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Dear Brady's Diary


January 31st 2007 8:41 am
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Dear Diary,

Mommy is so silly sometimes. When I talk to her it always takes her a while to understand. She says, "What Puppy, what?" The other day she said the strangest thing, I tried to tell her something and she says, "What Lassie, did Timmy fall in the well?" Who the heck is Lassie and Timmy? I'm telling you sometimes Mommy is so silly!

So, I talked to her about wedding my Big Girl and Mommy says the she is sure Big Girl only wants to wedding Matt. I wonder how come? I'm much cuter, everybody says so, and I have Squeak. Baldy doesn't have a Squeak. Hmm, strange really. Maybe I should just ask Mommy to wedding me. Me and Squeak love her the bestest of anyone anyway. Big girl can go wedding Matt.

Mommy has this funny wheelie thing and it always tries to get The Squeak . It makes this big noise, then its' long black mouth tries to suck Squeak inside. I chew on Squeak all the time and he does taste really good, but why does it have to wanna eat Squeak. It seems to eat lots of stuff that's on the floor, how come it doesn't get full. I think its' name is Vacuum, cause Mommy says, "Puppy the Vacuum is gonna get The Squeak!" Then I grab it right out of the mouth of the beast and run. Sometimes I will bring Squeak back, he doesn't care cause he knows I'll always save him, then I'll drop him in front of Vacuum, just to tease Vacuum. "Hey Vacuum, why don't you try getting The Squeak now!", sometimes he tries, but he's too slow and I always save my Squeakman. I've tried pushing Chloe in front of him. She would make a good lunch for Vacuum, but he never eats her and she just runs away. Maybe if I talked to Vacuum, told him that me and Squeak would be okay if he ate Chloe-Stupidhead-The Squeakstealer. He is sitting in the dining room now, but I think he might be sleeping because I don't hear him making any noise. Would he be mad if I woked him up? Oh, yeah, I know, I'll get P-Man to wake him up. He's so crazy he'll do anything. P was throwing himself against the wall again the other day. P is such a nut, he just cracks-up me and Squeak!

I gotta go find P-Man now.


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