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My Life As A Bassa-Lasha-Poo

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Take A Look!

May 3rd 2009 3:27 pm
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Hi Pals! Well me & the furless are a little bit bored and thought it would be fun to show off some of adoptable cuties here in the Kansas & Missouri area. We will shows dogs of all different kinds of breeds but also want to especially show ones of pitties because there are so many sweet pitties around.
Please just look, if you can't adopt then maybe donate or maybe spread the word to a friend or just look for fun and smile when you see these cuties!:

Maybelline (Pitty Princess)
Daisy (Whippador!)
Zarrha (Brown Eyed Beauty)
Scooby (Jack Russel Boy!!)
Floyd (Handsome Labra-boxer boy!)
Honey (Beautiful Blonde **she is heartworm positive & needs your help**)
Nutmeg (Vizla-Boxer gal with a sweet smile!!)

Rags (beautiful chow gal)
Velvet (a black pearl!!)
Nolan (Aussie Boy!!)
Rowland (Spotted pointer buddy)
Puffy (Just look at that sweet GSD smile!!)
Little No Name (he looks like an Archie! BOL)
BO (he is one happy dude)

Have a great day pals, and remember to spay & neuter and of course opt to adopt!!


Rottie Prayers & A Baby Peep

April 12th 2009 6:13 pm
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Happy Easter pups! I hope you guys had a grrrrreat day today, I did! The kiddos woke up early to hunt for eggs the big rabbit brought and even helped them sniff out a few. And then the family left around 12am to go to Aunt Tamala's & Uncle Tim's house and they came back around 6pm. Even though me and Josh had to stay home, that was fine with me. I like my "a lone" time. Mom had fun also, seeing all of her family peeps. They even have a baby peep!!Well the baby peep (Dayton) is going to be a big boy soon, he s turning one in May. One word fur you........PAWTAY!!! WOOHOO! Mom loves the baby peep but she also loved seeing Cruze, her Aunt & Uncle's rottie. Uncle T (not to be mixed up with Mr.T) found Cruze several years ago when he just came up to his house. And it was fate, even though they are not sure of Cruze's past he was probably abused because he used to be soooo scared of the oddest things. But he is a purebred rottie, and I love him! Mom is not sure why, because normally I don't like other dogs especially males but averytime I see handsome Cruze I wag my tail and get all flirty and then try and "hug" my cousin but he doesn't like it very much. BOL. Well when it was pray time before lunch everyone joined hands and Cruze of went and sat by mom. Though right before auntie Robin started the prayers he walked over to her, and when she did start he sat on her feet and started nudging her! So she added "And thank you for the loving and wonderful animals in our lives" and of course at that time he gave her a big slobbery rottie kiss on her hand! BOL.
*Yawn* Wowzers, look at the time! I am tired, well gotta go snuggle with mom!
Murph Man Snuggles


You OK buddy?

March 25th 2009 6:39 am
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I am worried about my best friend and westie brother Josh. He has not been feeling well he has had a very bad case of the "poopies" and is now breathing hard. Mom thinks he got sick from our puppy cousin Baxter who stayed fur a week and left on Sunday. He first had the "poopies" and is still sick. Mom always thinks it is a little funny how the shelter mutt (me!!) never really seems to get sick but the purebred westie (Josh) does all the time. BOL.But I am a tough dude, so mom thinks that I will probably dodge this doggy flu thats going arond. Well gotta go, it's nap time!!
Mr. Man


Dog Days Of Painting!

March 23rd 2009 3:39 pm
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Woohoo! I am todays Dog Days Of Summer Dog of the day today 3/23/09! Woohoo! Thank Terry Stanley, I love it and mom says that she really did a great job of expressing my beautiful eyes! Wana see my bootiful photo? Take a look! Don't you just love it?
Well a big manly man kisses to Terry Stanley for making me such a grrreat painting & to all my pals fur my congrats!
Lub you guys


Advice from a sleeping expert

March 9th 2009 6:44 pm
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Well since mom says Iam one silly & sound pup when it comes to sleeping so I thought it might be fun to list my top 5 sleeping places & top 5 sleeping positions.
1)On mom's feet (on her bed)
2)On my human brudders head
3)In my new doggy bed(though it was originally Josh's, hehehe)
4)On the living room floor (restng my head on the table leg of the coffee table)
5)On the couch pillows (hince my nickname- Prince(ess) Laya On Da Pilla!)

