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October 10th 2015 3:34 am
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Last night fomfomfom came back with 2 pieces of soggy pizza and I was hungry so I told ah bee I wanted some. The greedy wretch ate all the nice bits and gave me the crusts. The crusts weren't too bad.

Ah ma has a toothache. She was grimacing as she ate, Cha said. Ah bee whispered to fomfomfom that nothing gets between ah ma and her food. Fomfomfom got sent out for clove oil for the toothache.

I don't know what clove oil is.


Nom nom nom

October 9th 2015 6:21 am
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We met nomyen today. She was stealing mangoes with supranut. Her mummy tells us nomyen likes sour mangoes. That's coz she's a Thai dog you know. But she's a fat Thai dog. I think her mummy should have said she likes everything.

One does not get to that size on sour mangoes.



October 8th 2015 3:21 am
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The housefly was buzzing around the dining table and ah ma wasn't happy. So she took aim and flicked a dishcloth at it. Then the housefly passed away. I remember my ah yi mama catching a housefly in her fist and shaking it to make it dizzy.

Talent runs in that family.


No harm done

October 7th 2015 2:47 am
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Yesterday ah bee left a bag of my poop at the pips. We were a little sorry about it but not sorry enough to go back for it.

This morning cha and I went to the pips and it was still there. Cha took one look and knew it was mine so she took care of it.

At least one of them is good for something.


Foo chow

October 6th 2015 5:52 am
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We're fixing the other apartment's floor and today ah ma got the man to come fix our tap here. They suddenly realized they both come from foo chow and started gibbering happily in their native tongue. I wanted to say I'm a foo chow girl too but I didn't know how to say it in gibberish.

Foo chow dumplings are nice.



October 5th 2015 4:58 am
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Uncle Manchuria told us his dog died two weeks ago. We haven't seen her in years and we've always known she had cancer but it is still sad. He's only managed to come talk to us today even though we see him all the time. He must still be devastated.



I told him

October 4th 2015 7:14 am
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Yesterday I was manning the back gate as usual in the evening when I spied a German Shepard in the distance. I barked and barked at him and then a Caucasian man told me admiringly, "You tell him! Tell him!"

I sure did.



October 3rd 2015 5:43 am
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Ah ma gave me a new bed. It's to replace my Burberry bed and it's real fluffy and luxurious. I had to vestigate it so it's name is Armpit. They're trying to ease me into it so I'm still sleeping on Burberry. Last night, I woke up to pee and I had to go into the sitting room and sit right in it.

And today I spent much of my time in, on and around it. They think it's rare I take to something so eagerly. I didn't like my new water bowl at all and now it's collecting dust.

We're all happy.



October 2nd 2015 3:50 am
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Today someone opened our unlocked gate and then tried to open our locked door. Fomfomfom and ah bee looked at each other and there were question marks above their heads. I barked up a storm and we looked through the peephole and saw 2 old women wearing red t-shirts. Pioneer generation explainers, fomfomfom informed through her unbelievable disbelief.

So ah ma was reluctantly educated by the 2 oldies while ah bee and fomfomfom contemplated the rudeness of mankind. Later, when ah bee and ah ma had to go out, ah bee instructed fomfomfom to poke the eyes out of anyone else who tries to open our door.

With pleasure.



October 1st 2015 2:00 am
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Ah ma and fomfomfom went to visit my new didi today and fomfomfom came home smelling of my sister zhuzhu.I haven't seen my sister in years. I couldn't get enough of her smell. Later fomfomfom gave me the tshirt and I lay on it, like how my sister used to lie on me.

I feel close to her.

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