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Summer 08

October 29th 2008 1:26 pm
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Hello everypup! Boy howdy, what a great summer. Mom took me (along w/Dad and cousin Alex from England) to Jamaica Beach on Galveston Island for a week in August! We had the coolest house, right on the beach! I had loads of fun running on the beach and chasing birds. And of course my favorite: taking a nap with dad. I got to explore the deck and bark at the deputy-sherrif when he was on patrol, he even had a doggie treat in his pocket! Of course after that he was my best friend!

In September, Hurrican Ike hit my beautiful city of Houston. The storm came in the wee hours and was it ever noisy! I thought the trees would come through our windows. The next morning, the neighborhood was such a mess. Luckily we had no damage to our townhouse and neither did our neighbors. A couple of the trees did break or fall and the bayou crested the banks, flooding the tennis courts. Mom was concerned for the ducks that live on the lake so I went with her and we counted "heads" to make sure all were present (yay, all of them survived!). We went without electricity for 9 days! It was like a big camping trip: candles & flashlights, cooking on the grill, sleeping with the windows open (unheard of in Houston most of the year) and all of the ice chests refilled daily thanks to kind friends and neighbors. People from all over the nation came to help us and I would like to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH"! We had crews for electricity, tree & salvage services, etc. all over our city helping us. Considering 97% of Houston lost power and we lost 25% of our trees it was incredible that everything looked pretty normal within 2 weeks.

Now fall is here, the weather has cooled off and I am so ready for the Holidays! Bring it on!


Happy New Year!

January 3rd 2008 9:06 am
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Boy howdy, what a FUN December I had! Actually, what a fun year! I forgot to tell everyone about my vacation to Galveston in August! Mom found a beach house that let good doggies like me stay. We stayed a whole week. Mom's niece (Alex) from the U.K. was visiting so she thought it would be fun to rent a place on the beach. And you know what? It was FUN! Even Henry joined us for a few days and we grilled burgers, took lots of walks and I even got to get my paws wet in the ocean. Of course the bath after running on the beach was horrible but that's what happens when you roll in the sand! Mom needs to post my Galveston vacation photos, I must admit I look pretty adorable. The holidays were a blast! We celebrate Chanukkah and Christmas so it was a month of festivities with plenty of visitors. Henry's family came over for Chanukkah and I made sure I helped everyone unwrap their presents. Then I got to do the same for Christmas! I got some cool new toys and of course they are my favorites right now. Mom and Henry took the week off and spents lots of time with me. We had a day where we laid on the couch and watched movies. I really liked it because I got to cuddle under the blanket w/mom or Henry (whoever's lap was available). I am one lucky dog! I hope all my pals and other pups on Dogster have the best year ever! Love to everypuppy!


The BIG House

October 22nd 2007 7:33 pm
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Ooooooooh too cool, mom and I moved into Henry's HUGE townhouse! I have tons of room to run around and a bunch of new sniffin's to keep me occupied. AND the best part is I get to be with Henry more often. I just adore him and he is so nice to me......sneaking me treats (shhh don't tell mom) and taking me for extra long walks. Plus all of the extra belly rubs and attention. He has been trying to teach me a new trick where I put my paw on his nose when I climb up on him to give him huggles. Not quite there but most of the time I get it right. :o) I am one happy dog!


Diet? What's That?

May 12th 2007 7:44 am
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Mom took me to the dreaded VET today to get my nails clipped and to purchase some heartworm preventative medication. My patient file at the VET has a warning on it because in the past I haven't behaved very well. So I got to wear a "party hat" (muzzle) but I showed them by being the best pup EVER! Everyone was amazed and congratulated me on my good behavior. I also got weighed and gained a pound (1.5 actually) so I am on a diet. What is that? I guess I will find out. I hope this doesn't have anything to do with mom's boyfriend feeding me cheese! I just LOVE CHEESE! I do a special cheese dance for Henry to get extra. Mom says we are going to his house later and he's going to grill us some fajita's. Yum, my mouth is watering....... I wonder if he has cheese at his house? Hmmmm.......


Happy New Year

January 6th 2007 12:09 pm
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Boy howdy, was it ever an exciting and FUN holiday! Mom's sister and niece visited from England. My cousin Alexandra is so much fun! I got to spend lots of time with her and got lots of affection (not to mention some extra treats). Mom even let me stay at Grammy's for a couple of days. Talk about non-stop partying, I had such a howlin' good time! I hope all of my pup pals and their families had a Grrrreat Holiday and I hope everyone's New Year wishes come true. Be safe and woof at ya later.........


You'll be missed

November 22nd 2006 9:54 am
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I write this with a very heavy heart. My pup pal Madeline was struck by a car on Monday, November 20th and was killed instantly. My thoughts and pup prayers are with her human family during this time. I will miss you Mattie! Aa-woo, Aa-a-woooooooooooooo! :o(


A visit to Grammy's

November 4th 2006 7:24 am
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Oh boy! Mom told me that we are going to Grammy's! I just love it there. This is the best day EVER! I can't wait! Mom of course just had to take a shower first, so I nosed the door open and got up on the side of the tub to hurry her up. Boy howdy was that a mistake, she washed my face! So I ran to the living room and wiped my face dry on the couch. Uh, I hope she doesn't notice...OK maybe if I dragged this pillow down...yeah that covers it up. Oh, here she comes....better hide!


Happy Day!

October 16th 2006 3:25 pm
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Oh wow! It rained all night and day flooding most of the city. The good thing is that mom stayed home with me today (plus she wasn't feeling well) so it was the best day ever! AND today is my 8th birthday! So I got some extra hugs, kisses, treats and a massage. Spent most of the day sleeping while being cradled by mom. I just love days where we do nothing but eat & sleep. With it raining like crazy outside, it was nice & cozy inside. I hope today never ends!


Lazy Dayz

October 5th 2006 2:52 pm
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Oh man, it is ever HOT in Houston. It is still in the 90's! I am so glad that I am an indoor dog, even though I like to hang out on the patio at night with mom. I have been having the best time ever lately because mom has been spending lots of time with me. I just love it when she gives me head scritches! Oh and when I get my ears rubbed! And don't forget the shoulder and back massage! Now it just needs to COOL OFF! Ack, I'm panting like a dawg after 2 minutes outside. Who would've thunk?


Oh Boy!

August 27th 2006 5:50 pm
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Mom attended a 3 day seminar so I got to go to Grammy's! Boy howdy, was it fun! I had the best time ever! I got to play w/my cousin (from the UK) Johnny and hang out w/my Auntie Sachi. Grammy was there, giving me goodies all the time. It was fun playing with Johnny and sitting on Auntie Sachi's lap. But I got scared when Johnny cried because he got his finger stuck in the car door! Boy did he cry. To make him feel better I gave him lots 0f kisses. Mom dropped by Grammy's today to pick me up and visit everyone. I am sad because Auntie Sachi & Johnny are leaving tomorrow. I will miss them so much! I love you Aunti Sachi & Johnny! :(

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