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Where's mommy?

Here we go again...

July 27th 2007 6:58 pm
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It has been so long since I have written anything in my diary, and it seems that I only write when my mommy is either gone or leaving.
and guess what! She is leaving again!
Back to that illusive "sand box" again, she said it is very far away and none of us can come with her, but she will come back and write to me all the time while she is gone.
I hope daddy is ready for me to start hiding all my treats for her again. He found my secret stash last time she left, (I hid them in his boots, he he he.)
Last time mommy was gone, daddy got really sick and had to stay in this big building I was not allowed to go to, and mommy came back for a short period of time to stay with us while daddy was being taken care of my someone mommy called a "Doctor". I think daddy got sick becuase he missed mommy so bad and it hurt his heart. I don't want daddy to hurt his heart again.
I don't want mommy to go away again.
I am a little sad knowing that I only have a couple of months to show mommy how much I love her before she leaves....:(


Me and Mommy...

October 23rd 2006 9:21 am
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Me and my mommy are best pals, no doubt about it! When she was gone in that evil sandbox, i would search for her everyday, but now that she is home, i just follow her everywhere, just incase she has to go again.
I was thinking that if she has to go again, i could fit in her duffel bag, so maybe i would sneak in there the last minute and surprise her when she opens it up.
Daddy said that is not too good of a plan though.
Ever since mommy has been home, i have made it my sworn duty to watch over her every minute. When she gets restless at night, i just put my head on her chest and stare into her eyes until she falls back asleep.
when she feels she needs to escape for a while i take her for a walk and sometimes she will even run with me!
and boy! when someone walks too close to my yard that we don't know, i let them have it! Beware of Sergeant Wizzie!
Today is going to be a good one, she wants me to show off and play frisbee all day so she can ge photos of me for my page, i am soooo excited!
And even better, my pup neighbor from across the yard just joined Dogster too! her name is Princess Icess Dutchess Graham. She is such a great pup! An albino doberman, what a pretty girl. My son Gateway has a crush on her, but she has a new boyfriend, another doberman, gateway is a little jealous.
well, it looks like it might be frisbee time soon, so i better go stretch and get ready!


So it has been a while...

October 18th 2006 3:40 pm
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OK, so it HAS been a while since i wrote, but i was so wrapped up in all the excitment going on around here. For the longest time, no one was here, and then one day, these big flying metal things mommy calls planes started coming and and Soldiers started pilling out of them, THEY CAME HOME!!!!
OH what fun, all my old buddies starting coming over to the house and i got to play with the minature humans (mom says they are called children), and i got to see all my four legged buddies again, mommy and daddy started having b b ques again. It has been so great.
Sometimes mommy doesn't sleep well, so i get to cuddle up with her and hug her until she falls back asleep, a dogs job is never done. But i love every moment i have with her, atleast she finally came back from the elusive sand box.
My daddy is doing better, they tell me he had a thing called a heart attack and he was sick forever! But he seems ok to me, but mommy says he can't play with me as much anymore becuase he gets too tired, that is ok though, becuase mommy is here to throw my frisbee and chase me around the yard.
I did miss my mommy so much!!!
Well, that is about all for now, mommy is waiting for me to go outside and play again, yipee!!!!


Daddy's sick and mommy's not back....

August 21st 2006 1:58 am
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Well, my daddy got sick last night, i got really worried about him, i just wanted to make him feel better. I know how hard it is for him with out mommy around to help take care of us, i hope we didn't cause him to get sick...
Well, anyways, daddy got sick last night and had to go away, he hasn't gotten home yet and i am worried. Mommy is still not home so who is going to take care of us and him when he gets back.
I heard that grandma might be coming to help out, and i also heard that my mommy might be coming back from that big ol sand box she has been hiding in.
I hope she comes home soon, i don't think i can take care of daddy all by my self and take care of my two puppies.
Gateway and Boots are scarred and just laying onthe couch all sad, i keep telling them it will be ok and daddy will be home soon, but now we are alone and only have a stranger to take care of us.
I miss my mommy so much and really want my daddy to be ok, please if you are reading this, pray for him and pray for mommy's safe a quick return home.


something is going on....

