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Virus and bacteria

May 3rd 2015 7:03 am
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Ah bee's phone does funny things by itself. I thought mebbe it was getting supernatural, but ah bee's boyfriend thought it was a very dire situation indeed. So they wiped it clean and mebbe it won't switch itself on and take naked pics of ah bee changing.

Fomfomfom had a piece of leftover fish for dinner and it mustn't have been warmed up properly coz she got a stummyache during my evening walk and I got shortchanged by 10 minutes.

I must tell ah ma to warm things up very properly next time so no one gets shortchanged.



May 2nd 2015 6:15 pm
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I've been telling them I'm very boring. No you aren't, they tell me, you are endlessly amusing! No no no I say, I mean I feel very boring. Then they laughed at my English and said to each other, see xp is always so amusing. And then they go back to doing what they were doing.

Sometimes I don't want to talk to them at all.


May Day

May 1st 2015 7:05 am
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Fomfomfom told ah ma in the morning I'm supposed to bathe today. Ah ma jumped backwards and exclaimed, why?! We explained patiently it's been a week since my last bath and ah ma told me to bathe myself. Ah bee whispered to me that ah ma has been having such a great time that time simply passes too fast for her to keep track. Okie.

After my bath, we watched tv and capuchins were breaking coconuts over stones. Ah ma said I should learn from them and I decided I'm not going to listen to anything else ah ma says today.

It's May Day.


Rotten banana

April 30th 2015 6:42 am
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There is this tidbit from their childhood, a grilled dried fish on a satay stick. For 20 years ah bee thought it's rotten bananas coz that's what fomfomfom told her.

So anyway they have been looking for this snack recently and we asked the shop downstairs to bring it in. And after a couple of months, they finally got their grubby paws on it. They bought 10 sticks and, eagar to share a taste of their childhood with the children, gave 1 each to nicky, benny and Sammy. The boys took one bite and gave them back. Only Sammy finished her stick.

We've always known that one's an eater.

Oh, and it's not just any fish. It says jellyfish on the packaging.


Kiki and the black bird

April 29th 2015 4:07 am
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It was mid morning and I was lounging and fomfomfom and ah bee were reading and suddenly this black bird started cawing on the balcony. It was such an ugly sound ah bee and fomfomfom looked up and expressed their sympathies and said that's no birdsong. Yuch.

Reminds me of this morning, my morning walk. Me and ah bee, we met ah ma on her way out, and I was talking to my ah ma when Kiki butted in. She's crazy, that one.

And then I met Kiki in the evening again. They're letting her out too often.


Rainy day

April 28th 2015 6:33 am
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It poured today and I was mad at having to stay in so I started barking randomly. They were quite amused and just kept watching me. After two hours of lightning and thunder, the rain let up and we hurried down.

Only to have it come down again when we were at the shop so we were stranded for a while. Because Cha isn't around, there's no one to drive us down from the shop so fomfomfom and ah bee started to think of alternatives. Between them, they had 6 dollars so they thought maybe they can call a cab. I politely informed them no cab would come for a 20 metre ride and that was when the rain stopped for a while.

So we hurried back to our block and fomfomfom said might as well, she'd rather spend the 6 dollars on mamee noodles for Sammy.

I am very offended. No more mamee noodles for that ragamuffin I told them.


Back gate adventures

April 27th 2015 6:06 am
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Ah bee killed 10 in 5 minutes. It is mosquito season. It was bloody. Giggles.

And while ah bee was killing, I met a white bulldog girl. She's only 2 and a half, and strolling at the canal with her maid. I barked and barked at her, she looked dumbly at me with her tongue half sticking out.

What a baby.



April 26th 2015 7:12 am
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They were talking dreams the other day and ah bee asked fomfomfom if her dreams are realistic, whether the people in her dreams are who they are in real life. So you are yourself, you are fomfomfom in your dreams right, she asked her. Fomfomfom said yes of course.

Then they turned to look at me and they wondered if I am Xiaoping in my dreams. Does she even know what she looks like, they asked.

Then ah bee giggled and said, "Maybe in Xiaoping's dreams, she's Gisele." Then they both burst out laughing.

I don't get it.

And to make it worse, fomfomfom said if only someone would invent a machine that we can hook xp up to and then we'd be able to watch her dreams unfold on the tv in real time.

I get no respect around here.


Mouse in the house

April 25th 2015 6:16 am
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Ah bee washed my mouse in the house and then left it to dry on the balcony. We were afraid the birds might think it's a birdhouse so we put the opening against the grills so the birds can't get in. So clever. And the birds didn't poop on my house either.

It's got paw prints on it u know.



April 24th 2015 7:44 am
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Cha went out at 5am with her luggage. I cannot even be bothered to ask anymore.

You know the thing about speaking too soon, it always comes back to prove you wrong. This morning I felt sick too. Well not sick exactly, more like hungry. I was so hungry I threw up gastric juices while fomfomfom was washing my legs in the bathroom. She cleverly turned me to face the bathtub so she could wash away my puke easily. Clever.

I'm loving my new kibble by the way.

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