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New obsession

September 6th 2010 8:53 am
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I'm so unhappy. Fomfomfom has become fixated on my teeth. She keeps prying my mouth open to look at my teeth and scrape at them.

I bite her.


No one said it's easy but somebody's gotta do it

September 5th 2010 8:52 am
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I'm very happy today coz we had visitors over. But it's very tiring business, this playing hostess thing.

Early night all!


So bad

September 4th 2010 10:48 am
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The neighbours went mad with their partying; they wouldn't let up even after the security guard gave them a warning and said he would call the police if they continued making a din.

So we had him call the police and they shut up after the police spoke to them.

Maybe they were afraid the police would arrest and cane them or something.


Stupid neighbours

September 3rd 2010 6:27 am
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It was fun yesterday. Fomfomfom brought me to the management office and taught me how to raise a ruckus. The cause of the stink we raised was the stupid new tenants who'd decided the unit next door should properly be the party capital of the world. At 3am. A few nights a week.

I look forward to calling the police next. Whee!


Dainty and precious, noble and aloof

September 2nd 2010 8:44 am
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It's shih-tzu day on dogster today! This is what they said about me:

"Shih Tzu are lively and energetic companions. Yet, they are also amazingly low-key and satisfied—assuming they get an adequate amount of attention. They like nothing better than to be held, stroked, petted and pampered by their owners, and are perfectly happy sitting on the couch with you for hours while you dote on them. This is a noble breed—sometimes translating into arrogance and haughtiness, other times into courageousness and politeness—but they are never too proud for a roll on the floor with a treasured squeaky toy."

I'm so noble.



September 1st 2010 9:08 am
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There is a slight coordination problem at home. When I'm sleeping, everyone is up and about. When I wake up to be up and about, everyone is getting ready for bed. I've been scolded into bed recently.

It is a very unhappy situation indeed.



August 31st 2010 9:22 am
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Ah ma has reverted to her very bad habit of passing a snide remark everytime she walks by me. Today I was washing up after finishing my dinner and she called me a small messy cat.

Luckily ah bee heard of this outrage when she came back and assured me I'm a big fierce doggie.


Who'd have thunk?

August 30th 2010 8:59 am
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I think chanel that doggone thing has moved away. I haven't seen her woe-begone face hanging out of her window for a few days now.

I think I might miss her.


Motherly duties

August 29th 2010 9:51 am
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Fomfomfom has been going out shopping quite often recently and so she hasn't been waiting on me 24/7.

Somebody tell her she's neglecting her motherly duties and that I am very unhappy about it. And tell her I will forgive her if she would not call Serene jiejie for my grooming appointment and buy me ten packets of kangeroo jerky.



August 28th 2010 10:05 am
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Ah bee called Fomfomfom a momzilla. That she is. No doubt about it.

But she's my momzilla. And at least she is not stupid like Ah bee who was sniffing at my paws and exclaimed again it's the best smell in the world. Then she wondered aloud if my hind legs smell equally good and then proceeded to sniff at them.

Not so good, she says. And they're wet too. Was she licking her legs, she asked.

Er no, they told her. We think she just peed.

Told ya she's stupid.

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