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My Life As A Bassa-Lasha-Poo

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November 30th 2006 6:03 pm
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Yep i think it is called snow josh wuffs so does luke not me it sticks to me it is cold and it gets in my way!
Well atleast the house is super warm mmmmmmmm
well bey now mommy's warm lap is calling me!
~Murphy snowy paws


Pet connection.

December 25th 2006 12:23 pm
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Well i came from a shelter called * pet connection* it was actually in a mall.
( it was not a pet store it was a shelter) But this year the mall was torn down! so the shelter moved to a bit bigger location but it is still located in mission kansas.
Well the founder of the No kill shelter is Melody Kelso and she has been living at the shelter for about a few months to keep it open 24/7, give the animals a more conforting enviroment, and promote the shelters awarness.
So if you could stop by the shelter's website that would meen alot to me!
Thank you & have a happy holiday!



Mama's Wittle Hound Dog!

January 2nd 2007 1:35 pm
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Well mom thought when she first got me and around the first year with her that maybe i was part basset. Because of my HUGE feet, and the way i bark it is a deeper bark ( but i can have a yippy bark just to look cute BOL)
But then they found out that Lasha normally do have big feet so that basset thought was tossed out the window.
But today mom was on the computer ^_^ and josh & me were up stairs in the living room. When all off a sudden mom hears us barking and a strange sound. So she walks up stairs and sees josh at the window barking at the UPS man (who was in our neighbors yard) And i was sitting on the chair by the window my paws on the arm rest so i could look out the window better. But i wasn't barking at the UPS man i was HOWLING! and i mean like HOUND DOG HOWLING! AROOOOOOO. HOWWWWWWLEEEEEEEOOOOOO!, mom could not beleive it! It sounded like a basset hound was inside me! before mom could stop laughing i ifted my head back and did a big ole HOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWLEEEEEEEOOOOOOO!, this just amazed mom! I have lived with her 3 years she has never heard me howl EVER! And the wird thing was i know that UPS man * i have never met him in person* but he comes by all the time and i hav never howled at him before! I guess all i can say the little hound dog within me took over! (BOL)
Now I am very tired i guess that was a days work. BOL!
So mom now thinks maybe i have a little basset inside of me!
And now they are going to call me that dum breed!

lasha+poodle=lashapoo+basset hound= BASSALASHAPOO! bol!
YEP iam murphy the BASSALASHAPOO hound doggy! BOL!

tell next time!


what has she gotten me into?

January 27th 2007 10:37 am
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I can't believe you let sissy put me in a tutu!
And then you post it on the internet!
I think i might have to go under cover now! to hide from the embaresment!
Just call me Murphinia!



January 30th 2007 6:14 pm
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Well this all started out when the fabulous NWALINS gang helped a doggy named mathew!
And they helped save a dog and helped make dogster famous!
WOOOHOO you pups rule!
here is the link (it was on thier page that is how i found it BOL)
I was so happy when i watched i was ready to do backflips!..ehh maybe iw ill just tell mom to do it and i will watch! BOL!
oh right the news story!
here we are!: 814&bw=

go look!



February 5th 2007 5:11 pm
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Yes i have the most beautiful valentine!
and all in time for v-day!
her name is sugar!
And boy am i lucky!
but watch out girls iam taken! BOL!
Take a look at her isn't she pertty?
we are also both lasha mixes!
yappy valentines day everypup!♥


huge fire in downtown KC!

February 7th 2007 6:13 pm
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Yes you read right!
A buisness with chemicals and flamable liquids set fire at today and a huge explosion happened there at 2:18pm today!
this is downtown downtown so far away from were i live but it still is a HUGE FIRE!
And all the power downtown is down.
And since the fire is so HUGE!
And since there is so much flamable stuff there the fire was getting bigger and bigger and after a couple hours of fighting the fire
fireman were comanded to stop and retreat! because the fire was getting so our of countrol! And the biulding started having more explosions:(
so they had to evacuate everyone down there (not me) and the poeple who had to evacuate are now at community centers & high schools. but the poeple staying at at the high schools were not alowd to bring pets!:(
but this very nice vet offered if any one would bring thier pet in that he would watch him (what a nice guy)
But any way since the fire was so bad and the water was just not helping they have to let the fire burn our..they are guessing the fire might be done in 72 hours!
well can you pups please say a prayer for the nice people/pets down there? thank you
hope it gets better

P.S no one has been hurt or killed in the fire hoefully it will stay that way!


This Stud Got To Strut His Stuff!!

March 3rd 2007 3:08 pm
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Today mommy took me and Joshy to the first ever spring dog fashion show!!
But mama knew i can get a little shy & SCARED she only put on my bandana that my buddy chester gave me & my leash that says "SPOILED ROTTEN"
i was so frightened that mommy had to carry me down the RUNWAY!!
B.O.L!! but i didn't bite any doggy and i actually had a lot of fun! i made friends played and got lots of treats!! And i even won somthing!! I won simplest BUT cutest outift! and i got a BIG treat, and the judges got me a tiny gift card and mommypitched in a bit of her money with the gift card and got me my very own BOBO! You know one of those luffa dogs and a green one!! i used to play with my friends but he tore it appart, but now i have one and it is PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!
It has been a long day and a fun one! i really hope we do it again! hopfully mummu will not put me in that pink dress!! B.O.L!
-Murphy xoxoxoxo


Skid Boot May you Rest In Peace

March 27th 2007 3:43 pm
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wow.Murph's mom here.

IT seems like just yesterday me and my mother were huddled around the TV watching the first sesion of pet-star.
It was the final cut winner takes all.
We were both amazed by this adorable dogs talents.......
We watched the Tv very closly and when they said skidboot and David were the winners we jumped up & down screaming and hugging each other we were so happy!!
We told alot of people in our family about skidboot.
I told my mother about skidboot We looked at each other and began to cry. He was a good dog. At the time were well life was a bit hard skid boot puta smile on our faces skid boot also inspired me to train dogs now training dogs are one of my favorite hobbies.
I shed a tear for him & his family..............His legacy will never ever be forgotten i promise you all that NEVER EVER!
Murphy & Mom

In honor of skip boot-
March, 25 skid's last day.


Smeelin nice

May 1st 2007 7:18 am
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Well Sunday,
Mommy gave joshy a bath outside with the hose since it was so dog-on hot outside, and of course she gave me a bath to. She said that i smelled bad.
And you know i have to ask the question what is with humans and smell?
I meen humans put on smelly stuff, and armpit soap, and shampoo and they make a huge deal about stuff smelling bad! And what i don't get is dogs smell ten-times more then humans but you don't see us running away from every yucky smelling thing! Or put odd smelling soap on our arm-pits! Come on most dogs eat kitty poop! (YUM) I just had to ask because well maybe that eill give a reason fur mom not to give me a bath any-more! :-)

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