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I tell them

April 8th 2016 9:20 am
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It was 315 in the afternoon and I told them I wanted to go for my walk. They said it's too early Xp so I waited 15 minutes before telling them again I wanted to go down. Fomfomfom relented and we were on our way down when Ah ma saw us. She gave Fomfomfom a dressing down and warned her she is not to bring me down so early. It's too hot, ah ma said. She told Ah bee off separately, I heard later.


I haven't been getting roo for a while and in its place, I have been getting smears of liver. I get about 2 a night but seeing it's Ah bee feeding me tonight, I bullied her into giving me 4. Then I thought I'll push it and so I humped her and scolded her to show her who's boss but it didn't work; she fled without kissing me goodnight and Cha quickly turned off the lights so I'd go to bed.

You never know unless you try.



April 7th 2016 3:54 am
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Ah ma disappeared early this morning and didn't come back till almost 4. She had gone to the casino and lost $500. And she announced that she was opening canned food for dinner. She hadn't defrosted anything before going out.

Ah ma is so cool.


38 eggs

April 6th 2016 4:08 am
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Ah ma put 38 eggs into a pot and boiled them. Then she fried the yolks to a crisp and it yielded 2 chicken essence bottles worth of egg oil.

We have a very smokey house now.


My collar

April 5th 2016 5:03 am
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Today fomfomfom shaved my paws and belly and took off my collar. Then Ah bee put it on and brought me for my walk. Later, when fomfomfom joined us, she said, guess what I found.

It seemed my collar dropped off and no one realised. Luckily fomfomfom came across it.


The birds

April 5th 2016 12:18 am
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We have some stale bread at home and ah bee said it's such a waste to throw them away. So she said she'd feed them to the fish or the birds downstairs. She decided on the birds coz she's afraid she'd kill all the ornamental fish in the pond. Birds if they die she wouldn't know. Something warped like that. 

So she tried to feed the sparrows and mynahs. They ate a little then the mynahs starting getting picky. They didn't want the crust and after a while, they didn't want her bread at all. We think it's coz the banana man always feeds them fresh soft white bread. Ah bee was feeling quite rejected.

Might be for the better. We don't want dead birds on our hands.



April 3rd 2016 7:01 am
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Yesterday they flushed my ears and my ears are angry. Then I got a new antibiotic and eye drops for my ears. Ah ma said please and they decided I'm not to have anymore roo.



Home improvement

April 2nd 2016 6:43 am
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I don't know what crazy came over them today but fomfomfom and ah bee were sawing a piece of wooden plank on the balcony. With a scary looking saw. In a cloud of sawdust. They said cha should have taken a photo of them and we could caption it "This is what we do at our house on Saturdays".

I am just glad we didnt have to go to the hospital with a finger in a bag of ice.


April Fools

April 1st 2016 4:45 am
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This morning I met Kiki the nut and her maid told me that Kiki had had eight teeth extracted. Coz they were all rotten and now she soaks her kibble in water to soften them. The maid must be heartbroken because she's the same one who used to bring Kiki the nut onto the slide in the playground. I think she was pleased to see Kiki go rabid at me, some life in that nut yet.

Then in the evening I met two huskies from the neighbouring condo. I dunno what they were doing here. Ah bee says we should just tear down the fences separating the three condos. The fierce one had a ribbon on it and fomfomfom gave its girl a talking to; ribbons are misleading. The other one is almost blind. I barked at them. Fomfomfom carried me so that I won't get eaten up.

We recommend the beribboned one eat Coffee.


What a day

March 31st 2016 8:16 am
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I met many doggaroos on my walk today. So many we stayed an extra 30 minutes at the back gate. There were my usual friends and then I made some new friends. A husky! Her name is Ashley and we sniffed at each other through the fence. The weather was lovely too.

We came home and found ah ma frying up a storm. My ah yi mama saw online that egg oil can help with skin problems and she wanted to extract some for Crispy. Alas she didn't manage to and ah ma decided she would try too. So she stood there heating 10 egg yolks. They were all burnt to a crisp and still she stood there. Finally, after more than 30 minutes, we struck oil. It was beautiful, thick and sticky. And so precious. Apparently 50 yolks would only give you 5 ounces of the stuff. Well ah ma only got like 1 tbsp and it's all going to Crispy. We told ah ma to just do 50 yolks the next time. I foresee many egg white mayo sandwiches in their future.

Then a little bird flew into ah ma's room and nested there for a couple of hours. We don't know who the bird might be given that it's tomb-sweeping season so we spoke gently to it. Then ah ma thought perhaps it was confused coz it kept flying towards the mirror. So we switched off the lights in the room and turned on the light at the balcony. That worked and the little bird flew into the night.

If only every day was so fun.



March 30th 2016 7:17 am
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Ah ma gave me a belly rub after she finished cooking dinner and when she'd had enough, she told me to go lick my backside. Ah bee was outraged.

Next time I shall dismiss ah ma by telling her to go lick her backside.

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