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December 5th 2007 9:43 am
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It rained and it rained and it rained today. Cha was worried that Jade would die in the flashfloods and so she wanted to get Ah bee to leave her at Katong SC. But she didn’t in the end and Jade is home safe. It’s a good thing we’re not in a lowlying area. I don’t want to have to stick my paw into the exhaust pipes to save them cars even though I volunteered. I volunteered only to get a pat on my head and tidbits. *giggles*

And so I didn’t get to go out today. I kept farting. But it’s okay. Because no one can smell it. Everyone in this house is down with the flu. Save for Ah ma. It’s a vicious bug if anyone other than Fomfomfom gets it. Fomfomfom doesn’t count because she gets knocked out from any ninnyfart virus. So it’s a powerful one, this bug. It's reassuring to know that I won't ever catch it.

Ah ma cooked me some really smooth pork for dinner tonight. It was wonderful. I have informed her that I will only have that from now on.


The chicken head. Da boss.

December 4th 2007 10:23 am
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Every day when I go out for my walk, I’d tell the house to be obedient and wait for me to get back. It’s important you know- someone has to be in charge. This household without me, is like what the Chinese likes to call, a group of dragons without a leader. A headless chicken, if you will. It’s even worse coz most of the time my deputy, Ah bee, comes along with me. Don’t think I am out having fun- my heart is with this home. Even when I am sniffing peepee and chasing birds, I worry about how my charges are faring without me. I’ve got so much on my shoulders it's no wonder I can’t seem to grow any taller.

In other news, Fomfomfom has fallen ill once again. We don’t know why so we shall blame it on the new vial of water. Powerful stuff I tell you. Don’t mess with it.


I dig MJ days

December 3rd 2007 9:57 am
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Today is Mahjong Day. Today is no ordinary Mahjong Day. Today, we have, not two, but three mahjong gals. Ah ma is very happy that we have a new addition coz she claims that she loses less money this way. And she did- she only lost 2 bucks today. She usually loses 50. The bad news is that the third MJ gal might not be a permanent fixture on MJ days. She is going to be an Ah ma soon and I think she will be busy changing diapers and cooking pig trotters in vinegar. We have no idea whether the baby’s going to be a boy baby or a girl baby. We do know that he/she is one naughty baby. All that dodging when the doctor was scanning. Tsk tsk. Oh, since we are on the topic, I forgot to mention that the 2 MJ gals were studying me very closely last week. They’ve never seen a girl doggie before I think. And Ah ma was happy to give them an education. I was happy to have been of help.

We went to the gardens today and then up to Ah bee’s school because Lynn yiyi wanted to see me. I was so distracted coz I was in an exciting new place and really, it smelt better than her. I will make it up to her the next time she visits.

It was terribly hot today. But windy. I like.


A meme!

December 2nd 2007 11:08 am
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Oh dear, this is what you get when you ain’t IT-savvy like Cha. I’ve been tagged for more than a month now and I only see it now. Oops.

Anyway, this one is from Red- http://www.dogster.com/dogs/174691. Sorry I took so long!

1.) I am secretly plotting to take over the world.
2.) I used to be Pwincess Ping but I became Queen Ping after my chronic ear problem cleared up.
3.) My full name is Koh Soo Ping (Xu Su Ping). But really, everyone calls me everything but that.
4.) My Mandarin is better than my English.
5.) I was the 6th puppy outta my Sugar mummy who had 7.
6.) I am real bossy. Everyone can attest to that.
7.) I love my Ah ma. And my Ah ma loves me. I’m sure you already knew.

1.) Dr No
2.) Nana
3.) Ying
4.) Latte (who hasn’t updated in more than a year now. Tsk)
5.) Boo! (The mysterious and alluring Fomfomfom thanks you for your kind words. Heheh.)

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L'eau de la Ping Ping

December 2nd 2007 10:38 am
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They thought that I am the only one who smells so nice. Turns out that all dogs do; the small ones at least. Bling-Bling and Cookie apparently smell wonderful too. There is something in our saliva that makes for good sniffing. Especially when it meets our paws. Did you know that the smell of dog paws has been called “The Most Heavenly Smell on Earth?” Now you do. Pick up a paw and smell away!

Ah ma has gone mad with her roulette game. She played it till almost midnight. Ah bee, Fomfomfom and I were waiting for her to finish so we could say good night to her. Yes, she is mad. And she was so happy coz she was winning banana money on it. And not through sheer good luck and skill, mind you. She was winning coz the game screwed up and increased her probability of winning by 2 times. And she was elated that she has now accumulated $1.8 million on that thing. If only it could be cashed out.

