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Still no sayori today

July 17th 2010 10:41 am
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but we did have plenty of visitors. That's because my mommas' ah ma is here with us and everyone just comes to visit her. I hope she is happier here, and she seems to be too. She takes walks like I do, and she goes to the provision shop downstairs and buys tidbits. Lotsa tidbits. I don't know why she's buying so many packets of cheeseballs; she sure ain't eating them.

Maybe we should introduce her to the bandits. That will take care of the cheeseball problem.



July 16th 2010 8:54 am
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It rained like cats and dogs in the morning, and ah ma had to go to the market, so fomfomfom was dispatched to be her chauffeur. Hence it transpired there was no sayori for me. It's only a raincheck. A sayori will be sacrificed. Maybe tomorrow.



July 15th 2010 8:52 am
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I like this fish. It's called sayori. Unfortunately, when ah bee offered it to me it was only a head and bones. I licked the head and ah bee and fomfomfom tried to salvage some meat off the bones.

They said I should have told them I like sayori, they'd been eating it forever. I said I was too short to see what they eat on the table. Ah bee said she offered the bones to me for a lark. They didn't expect me to like it. Oh it was heartbreaking.

Fomfomfom promised I'll get my very own sayori tomorrow. She'll go to town to get it, just for me.



July 14th 2010 7:59 am
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Roast duck is yummy. Now we find out if I'm allergic to duck.

For supper, I requested for the biggest burger in the world, just like what we saw in Man vs Food. But ah bee could only rustle up the same old kibble.

She should try some.


The worker bee

July 13th 2010 6:34 am
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Ah bee confessed she went to the toilet and slept during work yesterday. Today, she took a half day sick leave when she wasn't really sick.

I shall call her boss.


World Cup finals

July 12th 2010 5:17 am
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Paul is right yet I'm not making money. How divine.

Luckily ah ma won big at the casino today and made it up to me. Coz ah ma loves me and I love ah ma.


Tomorrow should be a holiday

July 11th 2010 8:50 am
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Paul is divine!

Now just one more match to go. I'd better go to bed early; maybe I will wake up to watch the match. Or maybe not. I'll just catch the highlights in the morning so that I will have something to talk to my friends about. I cannot be left out of the action.

So good night now!


Like a baby

July 10th 2010 12:16 pm
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And so the strange neighbour did not wake up at 4 a.m. to wash her dishes. Oh maybe she did but at least she was quiet and did not wake Fomfomfom.

Now let's just hope that she can keep it up.

In other news, Paul picked Germany and Spain to win the final two matches of the world cup. Those are my bets exactly.

I can smell the money already.


Middle of the night

July 9th 2010 9:27 am
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Fomfomfom was kept awake in the wee hours in the morning, like 5am, by our strange neighbour who has a habit of clattering plates for more than an hour each morning. Apparently it was the straw that broke the fomfomfom's back, for we have been tolerating them for quite a while now.

So fomfomfom caught the daughter of that strange person and informed her of their strange habit, which apparently they do not find strange at all. The poor girl seemed petrified, but fomfomfom said she deserves it coz they are so strange.

We will be keeping our ears wide open tonight. If we catch them again, fomfomfom says, woe is them.



July 8th 2010 7:46 am
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One does not heed paul at one's own peril. I regret to inform I couldn't wait for paul's prediction and bet on germany instead. Spain won. Oh woe.

Anyway, we found ourselves watching scooby-doo. Ah bee wondered what the little sidekick was called, she offered little doo. Fomfomfom thought it might be scooby-dee.

I educated them that he's called scrappy-doo. They mustn't have had much of a childhood.

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