August 16th 2006 12:57 am
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Ok, so something must be going on, mommy must be coming home soon.
Daddy took off in the car and came back with all this stuff for the house. He was doing a lot of cleaning and fussing about in the house, i figure that means mommy is coming home soon.
My efforts to find that sand box she is in has been a flop, there is no sand box in the house or in my yard. Maybe if i plan it right, i can jump the fence and check the neighbors yards.
Gateway doesn't seem to want to help me, every time i start to look for mommy he is biting my tail or trying to play with me, but that wont stop me from my big plan to find mommy.
I will search this whole post until she turns up, maybe if i make lost posters someone will return her to me.
Mommy is my best friend and i miss her so much, she would always come home for lunch and lay on the couch with me, she would hold me tight and we would nap together.
I loke to snuggle up to her, she is so warm and keeps me close to her heart.
I miss her so much!!!
Will some one out there help me find her, or atleast tell me where she is and when she is coming home, it is getting kind of hard to throw the frisbee to myself these days, and daddy is always so tired i don't want to bother him.
I think daddy misses her as much as i do, sometimes he looks so sad and sometimes he seems so worried, so i just put my head on his chest and try to tell him it will be ok and mommy will always come home, and she is a fighter like me so she will be ok no moatter what happens.
I love my mommy and really can't wait to see her again...
mommy if you are reading this, stay safe and come home soon, we allmiss you so much.


Still looking for mommy...

August 6th 2006 9:50 pm
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Ok, so i have dug up the yard, searched the closets, burrowed in the bed sheets and even looked under the carpet, but i still can't find this big sandbox dad said mommy is in.
He keeps telling us that she will be back in a matter of weeks, but I am just a pup, what is a matter of weeks? What is a matter? What are weeks? Sounds like a long time, but maybe not so long, I mean, after all, dad seems to be more bussy moving stuff around in the house, maybe he is looking for that sandbox too, I will help him out and check in all the shoes, maybe it is hiding in there.
Well, maybe i wont look in the shoes, after all, i don't want anyone to find out where i hid all the treats i have been saving for mommy, he he he.
All my babies are gone now, it is really quiet around the house with out them all here. Well, actually, one of my babies is still here, Boots is still waiting for mommy to come home too so she can decide if he is going to stay with us.
I really hope he does stay, he is sooo cute and he actually howls!
I really hope mommy finds her way home soon, I miss her so much, and only she knows how to throw the frisbee just right so I have to fly in order to catch it.
Please if any of you see my mommy wondering around, send her my way, OK?


Mommy's still not home....

August 2nd 2006 3:37 am
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Ok, so I think my mommy will come home eventually, but no matter how deep i dig in the yard i can't seem to find her, so i will just sit by the window until she comes home......
Uh, where's my ball?
Drat, Gateway took it again, hold on, gotta show him who the boss is in this house when mommy is not here......
Whew! Got my ball back, ok, as i was saying, i keep digging in the yard, looking under the couch, starring at theat big box thing with pictures but i don't see her.
I hope she comes back before all the dog treats i saved her get gross, (SSSHHHH...I hid them in her shoes so the other pups wouldn't find them).
It looks like i only have three puppies left, for some reason daddy said they had to go to new homes, i sure do miss them, but atleast that is one less mouth to steal my tennis ball.
I really wish mommy would hurry up, she knows how to throw the frisbee just right so i can show off how high i can jump.
hurry home mommy!


Still don't know where mommy is but....

