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I was so scared

December 3rd 2009 6:15 am
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Ah ma found a hole in her slipper and blamed it on me. She chased me all around and I thought she wanted to beat me and I was cornered and anxious so I jumped onto cha's bed to escape. I thought if it came to the crunch, I would defend myself. So I tried to bite ah ma when her hand came towards me.

I escaped and cha and ah ma had a good laugh at me. I went to fomfomfom for comfort coz fomfomfom never beats or scolds me. Later ah ma came and said sorry and told me she never meant to scare me. It was all in my mind. She was only making fun of me by chasing me around. Then she gave me a belly rub to show her goodwill.

Ok, I forgive ah ma.


Not shy

December 2nd 2009 6:47 am
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I saw a bird poop today. Giggles.



December 1st 2009 6:37 am
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I picked out the goat poo fertiliser from the flower pots and ate them. Fomfomfom told them all about it and everyone was scolding me all night. I was so unhappy. It's not fair, they're always eating all sorts of junk all the time.

Later fomfomfom told me they were not angry with me, they were just afraid I would get a stummyache from the fertiliser. I forgive them.



November 30th 2009 6:40 am
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I'm thinking, now that dubai's not in such a great situation, mebbe I can buy my very own man-made island there. I should have enough money in my shoe box.

I shall call it Pingland. Right next to Brad and Angie's.


The one that held its breath

November 29th 2009 4:37 am
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Fomfomfom was standing on a tail of ants but she didn't realise it. Neither did I so I walked over to her to ask her to carry me. That's when the ants got on my paws and started biting me. Fomfomfom was bitten too but that is irrelevant to my tale.

And so the ants bit me. Ah bee and Fomfomfom picked me up immediately and we sprinted home where they put me in a tub of water for a long time. They thought this would drown the ants. And it did. The dead ants were picked out from my fur. I got plenty of lovin' and all was good.

Then Fomfomfom found one ant on my paw about 2 hours after. It was alive! I don't know how it survived the water but it didn't survive Fomfomfom who ground it into powder.


It's only been 3 weeks

November 28th 2009 9:40 am
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but I found myself facing off Fomfomfom, Ah bee, gloves and KY jelly again. They thought it might be easier to express my anal glands if they aren't too full, that's why.

But Ah bee found out that it's difficult, no matter how full/empty they are. And I realised there's simply no point fighting certain things.

I am happy to inform that we saved yet another trip (and 10 bucks) to the vet's.

The vet woman will be so proud.



November 27th 2009 8:31 am
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Fomfomfom bought home sushi for lunch. Mine was salmon belly sashimi, fish is good for me, I was told. But eew, no way. I snubbed their specially-for-pingping salmon belly. It's raw fish. I'm used to wonderful food like fried chicken wings and german pork knuckles.

I told them, I only want foods that will give me diarrhoea, coz that's a mark of yummy food. The only japanese food I will eat from now is friedchickenwing-don.

So there.


Poor Amanda

November 26th 2009 9:32 am
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Amanda broke something in the playground today and cried. I told her it's alright and no one would scold her. She looked unhappy.

Later ah bee said I should have told her the police would come and catch her for breaking public property. I think ah bee is so wicked.


Pork Knuckle

November 25th 2009 7:22 am
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Oooh, that lovely pork knuckle fomomfom bought for me yesterday. Surely the Germans have the right idea. Sadly, my stummy has a different idea.

I had diarrhoea today.



November 24th 2009 7:34 am
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Ah bee was going swimming and I wanted to tag along for a splash in the baby pool. But I couldn't find my swimming costume. Ah bee said I can't go and swim naked, it is against the law.

So I waited at home and was sad while ah bee went splashing.

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