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My Life As A Bassa-Lasha-Poo

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August 6th 2008 6:01 pm
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Mama is home! Since Sunday! Oh I have been so luvey duvey with her. I lub my mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uh oh where did she go? Where? Ahhhhhhhh! MOOOOMMMMYY!
Mama's boy for life


See you pals Sunday

July 30th 2008 9:21 am
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Mom is leavin in a hour. I have been stalking her around the house waiting until she says: "Okay Murphy, wana go for a ride?" But those magical words have not come out of her mouth. Sigh. MAMA DON'T LEAVE ME! again!


Why mama? Why?

July 29th 2008 7:02 pm
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Mom and the fam. are going to the lake tomorow at noon and will be Sunday. I cannot believe she is doing this to me! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why mama!? Why?


Adopt 2008: My Story

April 19th 2008 11:14 pm
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Many pals know my "happily ever after story" but it is a great time to tell everywoof because I am entered in the wonderful Adopt 08 contest hosted by handsome Gibbon!Well it all started on a cold december afternoon.Mom her mother, & her motherwere at the Mission mall (which is no longer) doing some christmas shopping.They always stopped by the small animal shelter inside to look at all the cats and the dogs they had.They weren't looking for a dog,just moving into a new house not to long ago & still grieving the loss of their beloved sprinkler dog who died a year or two earlier.Mom was going crazy over every dog.She then saw somthing that caught her eye.A samller,skinny,bakd,grey & black curly haired dog.With a big red harness & the most beautiful hazel eyes you ever did see.He heart went out to this pooch as he was walking around the fenced in little area,shaking,eyes darting trying to figure out what the heck he did wrong to end up in a place like this.Mom stared at this dog for a moment but went on to the other dog near this sacred woofer (still thinking of him).Then her mom called her over.Her mom had fallen for the same skinny,shaved dog.They looked at the Id tag:
Name: Herb
Age:One Year
Breed:Lasha-Poodle mix
Story: Owners moved, left him with us along with his "wife" (a yorkiepoo) and his two "kids" (all adopted already).
Before mom knew it her mother whipped out her cell & called their old neighbor & good friend Carol who had just lost her beloved Lasha Jackson a year ago.She told Carol about this dog.Five minutes later she called Carol back to say "Sorry Carol, you can't have him!He's coming home with us!"Mom was floating on cloud nine as she gave the dog's ears a good scratchin.They told Carter to come over and see the dog, & of course the dog worked his magic & made another person fall in love with him.Mom's mom thought how he looked like a miny Nelson and a bit like her old dog Rosie.A few minutes later,Mom's dad was on the phone and bother women were telling him to pack up the other kids in the car & scoot their boots over here!Of course he protested "But, I am kind of in the middle of cooking a pot roast.I can't just leave it in the oven!"But he was convinced in no second knowing how much to them.They had a "meeting" with the dog and fell in love. They went home thinking,wanting,needing that Herbinator.A few days later mom's mom broke the news.In a few days the grey dog was coming home! And guess what?That little stud muffin was no other than,MOI!After a bit, they found a better name than Herb.Murphy (the best name in the world ya know).They soon learned alot about me.That I was abused,when I was adopted I was shaved because I was very very matted & my hair was a complete & utter mess!I was also not fed alot, because I was very underweight.The humans put alot together that I was probably kept outside for a good amount of time, and that I was afriad of big dogs.But always ready to hold my own!Now I bring you to present day. I am loved more than you can ever imagine (and it didn't take me long to find out what a mommy was, and I was glued to mom's hip.I love my mom so much!),I fed all the good stuff,I have a big backyard that I can play in, and nice house I can sleep nap and be spoiled rotten.I have a bootiful fluffy coat that the humans never let get to long or matted.I also have my beloved westie pal Josh as my brofur!See when my furmily got me my "grandpa" had a westie pup around my age but when he moved Josh came to live with us & we are best buds and LOVE to snuggle and play with! We are best buds for ever & day.I love my family, and my family loves me.Mom can't even begin to think what life would be like without her little man. If they just left the shelter that day, or just went to a breeder to get a dog. Tof find your true love & best friend, adopt today and make a shelter dog's fondest dreams come true! I know mine did!


Pup of the month!

