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July 21st 2007 9:40 am
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I was informed that my entries of late have been unfunny. I have to admit- creativity has been eluding me for quite sometime now. I did think of giving up mais n’inquiétez pas.

I stronger than that.



July 20th 2007 11:58 am
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Weizhi jiejie was supposed to come visit me today. But she didn’t show. I waited all afternoon. But she didn’t show. I am a little mad at her but I shall forgive her coz Ah bee told me that Weizhi jiejie has been reading my diary entries faithfully. And using my picture as her msn picture. And using my name in her msn nick. I underestimated the power of my charms.

Anyway, Ah bee was reading an article on addiction just now and she informed me that I have a problem. She said that I am addicted to going to the gardens. I rebutted that an addiction is a repetitive behaviour in the face of negative consequences, the desire to continue something that is bad for you. There is nothing bad about me going to the gardens. But Ah bee said that my compulsive behaviour in holding in my erm pee pee for erm the whole day and demanding to go out in the scorching sun/ pouring rain constitutes a disorder. And that the first thing in fighting addiction is to recognize that I have a problem. Whatever.

Fomfomfom says I will have to join the Gardens Enormous-Nonymous. Except that there is no such organization I think. So Fomfomfom will help me set it up. We will get ourselves registered and we’ll be an official club. We will have slot machines as any reputable club does, and any other peripheral you can think of. Because too much of a good thing can be wonderful.

We got so carried away we even thought of a slogan/jingle for the organization. It’s pretty catchy if you ask me. Here goes nothing-

Gardens Enormous-Nonymous
We’ll help fight your addiction
Gardens Enormous-Nonymous
Saving the world with passion

How do you like that?


The moon that is no more

July 19th 2007 9:23 am
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I was out at the porch with Ah bee and Fomfomfom just now when Fomfomfom exclaimed the moon is not where it usually is. She pointed at the moon to illustrate her point to Ah bee. Ah bee was so shocked, and she immediately told her to put her finger down. That’s coz Ah bee remembers what her mama told her when she was a little bee- Ah ma said that ears will drop when one points at the moon. Fomfomfom laughed and said, “What, the little man on the moon cuts ears?” Ah bee then solemnly informed her that her ears are a goner. Disbelievers, they have no use for ears anyway.

So I kept my paws firmly planted on the ground while I watched the moon. Initially I could see the moon in its full glory, then after about 20 minutes, it disappeared. No, it wasn’t the clouds. It is my astute observation that either the moon had fallen from the sky, or the tree in front of me had grown so much that it blocked my view of the moon. Either way, it doesn’t sound too good. I think I shall go get my ready-bag.


You're not heavy; you're my baobei

July 18th 2007 11:53 am
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I have a shadow. Her name is Mushroom. According to Cha who said that my shadow looks like a mo-gu. If she says so.

I also have a new boyfriend. His name is Ricky and he’s the not-so-tall, dark and handsome sort. He’s also younger than me and I’m not too comfortable with that. I think I prefer mature men, like Kait.

Ah bee and Ah ma went out for lunch with my Yiyi-mamas today. When Ah bee sent my Ah yi mama home, she got to see my Zhuzhu jiejie and carried her. Ah bee came home and told me that she’s so thankful I weigh only 5.5kg, unlike my jiejie who is a whole 3kg heavier. She promised not to complain the next time she has to carry me in the gardens. I will hold her to that.


Xiao Ping and Friends

July 17th 2007 10:32 am
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I met so many friends today! First we met these 2 dogs, I think they are Cocker Spaniels. They wanted to play with me but I was a little apprehensive and I remembered what Auntie Butterfly taught me about jingchi so I hid behind Ah bee. They left soon after.

After that we ran into the black Schnauzer who lives at Shelford. Then Patch and gang (sans Phoebe who was home playing with the newborn baby) came along and the 5 of us played while the 5 of them complained about the weather.

We ran into the 2 Spaniels again and the papa asked for my name. Fomfomfom told him and he said, “Oh, he ping de ping.” Then Fomfomfom said, “No, ping guo de ping.” Then they all went, “Hurhurhur.” How juvenile. Btw, the papa sounds a little effeminate, which is in sharp contrast with his manly son, who handed one of them Spaniels over to his mama just so that he could pat me. I like him already.

Then we met the 2 black Labs from yesterday. We always see them around but we never actually stopped to play. We knew them as the 2 big dogs in a Mini Cooper. I know their names now- Magic and Diva and they are siblings. Magic is a lot bigger than Diva coz he is a boy. I didn’t exactly play with them today either but I got a little braver and so a little nearer today. Their owner said that I wanted to play but I was too scared, but it would get better as time goes by and we meet more frequently in the gardens. I think Fomfomfom balked a little at that coz that Fomfomfom, she’s the antisocial one. Pas moi.

We met Patch and gang again near the bamboo area. They were taking a rest in the shade. I took my rest by getting Ah bee to carry me.

Anyway, when we were about to leave, we bumped into the Labs again near the carpark and their mama asked whether we stayed around the area. She said that she has seen us around the estate and it turns out that they live there too. Well, somewhat. So we’re not just friends now; we’re neighbours!

I can’t wait to go back to the gardens.


Of big dogs. And tiny ones.

July 16th 2007 9:46 pm
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I made a new friend today. His name is Guai Guai and he is a 12 year old Miniature Silky Terrier. Fomfomfom said, “Silky Terrier so small still need to miniature meh?” My Fomfomfom, she says it as it is.

We also met 2 big black dogs. I think they are black Labs. They are HUGE and I was so scared I hid behind Ah bee. Their owner said they are really gentle and playful but I wasn’t about to stick around and find out.


I think I smell too good

July 15th 2007 10:36 am
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even for myself.

Anyway, we met this Japanese family in the gardens today. We’ve met before, but previously I didn’t play and all they said was, “Kawaiiiiiii ne!” I think they are very kawaii ne too.


When they keep asking you to go.....

July 14th 2007 8:52 am
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I hate it when all I wanna do is to go to bed and they refuse to let me sleep. Instead, they chase me from one side of the newspapers to the other and back, all the while making shhhhhhhhing noises at me.


The world belongs to the beautiful

July 13th 2007 11:26 pm
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Indeed it does. Unless of course you live in a place where there are anti-discriminatory laws. That’s when they’d have you believe that the world belongs to everyone. But Fomfomfom says that it’s just a load of crap and the only way everyone can be equal is when we all live in smurfland.

But why would I wanna live in smurfland when I am so beautiful and extrapolating that-

The world belongs to me.


I hatched

July 12th 2007 11:01 am
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I used to be a tortoise egg. This morning, Cha said that I hatched. So I am not a tortoise egg now. I am a tortoise.

That Fomfomfom has been watching this serial every night. There’s this really funny woman in there. She’s not ugly ugly; but she knows how to uglify herself really well. And that is simply hilarious. I think Fomfomfom will do well in such shows. She comes up with the ugliest actions you can think of and just today, she’s got this rash thingy around her lips, which is really ugly. She fits the bill perfectly.

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