We were discussing my birthday plans. I like what I hear.


We like things old.

December 1st 2007 8:24 am
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Cha bought a new camera today. I told her I’d model but I won’t get out of bed for free. She said she would pay in kind. I like payment in kind. Especially bellyrubs. I don’t really have any use for money in this house, and my shoebox is starting to get a little full now. Speaking of which, do you know that poor Bling-Bling has no shoebox? 5 months old and not a shoebox to call her own. Poor girl. She should really get one before CNY. Hao yong.

Cha also came back with a game. For once the DS wasn’t in Ah ma’s hands all night. They had a good time reliving their childhood with that game, which is probably older than Ah bee. It’s *gasp* 2D. And has only one character. How ancient is that?


I am Ah ma's baobei

November 30th 2007 9:13 am
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I was Chachacha-ed today. It happened when I started barking at the keyboard. That’s where they leave my kibble usually. They would know to give me my kibble when I bark at the keyboard. But alas, I didn’t know that my kibble was not at its usual position coz, you know, I’m too short. Anyway, Cha came out and all she saw on the keyboard were newspapers and a ratty old tshirt I use to eat my kibble off. And my neon pink collar. So she took the collar and put it on me. I was momentarily stunned. What do I do with two collars? Luckily someone came to my rescue. That Chachacha. Tsk.

We went to the vet today to get my backside squeezed. The other vet woman did it for me. Eric wasn’t around. If he were, Fomfomfom would have told him to watch my backside while the vet woman was at work. Then we would squirt him with the juice from my backside. He totally deserves that.


Solitude times two. Not.

November 29th 2007 12:52 pm
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They were all watching a couple of Chins run around a shoe shop in the afternoon. I only know that I am still prettier than a Chin. That’s all.

I was also very naughty tonight. I had enough of sleeping and so I decided that I want someone to play with me. From 8 to nearly 10, I drove Ah bee and Fomfomfom nuts by barking, running around, knocking on doors and basically demanding attention. Attention has to be demanded when not given. There is no point waiting. You heard it here first.

I sat in the living room all by myself for about an hour just now. It was solitude. This time, Fomfomfom did not join me coz she was watching some woman, who wants to be the lion’s head, on the tube. Sometimes I worry about that Fomfomfom and her choice of shows. Everyone should just watch cartoons. At least they make sense.


Pampered Panda Ping

November 28th 2007 8:40 am
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I got to go out in the rain today because Ah ma loves me. Sploosh sploosh!

Chachacha was very miffed last night coz I took over her bed and started snoring before she could even make herself comfortable.

Cha said no one is to carry me onto her bed tonight so Ah bee gave me a hoist from my behind. We make a wonderful team.

Ah gong is an idiot. Fomfomfom was so mad she started laughing. We have weirdoes in this house.

I have 4 mosquito bites on my belly. And plenty of lovin from Ah ma.


Under siege

November 27th 2007 6:00 am
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I got into 2 fights today. They were necessary. I have to earn my keep in this house by protecting Ah ma. Lemme tell you about the first fight. I was in Ah ma’s toilet when I spied the intruder behind the toilet bowl. It had brown and white hair and one long limb. I don’t exactly know what it was but one can never be too careful. So I snuck up on it. It didn’t move for a long long time and I wasn’t sure if my presence had been discovered. I grew a little impatient and so I decided to act on the offence. I let out the fiercest, most bloodcurdling bark I could muster but that thing did not move. What a ninny. I bet I scared it stiff. When you have the upper hand, you must continue on the offensive without letting up. So I continued barking and barking at that thing. Until Fomfomfom came in, picked it up and started chasing me with it. I underestimated that thing- it is more powerful than I imagine. It has powers and it got Fomfomfom under its control. Through my sheer determination and will power I got Fomfomfom to drop that thing back where I found it. Everyone is to stay away from that thing until I devise a counter plan.

I was lounging in the living room when this thing with giant wings flew off the table and started flapping in the wind. This time I had to defend the house against this evil thing. It was flapping furiously and trying to get into the house while I was barking furiously at it. Then Fomfomfom emerged again and picked that thing up and chased me around the living room with it. Once again, Fomfomfom has succumbed to the evil powers. I finally got her to drop it after a while. It was exhausting.

I don’t know what this house and that weak-minded Fomfomfom will do without me.

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