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Who wants to be a stationmaster?

July 11th 2009 7:39 am
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Fomfomfom and I were watching Japan Hour just now after dinner. The hosts were in some rural part of Japan and they had just gotten off a train when they saw a little Yorkshire Terrier sitting on the counter of the train station. His name is Maron and he is the stationmaster of that train station. He wore a stationmaster's hat and a blue uniform.

This, my friends, is Maron-

And you should check this out-

He has subordinates under him too. Fomfomfom thought that is so cool. And she exclaimed so. She said I should get a job like Maron.

Piift. Why work when one can not work? She should know it better than anyone else.

But he is cute lah.


This will not do

July 10th 2009 7:12 am
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I am 5 years and 7 months today! But there was no fuss. I'm starting to feel neglected, like I'm part of the furniture in the house. Nary a cake! Ah ma showed pity and gave me an egg yolk. The maintenance guy who showed up to look at our lights got more attention than me, the birthday girl.

I shall have to speak to ah ma about this disrespectful lack of attention. Disgraceful.



July 9th 2009 6:25 am
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Everyone had to go out today and I was left alone at home with analyn. It was an adventure, and I won't incriminate myself. Two hours later, fomfomfom came back and my adventure ended.

At night, ah ma came back with dust on her travel-weary shoulders and, only, dust in her empty wallet. Gambling brings nothing but an empty wallet.

So, don't use wallets. Put all your money in a shoebox. Like me. Even when devoid of money, there will still be toys in your shoebox. It is never empty. Unlike wallets.



Gone fishing

July 8th 2009 7:35 am
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Today it hit me, where is my ah ma? I asked fomfomfom and she told me ah ma's gone to do something very important. Ah ma's gone gambling!

I only blame myself for not realising it sooner. Or else I could have asked ah ma to place a bet for me. The last time, I won HKD 1000 by proxy.

Ahh, damn.


A new friend

July 7th 2009 7:17 am
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I met the boxer dog today and we managed to be friends. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the time of day, maybe I was feeling mellow. But I stopped screaming enough to sniff her backside and that made us friends. She's only two and a half, just a baby.

And it was starting to rain so I let her go to pee, in case she can't hold it in. Coz she's only a baby.


Da show

July 6th 2009 7:14 am
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Today I was bored so I decided to show fomfomfom exactly how big my bladder is and how much pee I can keep inside me. It must have been like 10 gallons of pee and fomfomfom was increasingly horrified and tutted and muttered and dragged me to every patch of grass so that I may empty myself out.



Dubious standards

July 5th 2009 6:42 am
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Ah bee went to have her hair cut today. I got a shock when she came back. But Ah ma said it's a good haircut. I took one more look at Ah bee and it got me thinking about what Ah ma said about my haircut.

It got me worried.


Haircuts, electric collars and Michael Jackson

July 4th 2009 10:46 am
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I had my hair cut today. I dislike going to the groomers. Even more than going to the vet's. But today wasn't too bad. We were done rather soon and this time, they didn't shave me down to my skin. That's coz Ah bee requested for the cute style. I look like a little puppy now. And Ah ma simply loves the look. She kept telling anyone who would listen that she is most pleased with the haircut this time. And she already has plans for my next trip to the groomers. I am not particularly excited about that but if Ah ma is happy, Xiao Ping is happy.

We met Binbin during our walk today and she looked like she just had a bath and she was all fluffed up. But fluffed up as she may be, I spotted a new collar on her. It's an electric collar and it's meant to send currents whenever she barks. That's coz she makes a lot of noise all the time and that is also why she gets left at the guard house whenever no one is at home. So she has to learn the hard way. But I think the collar might be broke; we heard she's still barking up a storm at home.

Ah ma was watching a show on MJ just now and she insisted I joined her. It was borin' stuff; I fell asleep. I mean, black or white? Oh please. It's black AND white.



July 3rd 2009 9:16 am
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They fumigate the condo every alternate friday. Today is alternate friday, so I wasn't allowed to go for my afternoon walk. Ah ma says it is no good to sniff in those fumes and all that.

Die, mozzies.


101 ways to say hello

July 2nd 2009 7:49 am
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Ah bee came back last night 2 minutes after I had gone to bed. I knew she was back but I wasn't allowed out of my room so ah bee stuck her smelly foot under the door so I may sniff it and it was our hello. I had a good night's sleep after that, knowing everyone was home safe and sound.

Today I walked by my boyfriend russel's house. While he usually is the strong silent type, today he barked at me once and kept waving to me. I must be particularly attractive today. Then I met bin bin at the playground and we exchanged lengthy, rowdy hellos.

Unfortunately bin bin was tied to the rocking horse, and our creativity was stifled. Otherwise we could have jumped around and perhaps done a rain dance. Maybe next time.

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