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Tied up

August 21st 2006 7:16 am
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Just now my ah ma gave my 3 mamas separate lectures on how those gooey stuff girls like to slather on their vacant faces cause abnormalities in babies. What brought that on, was tv. My ah ma loves tv. I always watch tv with my ah ma. In fact, I can give you a detailed account of what's happening in Taiwan now. But I won't. Coz my ah ma has strong views on politics and I have to protect my ah ma. Coz politics is a messy business. Remember, you heard it here first.

Anyway, i can't imagine my 3 mamas having babies. The 1st mama, she'll tie the baby up and force it to read the stars. The 2nd one, she'll let the baby poop on her head if the baby wants to. Heck, even if the baby doesn't want to. The 3rd mama....dunno whose baby she wants to have. She has too many boyfriends now.

What I want to say is, I should have a baby. It'll look like me. But when I was one year old, the 3 mamas brought me to have my tubes tied by a strange woman with a bowl haircut. It's sad they didn't give it more thought. If they did, they'd have had their own tubes tied instead. Coz I'm the only woman of child bearing age in the house with at least passable genes to, you know, pass on.

They'll come round to it one day. Someone tell ah ma she has nothing to worry about.


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