her hands at the tap and joined us again.



July 20th 2015 7:53 am
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We were down for my mid day walk when we saw a big lizard. It's so huge. Bigger than a cat. Some sort of a monitor lizard we think. Ah bee saw something moving and flew away, thinking its a rat. Fomfomfom, seeing ah bees reaction, thought its too big to be a rat so she took another look. Good thing she didn't faint when she realised it's a lizard; she's deathly afraid of reptiles.

I told her to pat herself on the chest and not be frightened. That's what they do for me when I'm afraid and I always feel better after.

She's still patting now.


Pig tendon

July 19th 2015 7:45 am
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Ooh I got an extra noon walk today. The point was to put eye drops in my eyes but I don't mind the insincerity. It'll be a happy week.

They gave me a pig tendon today. I danced with it and guarded it all morning and no one could even look at it. They all had to look down while I was about. Then I ate it at night. It was for teeth cleaning, I heard, and I demolished most of it in 20 minutes and a horrified ah bee wrestled the last remaining bit away from me.

I don't know what's their problem.


3 walks

July 18th 2015 6:38 am
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We went to see the vet woman today because my eye is still red. We were real lucky coz it's a sat and we walked in without an appointment and we didn't have to wait long. She said there's dust in my eye, and a little in the other one too. Infected. We were sent home with antibiotics and told to return in a week.

The antibiotics have to be administered 3 times a day and they kept thinking how they were going to catch me one extra time. Maybe we can drop it into her eyes when she's on the buttons. They realized very quickly it's not going to happen so I think I'm going to get 3 walks a day for a week. Just so they can carry me into the bathroom to do the eyedrops.

Not complaining.



July 17th 2015 4:56 am
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My eye was red and there was a yellow discharge in the morning and my mamas wanted to bring me to see the vet but it's a public holiday today and the vet is not open. I guess we'll have to go tomorrow if my eye doesn't get better tonight.

And they noticed my tongue is not rough like before. It's gone smooth and they're worried about that too. Mebbe we can ask the vet why.

And I hear my friend donut went for dental scaling and ended up having 19 teeth extracted. His mummy's heart is aching but donut has a hole in his head so I hope he's not too upset. I hear his appetite hasn't suffered.

It's a dog's life.



July 16th 2015 8:04 pm
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The wife of our prime minister shared a video about Shih tzus on her Facebook page. We didn't know she likes shih tzus. Giggles. Anyway, we learnt that after the cultural revolution there were only 14 Shih tzus left in the world. What a frightening thought!

And we were just reading stuff on the Internet and legend has it Buddha had a shih tzu. One day they came upon robbers and the shih tzu turned into a ferocious lion and fended off the robbers, saving Buddhas life. Then it turned back into a shih tzu and Buddha picked it up and kissed it on its head. The white blaze on our forehead is where Buddha planted the kiss. Ooh, my mamas were right when they called it a kiss collecting patch.

Anyway, at the end of the video, there's a picture of a shih tzu that looks exactly like me. Same same, like they always say. I told them I have a secret life as a model so I can earn a little cash to buy potato chips.

Could this be the answer to the potato chip mystery, they wondered.

I'm not telling.



July 15th 2015 4:02 am
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I'm alright again! Everyone is real pleased and I'm happy too. We figured I must have eaten something dirty coz it all started with my rumbling stummy. Today I jump and hop, jump and hop.

We met the tiny coffee today and his maid complained he refused to poop. Ah bee told her to squeeze him until it comes out of him like toothpaste. Simple.

That sounds slightly criminal to me.

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