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December 22nd 2016 3:19 am
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They were grumbling how hot this December is. Then in the afternoon it started storming and it rained and rained and it won't stop. I'm not sure I like this December weather. The clothes will get mouldy.

Ah ma's not back yet. It's been 10 hours since she went to the casino. What a hard day's work she must be putting in. But I'm not counting on getting $100 from her.

It's december. Same as the rest of the year.


Dong zhi

December 21st 2016 7:16 am
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It's winter solstice today. That means everyone must go home and eat rice dumplings. I knew I wasn't going to get any so I made ah bee give me the pork from her soup just now.

Better than rice dumplings I bet.

I'm not sure if this is the festival when everyone is a year older (I think not). Anyway, it was ah bee's birthday yesterday based on the lunar calendar. So if she turned one year older yesterday and then one more today, one more when her regular birthday in Jan comes around and then one more on Chinese new year, she would be 4 years older within a span of 2 months.

So she'd be something like 47 I think. She'll be older than ah ma in no time.



December 20th 2016 5:42 am
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Ah ma was discussing with fomfomfom and ah bee the ancient Chinese art of face reading. It seems that ears that sit high means one is clever, while low sitting ears means you're not too bright. Ah ma demanded to see fomfomfom's ears which fomfomfom refused, which is kind of stupid coz her hair is cut above her ears. I guess those ears aren't sky high.

Then ah bee started choking with mirth and pointed to me and it seems my ears are on top of my head.

Yes, I'm the epitome of brightness.


The case of the missing roo

December 20th 2016 5:34 am
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We ran out of cut roo in the fridge just now so ah bee went searching for the rest of it stashed somewhere. It's so well hidden she couldn't find it after 10 minutes of looking. So I waited patiently outside the kitchen door. Then she gave up and got cha to search instead while she gave me a belly rub. It was taking such a long time I went to play with my tendon. Then they both gave up after another 10 minutes and went to ask ah ma. Turns out ah ma kept my roo at the bottom of a paper bag and threw rags on top of it. She must have been afraid that someone would steal my roo, that's why she hid it for well.

They praised me for being so nice and patient so I got many pieces of roo.



Today. And a little of yesterday.

December 18th 2016 6:02 am
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Yesterday evening I had a bit of diarrhoea and fomfomfom held her breath until midnight and convinced herself that I was ok. Well, she was right.

It's been a real bad week. I havent seen many of my friends at all. I guess all the owners are taking their holiday overseas and everyone doesn't need to pee.

My backside is itchy.

Ah bee and fomfomfom were discussing cartoons intently and we find that the cartoons of yore are much better than today's. Lilo and stitch is ok. Our favourite is Pocahontas. I've never seen it. It's older than me.

The song is supposedly very nice.



December 17th 2016 5:09 am
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It finally rained today. We haven't had rain in a very long time, which is very odd weather for December. That crazy Ah bee has been wearing long pants to walk me in the heat and I was so afraid she would get a heat stroke and just die or something. She says she must protect her legs from the mosquitoes.

I guess no one told her there are no mosquitoes coz of the dry spell.


What what what

December 16th 2016 4:53 am
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Banana man asked us today if we would like to adopt boiboi. Coz he's moving away in 2 weeks and he hasn't got a new place yet. Fomfomfom told him no way, he can bring a bird with him even if he's sleeping in his car.

I don't know what he's thinking.


Me and my ah ma

December 15th 2016 8:03 am
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We think chilli crab has been found. The notice at the lift lobby has been taken down and we don't see his family looking anymore. Fingers crossed.

Because ah ma complained that I don't nap with her in the afternoons anymore, I thought I'll join her today. When I went into her room, she said, "You finally decided to come in huh." And then she kept me inside her room even when she's not in there.

Coz ah ma loves me. Very much you know.


Chilli crab

December 14th 2016 3:09 am
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Today my friend chilli crab went missing. I know his family sometimes doesn't leash him and let him loose and he terrorises me. But I don't know if he ran out of the house or if he ran off when he was loose. His family is out in full force looking for him. We had 3 different people asking us if we'd seen him. It's been a few hours now and they're still looking.

I feel sad. He must be hungry. I hope they find him and he can terrorise me again.


Someone up there likes me

December 14th 2016 2:51 am
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Ah ma, fomfomfom and ah bee went to the temple today to give their thanks to the deities for keeping us safe this year. I tell you, they didn't go a moment too soon - this evening when I was on my walk, a branch suddenly landed in front of me. Ah bee, who was slightly behind me and fomfomfom, saw it a second before it landed and all she managed as a warning was an "Eeeeei!"


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