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The World according to Hulk

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The Monsters woke up!

June 20th 2006 12:11 pm
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Barks and Butt-Sniffs to all!

Well, the grass grew pretty tall in the yard, so Dad pushed the GRASS EATING MONSTER out of the shed, and pulled his tail a few times and woke him up. Ohhhh, that monster was angry---you should have heard him roar!! But Dad wasn't intimidated by that roaring--he just pushed that monster around and made him eat the tall grass! Then Dad woke up the DIRT-DIGGING MONSTER! Ohhh, he gave out a mighty roar, too, but dad made him dig the garden site up. Now Dad and I can plant the garden. Dad says it is a little late to plant, but most of the veggies will have time to grow up before the frost comes.

Maybe I should bark a true story about Dad's old dog, Zeke: When Dad first moved here in 1987, he got a terrier/collie named Zeke. Dad's late wife, Judy was with him then, and they planted a BIG garden. After the ground was ready for planting, when they were marking the rows, Dad would put a stake in the ground, tie the string on Zeke's collar. Then Judy would call Zeke, who would bring the string to her. She would pull the string tight and tie it to a stake to a stake in the ground on her side of the garden. Then she would tie the string to Zeke's collar agan---Dad would call him and mark the next row with the string-----so on, until all the rows were marked! Dad says it saved him a lot of walking, and it made Zeke proud to have helped! The garden is much smaller now that Judy's gone, and since Dad has no human helper, I can't do that job. But I still stand there and make sure he does everything right!

(the incredible) Hulk


Still stayin' home

June 11th 2006 10:44 am
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I am being abused!! Dad still is working for the new neighbor---she keeps finding more jobs for him to do. And I am STILL STAYING HOME! Ohhhh, every day I sit at the gate, looking down the driveway--and cry and howl--ALL DAY LONG, until Dad comes home. He is only gone for about four hours a day, because he can't leave Grandma for much longer than that. I have to stay home because I would get in a fight with the rottweiler that lives there.

When it rains, I am happy because Dad doesn't go to work! So I pray for rain every day!



Stayin' Home

May 16th 2006 7:35 am
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Aaawooooooo!! So sad!!! Dad is working for a new neighbor, doing some carpentry work. They have a bunch of dogs, and their yard is not fenced in, and Dad thinks that I would probably get in a fight, or go exploring--(he's right on both assumptions)-- so I have had to stay home for two days, now! He thinks the job will last about a week! Ooooohh, how can I endure? Dad leaves, taking MY truck, and I can't go?? I said I would sit in the truck, if only I could go, but Dad said it is too hot to sit in the truck. For two days now, I have sat at the gate, looking down the driveway, waiting for Dad to come home. How can I protect him when he has left me home? Aaawooo!!

Sad and abused,


Baked Beans

April 23rd 2006 3:30 pm
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Barks and slobbers from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, today Dad and I made Baked Beans. We used my secret recipe--I've only shared it with Dad--and he's not telling anybody!

It looks like spring is here--the snow is gone from our yard. Dad and I cut another load of firewood. This time we got it off our own land. We cut the trees down a year ago and let them dry until now.

That's about all the news for now---more later!

Your pal,


Back to work

April 22nd 2006 11:28 am
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Woofs and Butt-sniffs from (the incredible) Hulk!

I want to bark the news about my job: The snow has almost all melted now, so I decided to go cut some fire wood. I always let Dad help me, so I told him to load the log-biting monster in the back of Truck, the blue and white monster that goes with us to carry our wood home; and we headed out into the forest, and let the log-biter bite some logs into short pieces. I watched closely while Dad stacked them in the back of Truck; then we came home. I let Dad unload the wood while I rested in my secret place behind Grandma's stove. It seemed good to get back to work after the long winter!



Buried Treasure

March 29th 2006 10:55 am
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Well, guess what???????? I had a special surprise yesterday, thanks to Dad's forgetfulness! Chewy and Emma (the cats) keep their food dish and their litterbox in a wire mesh cage. They have a small door that we dogs can't fit through, and in the top is an access so Dad can feed them and work in their litterbox.

Well, yesterday, Dad forgot to close the top of the cage. I always watch while he feeds the cats, and when he walked away and I noticed he forgot to close the top---------aaawoooo!! I was so excited!! First I ate all the cat's food, and then I checked the litterbox and found BURIED TREASURE! I was digging and eating as fast as I could, when Dad looked over and noticed. When he rushed over and made me quit, it was too late. I had already eaten it all!

I wonder why he was so disgusted--he just wastes all that treasure; he doesn't even eat it!



The Groundhog, Breanna's ear and poop-sicles

February 28th 2006 10:43 am
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Tail wags and slobbers to all!

