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My Life As A Bassa-Lasha-Poo

My interview with the pawsome Raja Babu!

July 28th 2009 4:45 pm
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RB: How did you come to your forever home?

Murphy: It had been a little bit since mom's first dog Nelson passed on and she had really been wanting another pup but they had just moved into a new house and they where very busy. Then on the first week of December five years ago she was doing some early Christmas shopping at a local mall with her mom & brother .There used to be a small shelter (they have since moved) in the mall and mom went in like always & looked around. Then she spotted a skinny, almost bald, long shaped dog shaking in the back of a pen. She knelt down to my cage and called me over. Once she saw my stunning brown eyes that was it! I had my forever home. I was given to the shelter after my old owners decided that they didn't want to bring me with them when they moved. I was brought in with my "wife" and two "children" I had been there for a bit but my family got adopted very fast. My old owners took very poor care of me and my hair had been terribly matted where they had to shave me down almost all the way and I was terribly underweight. I was also not treated right in my old home and had some fear aggression issues that mom has since worked with me on and I no longer have that issue.

RB: How did you get your forever name?
Murphy: My name was formally Herby but my mom heard the name Murphy on a pet tv show and loved it. She called me the name and I came hopping. I was her Murph-Man from that day on!

RB: You live in Kansas. Most of us know about Dorothy and her dog. What is it like there?
Murphy: BOL. Well a lot of people say it is boring but mom simply loves it here it is the only home she has ever known. The weather is great (most the time) and we experience every type here. It is just an amazing place to live and a perfect place for us dogs (:

RB: You are a Lhasa/poodle mix. Is that a rare?
Murphy: Well actually I am bassa-lasha-poo (basst +lasha apso +poodle) And mom says I am pretty rare but I think I am just an average little mutt who likes long hops around the yard and eating noodles all night. Hehe.

RB: You live with Josh. How is it to share your house with other pups?
Murphy: It is great! He is my best buddy and we do everything together! He also helped me trust new people and come over my aggression.

RB: What is your favorite activity?
Murphy: Being with mommy and playing with my brother! Oh and going for walks & car rides!

RB: Tell us about a special incident in your life.
Murphy: Other then the day I came to my forever home It was probably when I met my brother Josh. At the time I only got along with two other dogs and one was bigger then me & the other was a female. Then about 2 months after coming home mom’s grandpa brought by his dog (who was a year old also and very social with everybody) Josh who he had raised from a puppy. Josh was very friendly like normal but I didn’t care, I was my grumpy unsocial self with him. But he was just so happy & loving and after 20 minutes we where playing like mom had never seen me play before! The six months after mom adopting me her grandpa moved into an apartment & Joshy came to live with us! From that day on my behavior did a three-sixty. I started to learn to not e afraid of new people because Josh trusted everybody and even though I still don’t like a lot of other dogs Josh taught me to act a little better around them and to put up with them. After adopting Josh into the home my aggression almost completely vanished and she could tell how much happier I was and now five years later I am a social and goofy little pup and life is gooooooooooooood!!

RB: Anything else you would like to add for our readers?
Murphy: Yes! Thank you to all my sweet plus fun pals you guys rock! And please remeber to spay/nueter and adopt from your local shelter. Oh and one last thing: "Raja Babu: Forever & always in our hearts" love you man!

-Murph Man


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