April 7th 2008 6:01 pm
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Well, many of you know that I have started a dogster prayer thread to help woofers get through hard times (kind of a dogster version of the very succesful & original catster purr list). And I am able to update it here & there and I enjoy doing it but I have been getting sweet gifts & notes from kind pups thanking me! Awwww I am flattered!Also the wonderful dogster group PAWS angels WAGS for kindess has honored me as their dog f the month for April!Here is the paw-mail I got notifying me of the great honor from Scooter:
"Hi there Murphy...I sent you a pmail a couple of weeks ago about how wonderful I thought your thread was in the Get Well Forum.
Well, after discussing it with the administrators of PAWS Angels WAGS for Kindness, we have decided to name you our dog of the month!
Below is the message that was sent out to our members and we are also setting up a thread. Thanks for all you do for your fellow pups on dogster!

Hiya pups and kitties,
As most of you know, each month the administrators choose a pup or a kitty (alternates each month) who we feel has shown themselves to go above and beyond the acts of giving love and kindness.
The Dog of the Month of April is Murphy!
Murphy is truly a special pup! I was going through the "Get Well Forums" one day and found a very special thread, titled, "Dogster Is In Need of Prayers".
Murphy went out on his own and began this thread: 505981
He takes a lot of time to search for pups who are need of prayers and he posts their stories and links to their pages. I sent him a personal pmail to let him know how wonderful he was for doing it.
Please take the time to drop by Murphy's page...send him a pmail or pup pal request, drop him off some treats, or give him a rosette thanking him for all that he does.
Thank you Murphy for all that you do!
PAWS Angels Administrators,
Scooter, Jazzi, Pie, and Dezi"
Thanks guys! You are all make me feel so pawsome I cannot even describe it!!


Mama don't leave me again crazy woman!

March 22nd 2008 3:55 pm
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OMD! Mom came home after what seemed like forever at around 9:30 at night on Thursday. She walked in the door as the family were moving the jeep out of the garage so they could park the van.Josh & me were already at the door because we always are when hear the humming of the garage opening. But we thought it might be Tracy the neighbor who had been taking care of us. In a total of 12 seconds mom had walked in the door greeted us fallin to her knees scooped us both in her arms, smothered us with kisses and sweet talked us like crazy.That night we stalked mom around and the entire family as the got situated and got unpacked and everything then it was finally bed time. I leaped onto my normal spot but scooted closer to mom just to make sure didn't leave me while I was asleep.Mom slept in till 30minutes passed noon she was dog-on-tired and I got up once to go pee and eat breakfast but was back spooning with her in less than 20 minutes.I am still not ready to have her leave my sight today but mom needs her "space" cha. If you want a little man you get no space! BOL.
Happy Easter Everywoof!


Mama, why must you leave me!?!

March 17th 2008 12:57 pm
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*Sigh* Mom and family are leaving for Denver early morning tomorow. On Friday afternoon she found out her 34 year old cousin Dylan, who she had only met about two times, was in a coma. His roomate had found him in the coma that morning. Our family and the hospital did everything they could to save him but he became a sweet-heart of a angel later that night. Dylan left behind two small daughters (he had a wife but sadly they got divorced not to long-ago), many friends, and a adoring family who misses him very much.The doctors are trying right now to find what caused Dylan to go into the coma. Since Dylan lived in Colorado and grew up there that is were the memorial service will be held. Mom is a bit excited to go, because she hasn't been to Denver (she went to Estes Park CO. in summer 06 w/ a group of friends) in years! Her entire maternal side of the family is coming. Any who they are hitting the road for this impromptu trip tomorow arouns 7am, getting to the hotel they will be staying at with take a while because going from Kansas to Colorado is a ten hour drive! And with a car crammed with six people (4 of which are children), it might tae a bit longer. Later today she is going to have Tomi Lee and her younger brother RJ (they are neighbors and friends of ours, Tomi is 13 and RJ is 11) come over so we can show them how to take care of Josh,Maggie, and me for the three days the feeders are away their parents will helping a little bit to of course. I know the kids but I want my mommy! I know they are leaving seeing the suitcases and the clothes laying out...I know!So I have refused to eat no breakfast, in protest that mommy won't leave me behing.So far....It's not working at all and I am hungry (BOL).Well te furmily will be back late Thursday night, mum might have 30 minutes on Tuesday night to go on dogster if they get to the hotel at a fair amount of time but sadly chances are I won't be-able to go on dogster for three days! Love you all, and will see you on Friday.
Woofs & Wags


Some weekend........