It has been a while since Dad has let me use the computer, as a result I haven't written lately.

I will start out by barking the news about Breanna's ear getting caught in Dad's zipper. (No, not THAT zipper!) First some background info to set the scene: If you have read all my earlier entries, you know that I allow Dad and Breanna to sleep with me, in my bed. (Well, Dad thinks its his bed but it really is mine.) Breanna sleeps under the covers, at the foot, while I own the spot at the top, next to Dad.

Several times each night Breanna feels the need to stand up, turn in circles and shake. It is necessary for me to get up about once every hour to run, barking fiercely, along the fence line, to make sure there are no intruders coming. As a result, the blankets get drug off the bed several times each night. Well, Dad decided to put his sleeping bag on the bed, under the covers so he doesn't get cold.

The other night, Breanna was in her spot on the bed, and when Dad zipped his sleeping bag, her ear got caught! Ooohhh, it was so funny! She let out a blood-curdling scream, leaped off the bed, and with the blankets trailing behind, headed out the doggie-door and down to Grandma's house, where she spent the night in my place behind the stove! Dad says that the only other person he has ever heard that can scream that loud is a baby pig!

It has been almost a month since the groundhog came out of his burrow. It was a sunny day, so when he looked around, he saw his shadow. Well, that frightened him so badly that he jumped back into his hole. As a result we are having six more weeks of winter! We have had some sub-zero weather. (That's fahrenheit, not centegrade!) I like the cold weather, though, because sometimes I can find a poop-sicle! I always have to stay outside in the cold to eat it, though, because when I bring one inside so I can enjoy it in the warmth, Dad always takes it away from me and throws it away! Poop-sicles are getting scarce around here, because all to often, Dad grabs the shovel and walks around the yard, looking for them. When he finds one, he scoops it up and throws it over the fence! Thats all for now.

Your pal,
(the incredible) Hulk


Poor Grandma!

January 16th 2006 9:09 am
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Aaaawoooo! I wanted to bark the news about what happened to poor Grandma!

Last Wednesday, early in the morning, her nose started to bleed profusely. She spent an hour trying to make it stop, and then finally pushed the panic button to call Dad and me. We rushed down to Grandma's house and Dad did everything he knew how to do, but couldn't make the bleeding stop. Ohhhh, I was so worried! Finally Dad called the duty nurse at the hospital E.R. After her suggestions didn't stop the bleeding, we decided to call the ambulance to take her to the hospital.

We live in a remote area, where we have a lot of snow. We can't get my car up our steep driveway--Dad parks it down below, and we walk up, or shuttle up and down with my truck, which has 4 wheel drive. Well, dad didn't think he could lift Grandma into the truck because it is high off the ground so he couldn't take her down the driveway.

The ambulance couldn't get up the hill, so the crew walked the rest of the way. They decided to load Grandma in my truck, so Dad could take her down to where the ambulance was waiting.

So it all ended well. At the hospital, they were able to stop the bleeding. Grandma's nose had been pouring blood for 4 hours, and she had to have 3 pints of blood! She is home now, and feels pretty good.



Sandy Claws came!

December 25th 2005 3:31 pm
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Tail wags from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, I will bark the good news to you: Sandy Claws forgave Vixen and me for the times we ran away! He came last night, after all.

I didn't get everything I wanted, but at least I wanted everything I got! I got a lot of treats, including a bag of smoked pig ears! Breanna got two new squeaky toys and Vixen got some good things to eat.

Mark and Julie came over for dinner, and We all begged some bites of everything. It was a good Christmas.

We hope all our Dogster pals Had a good Christmas!



The computer was sick

December 23rd 2005 9:53 am
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Well, Tail wags from Beautiful Downtown Chesaw! This is THE INCREDIBLE HULK, finally on line again.

The computer went crazy again, and had to go to the shop for a new hard drive and a new modem. I overheard Dad tell Julie that it has 120 giggling bites. I stood beside it for a long time and didn't hear it giggle even once! I wonder if I should bite it 120 times, t0 see if it giggles.

We have about 12 inches of snow on the ground, and the temperature was below zero for two weeks. (That's zero degrees fahrenheit; about minus 15 centagrade). It has warmed up to just above freezing yesterday and today. The warm weather feels good, but the snow packed on our driveway is starting to turn slushy. When it freezes again, it will be a sheet of ice, and our car won't be able to come up--We will have to park down on the side o f the road.

Well, it is almost time for Sandy Claws to come. I hope he doesn't remember all the times Vixen and I ran away--if he does, he may not bring us anything!

I have to give the computer back to Dad so he can work at catching up on our Email.


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