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Nom yen

March 7th 2014 7:41 am
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I have a new friend and she's a toy poodle. She's nearly three months old and she's about as big as my head. Giggles. Her family is Thai and we think her name is Nom yen. Her mummy says it means icy milk in Thai.

I haven't had the chance to sniff her behind yet coz she still needs one more vaccination before she can play with others.

Just a baby.


Where is Sammy when you need her

March 6th 2014 7:22 am
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The other day Sammy told Fomfomfom there was a black cat in the bushes but Fomfomfom didn't have to be afraid and she'll bring her to see the cat. They didn't manage to find the cat that day.

But I saw it today. It's black and mean. It was meowing at me and walking slowly towards us. So Ah bee picked me up and we fled.

I wasn't afraid if that's what you're thinking.


A scorcher

March 5th 2014 8:34 am
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Fomfomfom has gone missing. Off gallivanting I am sure. Whatever.

It's too hot today to bother with anything.


Observe analyze checkmate

March 4th 2014 8:18 am
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They are so impressed with me. They keep calling me a clever baby girl. I used to get one tidbit at night at bedtime, so I can end the day on a happy note. It's gone up to about 3 now and it's only just hit them how I'm getting so much more. Giggles.

So this is how it works. It's a little complicated. I get one tidbit first, my usual. Then I'll go to bed and pretend to turn in. 5 minutes later I run out and tell Fomfomfom I'm not tired and still want to play. So she rubs my belly for a while. Then I tell her I'm a little peckish and they feed me kibble. No matter how much kibble I eat, they must give me another tidbit, based on the happy note principle. If you must know, I've tried eating one measly kibble and still got the second tidbit.

After a few times of that, now when I say I'm hungry and want to eat kibble, they know I will only eat a little bit and they're too lazy to get up and down to feed me that. So they give me the second tidbit straight. Aha, after the second tidbit is safely in my stomach, I say to them I'm hungry and I want to eat kibble. They will say no, you're only playing us and I say what are you trying to starve me?! That will shut them up immediately and then I eat the requisite kibble. And guess what, happy note principle dictates another tidbit. That my friends, is how you get 3 tidbits instead of 1.

This and how I outsmarted them re the liver pills and they think I am the most clever person in the whole wide world.


It creeps up

March 3rd 2014 7:25 am
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They keep saying I'm a hairy beary today.

I fear for my immediate future.


Real funky

March 2nd 2014 8:05 am
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There was a basin of water in the kitchen today and floating in it were some unidentified objects.

My mamas were perplexed and separately they asked what those things are. The top three guesses were pig stomach, old rags and medicine bags.

My ah ma rolled her eyes and told them it's jellyfish.

Wow I guess she'll be the only one eating them.


At home today

March 1st 2014 7:20 am
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I read in the papers there's a pet expo today, and they'll be serving a buffet for us pets. Cha asked if I wanted to go. Ah bee asked if I wanted to go.

That's all they do. Ask.


A little bit funny

February 28th 2014 7:47 am
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I was feeling a little under the weather today. I jumped up before 6 this morning and was pacing the house, even the laundry area behind where I'm not allowed to go. So Cha brought me down for my walk early. I spent the whole day sleeping and I didn't want any of them near me. Everyone was worried. By dinner time I was feeling better and everything went on per normal.

Excuse me now but I need to catch up on the belly rubs I missed in the day.


What I would find

February 27th 2014 7:01 am
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I read in the papers that a couple found gold coins worth $10 million while walking their dog. I wondered if we might be so lucky, but ah bee and fomfomfom said the chances of us finding dinosaur bones are greater. I guess that's not bad either, so I started thinking of what I should name my find.

Xiaoping's T-Rex, no doubt.


Damn it was close

February 26th 2014 7:23 am
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Ah bee was feeding me my liver supplement pill and as usual, she was prepared to let me go after I took a few gulps and looked like I swallowed the pill.

Then she suddenly remembered the pill on the floor yesterday so she pried open my mouth for a look just to be safe. She said she wasn't expecting to see anything but there it was on my tongue. Yes, I was going to spit it out later when no one's looking.

They started laughing and praising me coz I'm so clever and so devious.

I need to think of something else.

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