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All about the birds

December 8th 2014 3:51 am
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There's this tiny black bird with a red stripe down its back that's been coming to our balcony. It likes to sit near ah ma's orchids and chirp loudly. Fomfomfom likes it very much. Ah bee says maybe we should build a little birdhouse and leave some seeds for it. I vetoed it immediately. No I'm not jealous but can you imagine the number of birds that will come for the seeds? They'll be pooping all over ah ma's precious balcony. And all this after the pain she's taken to put up lines so they won't land on our grilles.

Sheesh what will they do without me.

Anyway the other day we saw 4 mynahs fighting, 2 on 2. It was a little scary coz they were so fierce and they continued even after someone tried to break up their fight. The bananaman enlightened us today - 2 in a gang and they were fighting over territory.

Silly little creatures. Don't they know it's all about the pee?



December 7th 2014 3:54 am
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Snowy's maid told us she had a paranormal experience a few days ago near the bbq pit. She was walking by the big tree behind the pit when it suddenly felt very chilly. She had goosebumps all over and her head felt very heavy. And that brave (or should we say foolish) woman decided to go all bravado and she said very loudly, "I'm not scared of you. Show me your face if you dare. Give me lottery numbers while you're at it."

Wow. And we asked her what if you really saw something? She said then you'll find me fainted on the pavement.




December 6th 2014 7:01 am
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We are so afraid of sandy. She's still a puppy and already she's so strong no one can control her. Today we heard her maid screaming and we turned and sandy was dragging the poor maid through the grass. Said maid wasn't on her feet. With great effort, the maid managed to stop sandy and get back up on her feet.

Then rinse, wash, repeat.


Bad dye job

December 5th 2014 6:42 am
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Ah bee went to get her hair done the other day and came back with hair dye all over her neck, forehead and in her ears. Apparently the hair washer was inexperienced and she stuck her fingers in ah bee's ears for whatever reason. Then ah bee didn't know she had hair dye all over her neck and she tied up her hair and people behind her must have giggled.

Then we tried grey goose vodka to remove all that dye but it didn't work. Grey goose is for drinking only, I reprimanded ah bee. And no one likes purple hair.

Maybe whiskey would have worked.


Murdered in cold water

December 4th 2014 7:22 am
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It rained for many many hours today. When we went for my evening walk, we saw an upturned snail shell and it was filled with water. We could still see the snail inside but we think it must have drowned.

We thought for a long time how it could have flipped over and we decided the snail couldn't have done it on its own; someone must have turned it over.

That poor snail was murdered.


Creepers crawlers

December 3rd 2014 5:20 am
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Cha found a wormy thing in my water bowl this morning. My water bowl was dry and the wormy thing was yellow. Ah bee said it was a centipede, fomfomfom freaked out and refused to look, and Cha said it's not a centipede. I dunno. I only know it's down the sinkhole.

We're not assuming it's dead. It's a creepy crawly. Mebbe it crawled somewhere.



December 2nd 2014 7:07 am
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Today I loved my tigger very much. I played with it all day and at bedtime, I brought it into my room to show my mamas. They were so happy that they decided to place tigger beside my magic buttons tonight. And my bottle is beside tigger. We'll be so happy all night.

I'm talking about my small tigger, not the big one.



December 1st 2014 5:37 am
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Today Jandelle kept petting me and calling me Jandelle. I know fomfomfom told her my name is Jandelle but she really should know it ain't true.

Children are so stupid.


Lost and found

November 30th 2014 5:48 am
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The bananaman lost his bird today. Apparently someone frightened the bird and the moment the lift doors opened, the bird flew away. He spent a long time looking for his bird and we tried helping him too except every mynah looks the same to us.

But anyway guess where the bird was found? He saw Alexis' daddy and landed on his shoulder thinking it's the bananaman. I guess the two men are of similar build. What a confused little bird. And he took like 10 seconds to realise his mistake when his real daddy showed up.

We are happy the bananaman and his bird are reunited. And that the bird didn't shit on alexis' daddy's shirt.


Everyone's darling

November 29th 2014 2:03 am
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We met Auntie Longhair yesterday and boy was she delighted to see me. Her face lit up immediately and she exclaimed, "Hi how are you darling!"

I like her very much.

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