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May 15th 2015 8:59 am
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I wasn't in the happiest of moods this morning. It started from last evening when it rained and my walk was unsatisfactory. I didn't manage to poop. Then this morning I was a little constipated so it made me even more upset. When it began to rain after my walk, I lost my temper. I barked randomly and everyone was so concerned. When they finally realized maybe it's the rain, they started laughing. Look at that silly xp, who knows how long she's been stewing away, fom said. Don't worry, she added, the rain will stop before your evening walk.

She's lucky it did. Hmph.


Baby planet

May 14th 2015 4:19 am
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Ah ma was channel surfing and she came across animal planet. Oooh, I want to watch baby planet, she declares. It was baby panda time.

I dunno why, but I'm not very happy when ah ma looks at baby animals. I don't mind when she watches unlovely old hippos though.


Bag of worms

May 13th 2015 6:42 am
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That day we saw a worm crossing the path. Then ah bee pretended she was picking it up, and stuffing it into a make-believe bag. Then she picked up a lot more pretend worms and soon the bag was full. Ah bee grabbed it at the top and shook it at me. Is this what u want to be, xp, is this what u want to be?, she cried.

I know they always complain I'm a wriggling bag of worms, but this is beyond stupid. I hope no one saw that display.

They're so embarrassing.


White chocolate

May 12th 2015 3:53 am
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I hadn't seen chocolate in the longest time, and when we met at the sandpit today, she absolutely went to pieces. She barked non-stop, wanted to kiss me, and was altogether too happy. It's flattering coz she's usually quite aloof. I think she really missed me. She even kissed fomfomfom.

Then our joyful meeting ended and we had to go and we said our byebyes. Jojo suddenly stopped us and said, oh yes, his parents are starting a new business, an online shop selling dresses.

I guess he suddenly remembered fomfomfom and ah bee are girls and decided to do some advertising. Maybe that's what chocolate was doing,


Ah ma's roses

May 11th 2015 8:19 am
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2 days ago, ah ma happily came home with a pot of yellow roses. She proudly watered them and hung them up together with the nice orchids. Suffice to say the roses are almost dead today. Ah ma put it most eloquently when she glimpsed her flowers and exclaimed "aiyoh!" I guess the heat got to them yellow roses.

And ah bee was so irritating tonight. She kept making a clicking sound next to my face and I wanted her to stop so I said "woof". They were delighted. I don't know why.

Doggies all know how to say woof.


Mother's day

May 10th 2015 3:24 am
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It is Mother's Day and we celebrated by making ah ma cook and wash for us all day. She even washed me.

What I really want to say is ah bee has lice. A peanut sized thing crawled out of her hair yesterday. She's grosses.


Mouse in the house

May 9th 2015 1:21 am
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Ah bee saw me lounging in my house today and she took a photo as evidence to show that my house isn't a white elephant. But it's too small for her, she told fomfomfom, there's no room for her to rest her head.

"We need a bigger house!" Fomfomfom declared.

"Or perhaps a smaller mouse!" said ah bee.



Black and white

May 8th 2015 9:41 am
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Ah bee's given my two bottles names but she says we cannot write them here.

So I shan't.


1 down 2 to go

May 7th 2015 7:57 am
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I'm talking about backs. Fomfomfom's walking like an old woman after carrying me about for 2 months after my own bad back episode, and she did not bring me down this morning. She's got a bad back and something in her hips is not working too well. Luckily I still have Cha and ah bee's backs. I'd better go through them slowly. It's always good to have spares.

Ah bee tells me there's this cat in America who got depressed after her 3 kittens died. She herself is only 8 months old. Luckily her owner got her 3 abandoned kittens from the shelter so now everyone is happy.

How funny cats are.



May 6th 2015 6:18 am
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This morning we saw Kiki at the playground. She wasn't leashed and we were wondering why not. Then we saw the maid put her on the slide and there she was sliding down. Oh goodness. We think she plays at the playground every morning. Such a baby. No wonder she flies past us at the badminton court whenever we see her. Can't wait to get to the slides, no doubt.

I'm officially not the strangest doggie around anymore. Not with the likes of dolly and Kiki around.

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