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The World according to Hulk

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The Groundhog

February 3rd 2007 2:22 pm
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Greetings from the frozen north, that is doomed to remain frozen for six more weeks, thanks to that darn groundhog! He came out of his hole again this year and saw his shadow, and ran back down! I was hoping for a cloudy day, but the sun was bright.

We are all getting tired of winter---the only thing I am not tired of is the poop-sicles! But they are pretty scarce this winter, because for some reason, Dad is especially vigilant. He walks around the yard every day or two, picking up the poop-sicles and throwing them away. We have a very big yard, though, about four acres fenced in, so there are lots of places to hide the poop, while I wait for it to freeze.

My Christmas bone came in half when I chewed all the tendons at the joint, and Dad said I had to let Breanna have half. I still take hers away from her whenever I get a chance, but she runs and tells Dad, and he makes me give it back.

Your pal,


My bone, Winter, the new monster and Dad's ribs

January 14th 2007 12:44 pm
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Greetings from our frozen mountainside!
Well, my Christmas bone is getting smaller. It is still too big for me to get through the doggy door, so I have to chew it outside. Sometimes when I go out to chew on it, I discover it is missing! When that happens, I always go look in Vixen's hiding place, and it is always there. Sometimes she is there too, still chewing on it. Then we end up in a big argument, which I always win--and I take my bone back to where I like to work on it.

Winter is still raging--temperatures have been dropping to below zero---that's fahrenheit, not centegrade. We have two feet of snow on the ground.

Dad and I went to Wal Mart and bought a new monster to replace the old one that passed away. I don't like it very much--it is too scary for my taste! When Dad pulls it's tail, it wakes up with a terrible roar; then, with Dad following behind, it walks along grabbing mouthfulls of snow and spitting it way off to the side! I always go in the house and watch out the window!

Dad's broken ribs still are not completely healed, but they are a lot better than they were at first. He can do most things now, with only a little pain. We still haven't worked on my truck--one of the things we have to do involves opening the truck's mouth, and then Dad has to work in there. It hurts Dad's ribs to lie across the fender, so we haven't done it yet.

Your pal,
(the incredible) Hulk


Sandy Claws came!

December 25th 2006 1:00 pm
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Barks and tail wags from the frozen north!

It has been a long time since Dad has let me use the computer, because of the magic Dad calls SOLAR POWER. The days are so short, and since the sun doesn't shine on our solar panels, there isn't very much magic. Whenever we use our electricity, Dad has to go out to the little shed where that monster lives, and wake him up. Ohhh, that monster hates to wake up---he roars in complaint, but he gives us some electricity. Dad says it costs too much to feed him, though, with the cost of gasoline so high, he drinks about $1 every hour. So our computer time is strictly limited!

Well, Sandy Claws came last night. He didn't leave us any stuffed toys, because Breanna just tears them up. But he left a lot of treats!

Mark and Julie gave me a giant bone---I mean a REALLY BIG one! Dad said it weighs 30 pounds! I am going to try to upload it to my pictures, so if you want to see it, it should be there.

We had a catastrophy a few weeks ago. My truck fell off the mountain! We went over a 30 foot bank! Ohhhh, that was scary! I got bounced around a lot, but didn't get hurt. Dad suffered three broken ribs! A wrecker came up and winched the poor truck up to the road and put it in the driveway. It is a pretty sad looking truck. We haven't been able to work on it yet, because Dad hasn't felt like it.

Well, gotta go---hope everybody has a nice Christmas!

Yoyur pal,

Well, Sandy Claws came again last night


Thanksgiving, and the day after

November 24th 2006 2:36 pm
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Barks, tail wags and butt-sniffs from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, Thanksgiving is over, and mine was pretty good; just like last year, Dad, Grandma and I went to Mark and Julie's----and, just like last year, I was taking my turn in the crate when dinner was being eaten. Dad brought some turkey, some dressing and some potatoes and gravy to me, and that was good, but I missed out on the begging, and that is half the fun! I also got to pre-wash Dad's plate--and that was also good. So Thanksgiving was mostly good.

Today, the day after Thanksgiving, was also good. Breanna, Vixen and I got to share the left over dressing-----and best of all, Grandma dropped a WHOLE PIECE of mincemeat pie on the floor! Boy was that exciting! I was the first one there, and got to eat it all!

I hope everybody had an equally enjoyable Thanksgiving!

Your Pal,



October 29th 2006 11:11 am
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Well, we woke up to snow this morning! Not very much, and it seems to be melting off. Chewy (my feline brother) isn't very enthused with it--neither is his sister, Emma. This is the first time they have been allowed to go out in the snow. Last winter they could only look out the window at it.

