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My 13th new year

December 31st 2015 3:46 am
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Today ah ma went out to play with crispy again. I was still pooped out from his visit the other day so I slept all morning and afternoon with ah bee at home. They tell me he's coming over again tomorrow. I shudder to think.

It seems it is New Year's Eve today. I'm not going to stay up to count up. I think it's silly. I shall sleep at my usual time.

Bye bye 2015.


Liver pooch

December 30th 2015 7:55 am
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We read about a cat in the papers today. It's a mackerel tabby domestic shorthair cat. That's the name of its breed but how did they come up with it?

We decided mackerel must be its favourite food and if we follow the nomenclature, my breed in the cat world must thus be liver pooch domestic veryshorthair dog.

I think I'll stick with shih tzu.


Too tired

December 29th 2015 5:48 am
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It poured this morning when ah bee brought me for my walk so we summoned fomfomfom to come pick us up in the car.

Then I didn't get to sleep all morning coz crispy came over with his grandma. He's learnt to talk and has a British accent. Apparently he has bees flying into his backside. He couldn't touch me coz he's allergic to brilliance.

At night I finally got a pig tendon after way too long.

I'm so tired. I must sleep very hard now.


Murphy's law

December 28th 2015 5:29 am
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It's been really hot lately so fomfomfom gave me a haircut. It's ratty but at least you won't pant anymore, they told me.

And then it poured in the evening and I was shivering coz I'm freshly shorn.

But of course.


I just want a good night's rest

December 27th 2015 1:14 am
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Cha has gone on a holiday and fomfomfom and ah bee are taking turns to sleep in my room at night. It's very scary because they keep talking about sleeping in cozy corner with me and squeezing me until I say helps helps.

Maybe I should go and bunk with ah ma.


Boxing Day!

December 26th 2015 6:27 am
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Today is Boxing Day and I don't know what that means so ah bee agreed to give me a box of tissues and I will give her a boxing.

And it seems Supernut found my diary here. Ah bee was horrified and immediately went to check if we had said anything bad about him or nom yen. I think we called nom yen names and misspelled supernut's name on purpose but we aren't contrite.

Hello supernut.


Merry Christmas!

December 26th 2015 6:22 am
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Today is my 13th Christmas and I got leftovers pork knuckle from yesterday. It's still yummy and sticky.

Ah bee asked if I wanted a hoola hoop but I said no. All I want for Christmas is the tissue in fomfomfom's hand.

Of course I got it.


It didn't crackle

December 24th 2015 5:14 am
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I have crackling every year around Christmas and this year's no exception. Only it wasn't crispy coz fomfomfom forgot how to do it properly and it came out soft. But it was nice and sticky and full of the stuff that makes you beautiful so I won't complain. I also had some ham and then I barked at many doggeroos on my walk and it didn't rain.

Happy day.


My hair

December 24th 2015 4:24 am
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It's so hot these few days. My hair is long coz we thought it would be cold and it's poking me in the eyes and making me pant all the time so out came the scissors. Fomfomfom gave me two very black eyes and shaved my belly.

What the what.


Close shave

December 22nd 2015 7:27 am
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We were sitting at the pips when a cat strolled down the path. I flew off the bench and ran towards the cat. Ah bee and fomfomfom were so slow to react but the cat was quick. It flew up the fence. Coz I'm a big ferocious dog and it feared for its life. Ah bee was so frightened she kept screaming at me and the cat. Later she said the cat snarled at me and it was a close one coz I'll definitely lose in a fight.

Oh please the cat was snarling at her and it was a close shave for the cat not me.

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