Favorite positions-
1)Belly up!
2)Legs spread out ake "The Froggy lay"
3)Snuggled up into a ball of fuzz
4)My head propped up against something
5)And totally pooped out laying on my side (I prefer the right)

Your silly sleeper
Murph Da Man


It's all good!

February 28th 2009 7:27 pm
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The fridge is back! And it sall never ever leave again! NEVER! Also some good news.....for one of the first times ever I played FETCH!! I was being a hyper little fuzz ball so mom got out my favorite poodle rope toy from my brother Joshy's pal Maggie last woofmas. Recently in the past few years I have started to play with toys, and today was one of the first times I ever played actual fetch! Mommy threw the toy down the hallway and I always hopped after it, jumped on it, shook it, and then happily hopped back to her. We did this for 30minutes and then It was nap time. Also it snowed a whole bunch here so me & Joshy had super duper fun running like crazy through the thick fluffy snow!! But I am one pooped pup so bark with yall later!
Murph Da Man



February 27th 2009 6:59 pm
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The fridge is gone. Which means the food is gone. Which means I am going to starve! OMD SOME ONE HELP ME! They took the f-ah-rid-gah! Ok.Ok.Ok. Well see we are getting new tile in the kitchen well to put it down I guess they had to take away the fridge. And of course it took forevvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeer! And now the fridge is in the car cave and the food is in coolers. That is no way to treat a fridge mama, no way.
Oh woeful me why the fridge. Why?


Twas the night before woofmas and.........I WANT MY BONE!

December 24th 2008 4:25 pm
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I.need.a.bone. Tonight will be my third night with out a chewy bone! UGH. I need my bones! I realive stress and anger with those bones, plus they are very satisfying for my tummy. Well I guess I do not have to wait any longer! Santa paws is coming to town tonight ya know, and is bringing goodies for all the good pups ya know, and well I mean I am definatly on his nice list.Ok he might have some trouble deciding on which list I belong to because well I wasn't a saint all year....I guess. But look at this face! *Points to main photo* How could you not bring this cutie a brand new large sized braided rawhide bown with red and green rawhide ribbons!! ;) tehehe.
Well happy woofmas all!
Murph Man


Birthday Boy!

December 9th 2008 5:50 pm
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It's my barkday woo woo woo. My sixth one, I know I know I am no longer a little man I am now a BIG man! Yeah! I was all excited in the morning. I gets extra lovin on my birthday, presents, and more FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I was havin a great barkday I had jut opened my super duper pawsome braided rawhide and was happy boy Murph. But the 8 year old human girl came over and got in my face, I felt unsecure and well bit her in the face. I got in trouble (yes on my birthday) but I did apologize to her later on and brought her my new bone and put it on her lap. So all is well, and then I got a super duper lip smackin good dinner. Yum.
Well just thought I would give you the barkday sum up!
Murph Man


Me DOTD?????

September 8th 2008 7:32 pm
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It was a normal day. Mom had a stressful day & had to finnish a paper so she logged on to the computer, I was snoozing on the pillow besides her, when she decided to go & check her e-mail. She was puzzled that she had 40 e-maisl when yesterday she only had 1. Then the thought of that I might be DOTD glanced through he mind but she shook it off. Then she got to one of her last e-mails. YEP I AM DOGGY OF THE DAY! WOOT WOOT! PAWTY OVER HERE! PAWTY OF HERE!!
Well mom started freaking out, and saying "Murph my little man! HQ picked you as dotd!!!!!!" And I stretched over to her gave her a kiss and layed ontop of the warm computer. It was kinda my way to thank HQ I guess you could say ;) Well mom bragged like crazy & I even got a special dinner! Josh was jealous of course. Mom will make sure & send thank yous through out the week pawmis!
Also a HUGE thank you to my best pal Tillie Mae for making a a dotd thread for me. And thank you to Smurphy for making a dotd thread for me in plus fun.
You guys all rock my socks off! (If i wore socks)
-Murph the man

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