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no medicine .. i win

August 23rd 2006 8:39 am
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i was naughty today. I refused to eat my medicine, and almost got smacked for it. That mu-ye-cha's patience was wearing thin, I could sense it. But as usual, I was brilliant ... in the midst of avoiding the bitter medicine, I had a week's worth of tibbits, one slice of bread, and even a bit of char siew. Am I brilliant or what.

Now as I am writing, they are still waiting for yours truly to move my bowels. I think I shall make them wait. Who asked them to be so mean to me. All kids hate medicine, esp in bitter pill forms. Can't that woman with the bowl haircut give me sweet syrup instead?

Oh woe is my life.
I hope cha forgets about the medicine and let me sleep with her tonight. The weather is impossible nowadays.

that ah be went out to hiao again. I think i heard her say some xxx quay & something about MOS. I wonder if that is edible. I heard from si-gui that they sell very good rice burgers there. Maybe she will buy one teriyaki rice burger back for me for supper. But again, i doubt it. They are very careful about my diet. You know what I think? Someone shld tell them about THEIR diet. Everyone shld just eat boiled fish and meat with rice like me .. and we will all live forever and ever and ever ..... you get the drift.

speaking of supper, they are having supper rather regularly nowadays. Someone shld tell ah-gong that old people like them shld avoid going to bed on a full stomach. His belly is starting to magnify. Maybe I need glasses or something. If hungry, wake up in the middle of the night (as i do) for a late night supper. I am not sure if that is definitely a better solution than eating whatever from paper boxes late night, but since I do whatever i suggested earlier, I am positive the ping's way is better.

I bet you all do not know who si-gui is. He is my lover in secret. But all our mamas do not know that. So this must be kept sorely a secret here ... Shussh .. we exchanged tokens of soft toys many moons back, just that i cannot remember where i put mine. Maybe I shld go act cute in front of ah be .. then she will go make some effort and conduct a search for me.

Hmm .. a search .. I like the sound of that. It sounds sooooo adult-ish. Heh!

Oh, ah be said i must write down what I do everyday. So I better do that before i go potter around the house later again.
~ Wake up .. sleep ...
~ Lunch .. sleep with ah-ma in aircon
~ Watched cha play her maple story. This woman is crazy or what. 27 liao still playing computer games. But her character very the powerful wor
~ Begged cha to bring me out to garden for a walk coz carlyn is busy. I think the hot tiles burnt her soles coz we were back in the house in a jiffty
~ sulked in a corner until fom-fom set up my outlet in the usual spot in the garden at 5-ish
~ a lady who looked really pretty came and asked fom-fom for my name. fom-fom said she is XXX DeCruz whatever. Whoever, whatever, who cares. I am the beauty here, not her!
~ Dinner .. and NO medicine. Yay! I WIN!
~ Telly time with ah-ma ..
~ And now everyone is still waiting for me to move my bowels .. hehe ...

till tomorrow .. i hope tomorrow will be a nice day. They always say it will rain if I am naughty. Not true what .. as far as I am concerned, it always rain if they are not nice to me ... :o)


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