February 18th 2008 2:25 pm
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This was definatly not my weekend! On Friday mom had that day off, so she thought it would be a perfect day to give me a bath.I never saw it coming.It was later in the afternoon, and mom first cleaned my ears which was no big deal. Then she got out two towels and set one in the middle of the living room, I was snoozing on the couch one eye open but not caring. Then she took off my collar and set it by the towel, again not caring. Then she got out the blow drying and plugged it in, this made me open both eyes.I was about to fall back asleep when she scooped me up and brought me down stairs sat me on the couach and headed to other part of the basement collected a few things and then I herd water running, then after 3 minutes it stopped. She came backed picked me up and put me into the water, and it all started from there.After the bath was over (which seemed like Forevvvvvvvver!) she brushed me and blow dryd me,(that took around a hour) then I had to get my nails clipped and my teeth brushed with special doggy toothpaste.The day was somewhat okay after that, Saturday and Sunday were a nice nap day but it was very cold and I got in trouble a few times. Today I got scared and squealed like a little baby pig! Mom thought it was adorable but felt bad for me and scooped me up in her arms, that I didn't mind.But mommy is tired, and very stressed! And of course when mommy is nervouse/stressed I feel her pain. Oh and not to mention mom has been a slacker, she had a long weekend but seemed to get nothing done! (dogster wise and here wise)
*sigh* maybe this week will be better.
Time for a nap and *yawn* maybe I can actually finally relax.
woofs and wags


Winter, is for the birds!

February 12th 2008 6:35 pm
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Ugh, I am not enjoying this cold weather. I think it is numbing my reactions becauyse the other day I was doing a jump in the air because the furless were about to feed me dinner, but I loss track of my feet and they slipt under me and my head came crashing down to the florr and I hit my chin. OUCH!But don't worry after about 10seconds I was back Up barking to be fed again BOL.But I think the cold weather had een messing up mom's brain! She says she has been to busy for dogster *rolls eyes* *sigh* humans.We get on about everyday, but many days can't update my blog,post alot on the forums, bark with my beloved pals (I MISS YOU TILLERS!).Anywho I may be fluffy as heck but I get my little butt frozen off, but don't worry after being outside for 5 minutes I let the humans know I am turning into a furry ice-cube and give some yelping barks wich usually does the trick.Another odd thing is everyone says that two-leggers are known to get colds and such in the winter well mom thinks I may be a bit sick.Not eating as much,sleeping more,not as playful,not as active, some odd behavior. She is worried about me, but she knows it will be over before you know it! *yawn* well I have to get going I need to take a 20 minute nap before chewing on my bone then collapsing into a nice night sleep.
Barks & Wags
-Lil Man


So Iam in this contest........

January 17th 2008 12:01 pm
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Hey everypup, mom entered me in the Dog (aka Dogfancy and such) online virtual dog show! You can enter different catagories with your photos.
First place is a pawsome heated bed! Second is a designer doggy toy box (that could defiantly be helpful! BOL) and Third place is Petmate pet steps! I know those are some rad prizes. Well I would just be very very very grateful if a few of you pups could spare a wittle vote.
Here are the catagories I am entered in so far:
Best Feed Me Look
Longest Tounge
Most stylish (I know my age is wrong on that one)
Best Eyes
Best Smile
Best Coat
Now you don't have to vote for me in every catorgorie and I do not wish to win ever catagorie! Now to vote you just follow my links, and up in the corner is a button that says "Vote for this dog". Click that. Now it will ask you to sign up or login in to dog channel if you have a count, login if you don't i would say maybe make one (you don't have to of course:) it is jst a fun website to belong too. It really is. You can make a page there, kind like dogster, learn info enter contests ect. Lots O' fun. Now if you decide to enter than paw-mail me and I would be glad to vote for you.
Wowza. I was just scanning through the compotition and I think i already have a idea who shall win, there is some rufffff comp. So i probably won't win but that will be okey dokey with me :) And the fact that mom votes for half the pups in the contest is probably a factor also. Bol!
Big huge Sloppy Murph Man Kisses!

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