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3 years old

December 17th 2013 6:44 am
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Sammy is 3 years old today. To celebrate, we let her finish ah bee's can of isotonic drink. If she falls ill or gets diarrhoea later tonight, we shall not own up.

And we finally asked for Pouffoir's name today. Her name is Anna, she is 7 years old and we still can't touch her hair.


Happy altogether

December 16th 2013 8:14 am
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Cha is back from China! And Fomfomfom tells me that she will go order me a pork knuckle for Christmas. What a happy way to end the year!


Christmas decorations

December 15th 2013 5:25 am
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Fomfomfom and ah bee put reindeer horns on the mini cooper and ah ma has declined to ride in it ever since. Now they're thinking of putting the red nose on the Lexus.

I think ah ma will just have to stick to public transport until next year.


I'm the boss

December 14th 2013 6:42 am
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Fomfomfom flicked my nose when I asked her for a tidbit just now. It made me angry so I humped her after the tidbit was safely in my stummy.

That'd teach her.


Not my fault

December 13th 2013 3:22 am
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The police found a decapitated woman's body in the Whampoa river yesterday. Ah bee thought it was the Huangpu river in Shanghai so she asked me why it should be news in Singapore. At least we learnt the Whampoa river's Chinese name today.

And ah ma smacked me on the head when it rained heavily and my hairs almost clogged up the drainage in the balcony. Fomfomfom had been dusting my stuff earlier on the balcony, hence the hairs. I told ah ma it wasn't my fault. At least ah ma giggled.

Ah bee tells me it's all about assigning blame. We agreed it's fomfomfom's fault.


Evacuation plan

December 12th 2013 6:45 am
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We saw in the papers the other day a picture of an elderly woman getting rescued from her home coz of the floods in England. She had nothing with her except for her dog in her arms. Fomfomfom said if we need to evacuate, she'd carry me and the rest of them will be in charge of my tidbits, magic buttons, bottle and mikasa.

Oh yes, and my shoebox. Very important.


A little piglet

December 11th 2013 5:57 am
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Cha went gallivanting in China so fomfomfom is sleeping with me. She said I was talking in my sleep for a long time last night, and then I started snoring like a little piglet. It must be all the pork chops I had for dinner last night.

I must try very hard to be quiet in my sleep tonight, just to shut fomfomfom up.


Mmm mmm mmm!

December 10th 2013 6:30 am
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I turned 10 today! They didn't get me a fire-eater like they promised but I got liver for lunch and pork chops for dinner and plenty of tidbits in between so I guess I forgive them.

Food coma. Excuse me.


Can't wait for tomorrow

December 9th 2013 6:12 am
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Fomfomfom kept calling me a little brute. I think she's been reading too much Agatha Christie.

And it's my big day tomorrow. I'm going to turn in real early so I can be fresh and ready for all my presents. Besides, I was shouting all the while just now when fomfomfom was cutting my tidbits, I'm all tired out. 10pm now, time to sleep.



Not going into anyone's pocket

December 8th 2013 6:47 am
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It's so cold today Ah bee said she wants to put me in her hoodie pocket. Then she'd bring me shopping. This is of course moot, coz I am a big fearsome dog, but I told her I'll shit in her pocket if she puts me in there. Then she said I can sit in my poop. So I told her I'll call the police and they will catch her for abuse and neglect.

I won.

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