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Abandoned baby bottom

November 9th 2014 8:00 am
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Fomfomfom has been reading this book on japanese candlesticks, and evidently came across something that she really likes. She and ah bee keep saying "abandoned baby bottom" at each other and then they keep slapping my backside. I don't like it at all.

When they said "abandoned baby top", I fled.


The bandit brothers

November 8th 2014 4:01 am
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Today we told Nicky to hang on while we walked in front of him. He stopped whatever he was doing with his soccer ball and we sashayed across. Suddenly, he took aim and kicked the ball hard, right at me. It would have hit me if fomfomfom had not scrambled to deflect it. As it was, something hit me slightly on the face anyway, either fomfomfom's foot or the ball.

Oh how angry fomfomfom was. She tore Nicky apart and I think he's probably still crying. He tried to explain he wanted to kick the ball to his friend but couldn't explain why he thought the ball might pass right through me. Then he disappeared and we heard he was crying. I think he deserves it.

And Benny. He's so morbid these days. He asked ah bee a week ago about our grandmother and we informed him one of our grandmothers is dead. The next few days he kept telling sammy our granny has died. Today, he asked fomfomfom if she has seen a dead person and told us that he saw his mother dead when he was a baby.

Well, we know his parents are in Tokyo for a vacation.


Hiccups and a sneeze

November 7th 2014 2:21 am
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That day I had the hiccups and my mamas were making a fuss. They are so silly. Don't you know how to get rid of hiccups, I asked them. Evidently not I guess. So I told them you sneeze to get rid of hiccups. They didn't believe me.

So I said ahchoo! and voila.

You're welcome.



November 6th 2014 6:43 am
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I told ah bee I want to be a califare. That's an extra in a movie studio. They're watching this tv show where a white poodle called Teddy has a big role and he's earning money too. I shall join him and be a boy, while he shall be a girl coz his hair looks so pretty. Then when I become famous, people will chase me and I shall deny being the famous movie star, coz that fabulous black and white shih tzu is a boy, I shall tell them, while I'm obviously a girl. I think of everything.

Califare means the tomato and curry rice box with coffee the extras eat. I don't want that, I told ah bee, I want only liver. Then ah bee says I will become too much of a diva when I'm famous, so she said she shall not sign me up after all.

Oh what could have been.


Fom's birthday

November 5th 2014 7:23 am
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It is fom's birthday and I wished her happy birthday first thing in the morning. She said I'm a good good girl but they don't look happy today. Im feeling quite neglected. Maybe they are moody because they all put on weight; even Cha. Fom says the fat star must have flown into our house this month.

I think she might be right - the vet woman said I got a little rounder too.

It's okay, we will be beautiful again next month.


Small schnauzer

November 4th 2014 4:27 am
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Wow, there was liver for my breakfast this morning, left over from yesterday's post-vet treat. Yummy. I told ah bee I want to visit the vet again later. No one paid me any heed.

And I walked this evening till real late. It was all dark and I was just sending Snowy off and waving bye bye. Suddenly there was someone behind me. It was this tiny schnauzer, unleashed and seemingly alone. Crept up on me, it did. We were just saying hello when the owners appeared. I think mebbe they are Chinese.

Anyway, I went home so late ah bee almost called the police.


In rude health

November 3rd 2014 12:14 am
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Guess who passed her blood test and got to push back her vaccination by another 6 months?

Me and me!

The silly vet woman said I'm getting rounder. I think it's only because she's long sighted like me so she cant see very well without her glasses. So I shall let it slide.

Besides I don't think I look half as bad as Baby whose figure has really gone to seed. Must be all that salmon and biscuits she's always eating.


Ah ma's 70th

November 2nd 2014 7:07 am
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Today they went to a restaurant to celebrate ah ma's 70th birthday. Ah ma's sibs and jolene mama were invited. Ah bee stayed with me at home. So ah bee specially ordered a big longevity bun with 18 small longevity buns in it for the end of the meal. When it came, ah ma was so delighted and I'm sure she expected me to jump out of the big longevity bun when she cut it open.

Only 18 small buns do not a Xiaoping make.



October 31st 2014 10:41 pm
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So today hello kitty turned 40 years old and fomfomfom went out real early for her run. Only it started raining about 2 minutes into the run and I think they spent the rest of the time holing it out in a cafe.

Which is a blessing in disguise, according to fomfomfom. One month of training and she couldn't even keep her beer-guzzling, overweight friend in sight for that 2 minutes, much less keep up with her. How terribly embarrassing.

I knew it was a stupid idea right from the start.


My ah ma

October 31st 2014 6:12 am
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Cha changed a phone and ah ma requested to have her old iPhone. So Cha set about teaching ah ma on all the functions of her very first smart phone. Ah ma took selfies of herself and held conversations with Siri. I think it's wonderful. Now if I'm too tired to keep ah ma company, Siri can take my place.

Oh, and the happiest thing. Ah ma went to the casino today and won for the first time in like a million visits. I got me a hundred bucks. Beam.

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