Well, school is all over with. Everybody said that I was the smartest dog there. Well, I was the only one who already was obedience trained. All I needed was some practice, and I needed to be around strangers---Dad said my manners were not good. I did pretty well with that, too.

Your pal,
(the incredible) Hulk



October 17th 2006 10:39 am
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Well, guess what??????? Dad and I are going to SCHOOL again! Dad received a phone call from the lady in charge of the community school in Oroville, asking if we would like to enroll in the obedience class. She said that they needed one more dog/person team to make the class. I have already been trained in obedience, but Dad thinks I need a "tune-up", and he said I definitely need more exposure to strangers, both dogs and humans, so we agreed to go. Besides, Dad and I both enjoy things like that.

So we started school---tomorrow will be our third day. It is all old stuff to me, so I am way ahead of my classmates. It is fun to watch them struggle to learn the commands that I am already so good at!

But I am also learning something else. Grandma is having such a mobility problem that Dad is training me to be an assistance dog to her! It is hard to learn things like picking up stuff that she drops, and Dad said that I will have to learn to open doors for her. The main thing I have been learning so far is to be polite in a store. We have gone to Wal-Mart three times so far, and I will tell you that it is awesome there. The first time through, Dad let me look at everything and to sniff around, just to satisfy my curiosity. Now I am not allowed to sniff things, and I have to pay undivided attention to my person. I am doing pretty well, but I keep forgetting when we go down the isle in the pet department! It is hard to ignore those wonderful smells!

When Dad puts my service dog vest on me, I get excited because I know that it means another wonderful adventure. I have a patch on my vest that says I am working, and please don't pet me---but I still get a lot of attention! I just hope I don't have to learn to pull the wheelchair---that seems like a lot of hard work!

I will let you know how things progress.

Your pal,


Aunt Bonnie's visit

August 17th 2006 8:47 pm
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Well, guess what??? Aunt Bonnie came to visit for a few days. She is the one who won't let Breanna and me come into her stupid house. We have to stay in the yard or in the car when Dad takes Grandma over to drop her off to visit Aunt Bonnie. So she was very fortunate that I let her come in our house, instead of making her stay outside.

Things were going along okay until bed time came. What do you think Ol' Aunt Bonnie did??? She took Dad's and Breanna's and My bed! We had just finished building our new bedroom onto Grandma's house so Grandma wouldn't be alone nights. Well, while Aunt Bonnie was here, we had to sleep in our old cabin---the one we just moved out of! Boy, was I glad to see Aunt Bonnie leave!



Please Vote!

August 13th 2006 10:26 am
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Well, guess what? I entered a photo contest! But the bad thing is, I am behind in the votes 119 to 0! I am hoping all my pals will log on to then click PHOTO CONTEST, then VOTE! Vote for me, I hope. The pictures are in alphabetical order--I am listed under the Ts--for "the incredible Hulk". My "Neice", Britches is also entered--her picture is under the fs, for "fun in the sun" I was a gentleman and voted for her, instead of voting for myself, but I think she voted for herself, and not for me!

Your pal,


Vixen's Blanket

July 19th 2006 3:39 pm
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Butt-sniffs and slobbers from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, yesterday Dad sat on the couch--(Vixen's Bed). He sat there for a minute, then exclaimed *********(censored)!! This blanket stinks!! He jumped up, grabbed Vixen's blanket off the couch, took it away and washed it! Aaawoooo! was Vixen ever disgusted! She said it took her a long time to get her blanket smelling just right, then Dad ruined it! She wouldn't get on the couch--laid on the floor, instead! Today she decided to get on the couch--she is starting all over to make the blanket smell nice. Poor Vixen!



Oh, poor me!

July 10th 2006 1:50 pm
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Thunder and lightning and rain, (oh, my!) Thunder and lightning and HAIL, (oh, my!!)

Ohhh, What a horrible night I put in! I was sleeping peacefully, dreaming happy dreams when, olliver sudden----ohmygod!!! First came LIGHTNING, then THUNDER! I almost jumped out of my skin! To make things even worse, it started to HAIL! Ohhh, you should have heard it on the metal roof! And it kept thundering and lightning---after a while, the hail stopped, but then rain started pounding on the roof.

Well, I jumped in bed with Dad and Breanna--(just last week, I moved out of Dad's bed and onto the spare bed, where I have more room.) Well, I pushed as close to Dad as I could get--he ended up pressed against the wall. I was trembling so hard, Dad said the bed was shaking. It was like an earthquake, he said. Well, nobody got any sleep until after the storm was over, then it was almost time to get up!

I pride myself on being very brave-----but even bravery has limits!

(The not-so-incredibly-brave) Hulk

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