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Zoom Zoom!

September 26th 2010 8:54 am
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Fastest weekend in Singapore - F1 is in town! We love how Singapore is so haps and all; makes me swell with pride.

Except I forgot to watch the race and now I need to google the winner so I may make small talk if need be.


The Panda Ping and the Busy Bee

September 25th 2010 11:25 am
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I found in Ah bee's luggage a little panda soft toy today. So I grabbed it and ran away. Of course it's for me; who else can it be for. It's a panda soft toy with a little bee on its chest - a gift from Ah bee to me, Panda Ping. *giggles* Ah bee is so cheesy. But I like.

She snatched it back a while later and took it to the bathroom where she scrubbed it clean. Chemicals, she muttered under her breath. Then she tried to dry it with Cha's industrial sized hairdryer. I screamed at her from the bathroom to Cha's room and finally she returned the dripping wet toy to me.

4 days since she came back and she has to wait till I found the toy myself before she'd even think of washing it and giving it to me.




September 24th 2010 9:21 am
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Today Muffin gave me a mooncake to celebrate the mooncake festival. It is 2 days late but I accepted it all the same. Ah bee gave me roast goose for supper and it was yums! Then I had the mooncake and it was a wonderful meal.

Now I know why people always like dessert after a meal.


Caught in the act

September 23rd 2010 6:08 am
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Ah ma caught me sleeping on fomfomfom's bed yesterday. Today I had to sleep on towels on fomfomfom's bed.

It's a bit demeaning.


Fairy on the moon

September 22nd 2010 5:11 am
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It is the mid-autumn festival today. My mamas didn't buy me a lantern; they brought me to see the vet woman instead. I am so unhappy. Everyone is abusing me.


Moshi moshi!

September 21st 2010 6:48 am
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Ah bee is coming tonight! It's too late to go fetch her, so she'll have to crawl back from the airport herself. She didn't bring keys, so we told her to call me so I can open the door for her. I've gotten my speech all ready.

It goes thus: "Moshi moshi! Pingping sleeping! Goodnight yoose!" Then I shall slam down the phone. Giggles.



September 20th 2010 8:35 am
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It was a bad day. The man came early in the morning to waterproof our balcony. Cha imprisoned me in my room coz I was such a good hostess. Later they let me out but put a leash on me. I was tied to fomfomfom's big toe.

I can think of better ways to spend the day. Really.


Where is ah bee?

September 19th 2010 5:18 am
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I noticed ah bee has been missing since yesterday. Hmmm, where has she gone gallivanting this time?

Fomfomfom told me she's in hong kong, and has taken the ferry to macau just to place a bet for me.

Ok, i forgive ah bee.



September 18th 2010 8:16 am
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Today I had my weekly bath, and fomfomfom made ah ma put extra shampoo on me. It is anti-bacteria and will ease my itch, Fomfomfom explained to me as she rubbed it into my skin.

So why didn't you bathe me with it 2 days ago when I was itchiest, I asked. Oops, Fomfomfom was red-faced.

Not thinking at all.



September 17th 2010 9:48 am
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Today I met mimi and janice. They'd both been shaved down almost to the pink. I tried not to giggle coz they looked so funny and different. Mimi looked like a big rat and janice looked like a, well, dog.

Ticks, their maid told us. Ticks are bad.

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