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September 27th 2009 9:21 am
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I watched the F1 race on tv today. It was so boring I fell asleep. 61 laps! Round and round and round. Fomfomfom woke me up to watch the last lap.

I like that Singapore is hosting the F1. It makes the whole place so vibrant. We get publicity and the whole world is watching. So happy. As for the integrity of the race itself, ah well, no comment.

Festivities! Whee!


A fan

September 26th 2009 10:22 am
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I met this woman yesterday. I'd never seen her before but when she saw me, she stopped in her tracks, sat down beside me and started hyperventilating. She kissed me on my head and cooed at me non-stop. I know I have that effect on people.

I met her again today. She is Thai and told me she had 5 dogs in Thailand. Oooh, a dog lover!

I like dog lovers coz dog lovers like me.



September 25th 2009 8:19 am
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It's F1 season again. Ah bee talks about it coz it's taking place just beside her office. It's on tv and in the papers. It's everywhere.

I'm not interested coz I think it lacks integrity.


Eliza asked fomfomfom to buy koko krunch for her

September 24th 2009 7:08 am
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The air con man has been coming for 2 days now. I'd been sleeping in a room without air conditioning for 2 nights now. The horror. I'm happy to report the air con is running fine now and I won't have to wake up 10 times coz of the heat.


Ah bee called

September 23rd 2009 8:12 am
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The phone rang a real long time and no one answered. I thought mebbe they didn't realise the phone was ringing so I sat facing the phone and started whining.

It took 2 long whines before fomfomfom rushed out of her room and stared at me. I continued whining and she sat down beside me, thinking very hard. Then she lifted the phone off the hook and I stopped whining.

She started patting me and asked if anything was wrong. I told her I was trying to tell her to answer the phone. Fomfomfom was very concerned coz she'd never heard me whine like that before. She wasn't quite convinced of my purpose and kept asking me if anything was wrong. She'd thought I was in distress and was still in a bit of a shock. I pointed to my belly and told her I needed a belly rub.

Fomfomfom should really learn to answer the phone.


Excuse me!

September 22nd 2009 8:34 am
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Ah bee and fomfomfom are calling me Excuse Me. I don't know why they're calling me that, but it sounds kind of cute. I'm cute too, so I think I'll accept the nickname.


Shih tzu is champion

September 21st 2009 5:05 am
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The most popular breed of doggies in singapore is shih tzus. Mind you, that doesn't mean we're common. It only means we're the most desirable.

Fact of the day.



September 20th 2009 11:46 am
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Ah bee bumped into Eliza and Nicky at the playground today. Eliza asked where I was. Ah bee told her that she had no idea, but that was coz I was with Fomfomfom wandering somewhere in the estate.

Eliza was most alarmed and she exclaimed, "You lost Sushi?!" Ah bee nodded and said she lost Fomfomfom, as well. Eliza walked away, furrowed brows and all. I think that was also when little Nicky got a little confused and he asked very frantically, "Where's my gorgor!"

Ah bee could only laugh.

Later when we met up with her, and bumped into them kids again, Fomfomfom called out for Eliza and informed her that Sushi is found. Nicky let out a little whoop. Fomfomfom whooped right back.

We are so happy.


Puppy love

September 19th 2009 5:50 am
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Today the younger twin told me she's got a c-r-u-s-h on Jonathan. My spelling ain't so good but fomfomfom told me that spells crush, which means she's secretly in love with jonathan. I giggled and promised to help her. So I strode to Jonathan and asked him if he's got any girls he likes in this condo. He said not in this condo, only in school.

I told the twin the good news, she may yet be his exclusive squeeze in this condo. We only have to work a little harder. So I asked him what kind of girl he likes. Long hair, thin, no spectacles and noisy (not quiet girls!), he said.

I think the twin can't fail. She only has to lose the glasses and she'll be swingin'. If she can't see anything without her glasses, which indeed she can't (10 year olds these days have such bad eyesight), she can just cling on to jonathan's arm and let him guide her.



Cold and smoky

September 18th 2009 5:59 am
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It's a rare cold day in singapore. Whee! About 26 degrees, I reckon. The past few days were so hot and stifling I almost couldn't think. It's with great insight today that I made fomfomfom cover me with a blanket while I nap.

But there was smoke everywhere. I think it might be the last day of the month of hungry ghosts, I haven't had time to consult my almanac. That's why people were burning joss sticks and paper stuff everywhere.

Ah well, it's better than hot and smoky.

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