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Seventh month

August 13th 2015 4:30 am
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I think the hungry ghost festival starts tomorrow. Today people were already burning offerings. And there was a wildly smoking container outside the back gate and while we sat there, with fomfomfom wishing and hoping the wind would change direction, I got smoked real good. Fomfomfom too.

I hope she won't be so stupid tomorrow and for the rest of the month.



August 12th 2015 7:47 am
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Eee ah bee left with her suitcase. They tell me she's going gallivanting in Europe. Eee.

Yesterday our prime minister's wife informed on Facebook that dogs have special sensory nerves at the ears, and therefore, it's a decree that all dog owners must scratch their doggie's ears all the time.

We love our prime minister's wife.


Forever and ever

August 11th 2015 2:08 am
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I got a tendon yesterday and I went at it. The last time they checked on me, it was all still there, about 20cm of it. Then fomfomfom went to deal with my meat and ah bee went to bathe. 15 minutes later, they found me lying dazed on ah ma's bathroom rug, ruffled hair and all, and tendon nowhere in sight.

Ah ma refused to believe I ate all of it so she went hunting but she couldn't find it.

All I will say is, this one too, is safe forever now.


The Maserati Malteses

August 10th 2015 8:56 am
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The malteses usually come out in a carrier bag. Before that, their ride was a modified marketing trolley. Their newest ride is a Maserati. We saw them 2 days ago. Their daddy scooped them up and they got into a Maserati parked nearby.

One simply cannot tell.



August 9th 2015 8:20 am
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Singapore is 50 years old today.

The people rejoice!



August 8th 2015 8:01 am
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I don't know what Ah bee has been eating but her mouth is one kind of smelly. I love it. I just want to kiss her whenever I smell her breath. So for a long time she just lay on the floor and opened her mouth and I licked her. I even licked her teeth. Then she decided to close her mouth. So I pawed her mouth until she opened it. She couldn't stop giggling after that so I walked away.

I like smelly things but maybe I should lend her my toothbrush and ask Fomfomfom to brush her teeth.


Long weekend

August 7th 2015 4:45 am
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Today is the first day of the SG50 National Day holidays. It's so important that everything in Singapore is free these 4 days. And everyone must be at these free events coz I sat at my usual spot facing the canal and there was no one at all. No one was jogging. I guess everyone plans on doing the Merlion tonight coz it's only patriotic.

Then I met dolly and she tried to lick my ear. She's so silly she can run off halfway through her poop, poop hanging off her behind. How undignified she is. That's coz she's only a baby.

Then we met Sammy and she said she misses her siblings but she didn't cry at all and she's been watching surprise eggs and pepa pig on YouTube for days.

Then, horrors, she showed us.



August 6th 2015 8:05 am
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We were walking today near the spot where we saw the monitor lizard the other day. Fomfomfom was holding me when we heard Ah bee call out, "Come back come back!"

So Fomfomfom asked why and Ah bee said come back come back again. Then Fomfomfom asked why again and Ah bee could only manage those 4 words again. It went on like that for a while before Fomfomfom and I fled the scene.

I thought it was pretty obvious Ah bee must have seen the lizard and Fomfomfom must have realised it too but their reaction was just so idiotic.

Can't depend on them to protect me.


Bye bye

August 5th 2015 7:40 am
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Yesterday Sammy saw ah bee and me at a distance and declared to her maid, "I must go to sister!" How uncharacteristic. Ah bee lost no time in extracting two kisses from the little bandit.

Today 4 bandits left for Australia. Only Sammy and Benny are left. We have 3 weeks to extract as many kisses as we can from Sammy.

Coz she's so cute you know.


Nice boy

August 4th 2015 8:14 am
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Yesterday Supranut's mother asked us if there is any way she can get an SG50 funpack for him. That's a commemorative tote bag filled with souvenirs to celebrate Singapore's golden jubilee. It's only given to Singaporean and permanent resident households. Because they are foreigners, they don't get one.

But we like Supranut so much and he likes Singapore so much (he made his mummy buy him a Singapore flag), we gave ours to him. And the polite boy presented Fomfomfom with a bag of potato chips to thank her. No doubt he bought it with his own pocket money. Such a sweet boy.

The world can use more Supranuts.

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