August 1st 2006 6:51 am
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I still am not sure where it is that my mommy has been, but daddy keeps telling me she is on her way home. I keep giving daddy the look that he should go buy bones and chewies for her so when she gets home she has a treat, but he just keeps patting me on the head.
I don't think humans get it sometimes.
My puppies are running all over the yard now and i seem to be missing two of them, daddy said they went love with new families with kids, i don't think we have kids in our house, but they sound like a lot fun.
I know that my mommy's brothers just got some kids and i hear they make a lot of noise and eat a lot of food, just like my puppies!
I hope I get to meet my mommy's, well, what did daddy say they were called, ummmm, nephews! that's right mommy's nephews, i heard she is excited to meet them too, i hope i get to see them and play with them, i will bring them some chewies and a tennis ball.
what was i saying? oh, yeah, mommy. where is she? Has anyone seen her lately? I really need her around to throw my frisbee.....
(Frisbee? FRISBEE???? FRISBEEEEE!!!!!!!)
ooh, i think i need to go outside and play, maybe daddy will get the idea if i bounce my ball on his forehead a few times...
I will write again later....


My Tail of Devotion for Wizzer D. Couch

July 31st 2006 4:27 am
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Wizzer D. Couch was a very special special gift in my life. After going through a terrible divorce, loosing two lovely dogs in my life and trying to piece everything back together, i met this knight in shining armor who changed it all for me and taught me how to live again.
Well, one day this poor little puppy was put in a burlap sack and destined to be drowned by an evil guy who worked with my soon to be (at the time) husband. He told this kid to take the dog to me and i would take care of her.
well, i was sitting in the livingroom and heard this "thump" on the porch, when i went outside to investigate, there cowering in the corner was this little puppy and beyond the fence on the porch a guy yelling and cursing at the pup.
I looked at the little shaking ball of fur, and she looked up at me and jumped right into my arms.
I yelled at the guy to get off the property and took the pup inside where she proceeded to poop all over me and the house. I gave her a little pepto and it seemed to help her tummy.
I layed on the couch with her for two days while i nursed her back to health.
That little girl was scarred to play with toys, and was terrified to let people touch her.
I just held her for days and did all i could to show her that our house was filled with love not hate.
As she grew she became another guardian angel to me. Any time i felt like i was not safe, she would step in to save me, she would never let anyone she didn't trust near me.
She took care of me as i took care of her.
No matter how i feel at the end of a long field exercise, how late i have been out with my unit preparing equipment or covering events, she is there waiting for me at the window, tail wagging, tongue hanging out with that toothy grin of a wild dog and eyes of jack russel ready to jump in my arms.
Even when the worst thing could happen to me, and i was crying every night after my fathers death, she knew and cuddled up on the couch with me.
She knows how to hug, to kiss, to love, to play, to be good and even bad when she knows it will make me laugh.
what a blessing dogs are in our life, i can not imagine what it would be like with out a dog in my life.
I thank God each day that he blessed me with my pups.
And what do ya know, but she had her very own pups and gifted me with another blessing named Gateway, who is now my husbands best buddy.
I spent years of my life in Colorado rescuing abused and neglected dogs, rehabilitating them, training, healing them and adopting them out to good families, but Wizzie touched me so and stayed in my family.
I am in the Army, and even after long seperations, she knows who i am, she never forgets our bond and loves unconditionally. She is my best buddy and I am so thankful she is in my life.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Where's my mommy?

July 31st 2006 4:01 am
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Well, this is my first entry, and I have been feeling a little lost.
It started about a year or so ago.
I woke up, just like any other day, and played frisbee with my mom, but daddy looked a little sad, and mom a little distracted.
She put on the funny uniform she wears and put this big heavy vest thing on, threw on a big pack on her back and kissed us all good bye.
Haven't seen her since, well, she did come for a visit once, but that was when daddy was sick.
But since then she has been gone, daddy says she is coming home soon, that she loves me and thinks about me all the time, but when is soon?
Since she has been gone, we have moved into a new house, i lost by brother, Mickey (he wasan old Shih Tzu, he told me he had been with mommy for a long long long time, but he was tired and had to go away), I had another bunch of puppies pop out of me and she is still not home yet.
Daddy watches this stuff on the big box with funny pictures and tells me that is where mommy is, but i dont see her on there.
So like I have asked all ready,
Where is my mommy?

Wizzer D. Couch

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