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The World according to Hulk

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My bad mood.

October 15th 2007 11:18 am
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It is no wonder I am in a rotten mood today. It is MY BIRTHDAY, and everybody forgot! Everybody except DOGSTER, that is. Thank you, Dogster, for the birthday greeting! That served as a reminder to Dad and Grandma.

I am going to make them suffer with guilt for a while before I forgive them. It serves them right. I don't even get to have a party this year. Ohhhh, what a poor neglected dog I am!

Dad did decide to let me go to Julie's with him this afternoon, though, even though it is Breanna's turn, so that is one good thing.

It is deer season again, and hunters are swarming all over the forest, and driving up and down the road all day and half the night. Vixen, Breanna and I are all hoarse from barking.

It has been sunny weather lately, but cold, with frost covering the ground almost every morning. Dad and I are expecting snow any time, now.

Well, I have to get busy, there are hunters to bark at, and I have to help Breanna and Vixen.

Your pal,.
(the incredible) Hulk


The MONSTER came back!

September 14th 2007 2:23 pm
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Greetings from Beautiful Downtown Chesaw!

Well, guess what?????????? Remember the monster that came during the winter of 2005? The one who had captured a man, and was making him ride on his back while the monster pushed my snow around with his one big square tooth? Well, he came back! He had captured another man, and was making him ride on his back. This man was pushing and pulling strange appendages that were growing out of the monster's back, just like the other man did.

This time he was pushing the dirt around in the driveway with that big tooth. He was making the same scary noise that he did before.

Ohhhh, how we worked to try to scare him away! We all ran up and down the fence, barking as loud as we could. This time the man got away. The monster fell asleep at the top of the driveway, and the man escaped. He came in and to celebrate his new found freedom, he and Dad sat down and drank a beer.

But he wasn't to be free for long---------he walked back out the gate, and the monster captured him again! We all barked fiercely as the monster carried that poor man away!



The Barber

September 12th 2007 2:30 pm
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Woofs and slobbers to all, from (the incredible) Hulk!

Dad and I went to town yesterday, and I made a new friend! He is a barber. Dad needed a haircut----we got to the barber shop early, Chuck (the barber) wasn't open yet, but he was at his shop, eating lunch. He let us come in, and guess what? He shared his lunch with me! I was very good, took my bites like a gentleman. Dad said he was proud of me.

We also went to the dump. I have never been there before. The dump is a very exciting place. Dad had a lot of stuff in the back of the truck, and he threw it down where some other stuff was. Two other humans came in their truck and started throwing stuff out, too. I barked at them, because they were too close to MY truck.

We have been having hot weather during the days, but it has been getting cold at night. We haven't had any morning frost yet, but dad is expecting it any time, now. It won't be long until I can start harvesting POOP-SICLES again. I can hardly wait!



Vacation's over

August 27th 2007 3:49 pm
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Barks and Butt-sniffs to all!

Well, We are home again. Our camping trip went well, except for one terrible occurance. I will bark to you about that, first: Our campsite was next to a very steep bank, at least 30 feet deep, at the bottom of which flowed a creek. We could look down and see children and dogs playing on a large gravel bar on the other side of the creek.

Dad and I announced to the others that we were going to find an easy access to the creek, so we could play there too. We walked quite a distance upstream and finally found a way down the bank, which was only a few feet deep at that point. In order to cross the creek, we walked on a large log. then we made our way downstream and had a fine time playing on the gravel bar. Charlene took pictures using her telephoto lens, so I will be able to put them in my picture album later.

When Dad and I decided it was time to return to camp, he decided to cross on a much smaller log that was just downstream from where we were at the time, then make our way to where there was an easy way to reach the top. Well, Dad walked that little log just fine, but I got to the middle and fell off into water that was OVER MY HEAD! Aaaawooooo!!! It has always been my thought that water was for drinking, and for wading in, but only as deep as my ankles. Certainly not for falling into! Ohhhh, what a terrible experience. I can't swim, and just sank to the bottom, but I was on leash, so Dad pulled me to shore.

The rest of the camping trip was just fine, I had great treats, and made some new friends. There was a very small person that showed up---Dad said he was called a toddler. Well, I had never seen such a small person before. Dad said he threw tantrums, and put me in my crate so he wouldn't throw any at me. I don't know what a tantrum is, but I doubt that they are edible, so I don't want them thrown at me. I was happy to be in my crate while the small person was there.

Your pal, Hulk


My new (old) truck

August 3rd 2007 3:48 pm
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Barks and tail wags from THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

Well, I have good news. My old truck.............the one that fell off the mountain last winter..............was pretty unsafe to drive, Dad said, so he got me a new old truck. He got it from Julie. They were using it to haul away some trash from Julie's, and now that that is done, Dad will be bringing it home tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

I got to go grocery shopping with Dad and Grandma today. Dad bought chicken from KFC for their lunch, and went to Burger King for a hamburger for me. After I ate MY lunch, I begged for bites of theirs. I never get the bones, but I did get all the gristle and some bites of skin. So it was a really good day for me!

Our weather has been really hot lately. It got up to 100 one day last week, and has been in the 90s since then.

We are planning a camping trip for later this month. We are going to Baker Lake. I have never been there, and can hardly wait. I am practicing being good, so Dad will be proud of me. I was very good on our camping trip last month. I am hoping Dad and Grandma catch some fish. They didn't catch any last month, but I got to sniff the ones that somebody else caught. I am planning for Dad to take pictures, and will share them when we get back.

Gotta go, woofs to all!


The Cat Came Back!

May 22nd 2007 11:51 am
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Well, guess what? Remember that darn cat that got the better of me? The one that squirted me with the awful smelling stuff? Well, he came back three nights ago. It was 1:30 AM, and all was peaceful and quiet. We were all sleeping, when I sensed an intruder.

I sounded an alarm, and Breanna, Vixen and I ran out to check, and there he was again. Well, we ran toward him, hoping to chase him away, but instead of running, he squirted all three of us! I got squirted worse than the others, He got me right in the face! Ooohhhhhhh, I was frothing at the mouth, and nearly blind!

I could see well enough to run in and jump in bed with Dad and so did Breanna. Dad's reaction was about the same as before, except he didn't lock us outside this time. He kept wiping the slobber from my mouth, and he cleaned out my eyes. The next morning he mixed up some solution like he did last time, and de-skunked us. The house still stinks, and the blankets are hanging on the clothes line to air out.

Your Pal,


No Lion, No Tiger, just BEAR (oh, my!)

May 18th 2007 3:17 pm
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Barks and Slobbers to everybody from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, we had some excitement Wednesday evening! Dad, Breanna and I had just settled in our bed when, olliver sudden, I sensed an INTRUDER! Well, I jumped out of bed, barked at Breanna and Vixen to follow me............We rushed out through the doggie door and guess what we discovered? A BEAR! He was just outside the fence, looking in. We all rushed over to the fence, barking our fiercest, trying to scare him away, but he wouldn't leave! Breanna rushed back into the house to tell Dad.

Well, Dad came out and when he saw the bear, he went back in and got his gun. He shot (not trying to hit the bear, just trying to scare him away). He shot ten times, hitting the ground all around him, before the bear finally left.

He came back the next morning, but we haven't seen him since then. He was pretty scary, but we were very brave and didn't run and hide, instead we stood there at the fence trying to make him feel unwelcome and leave.

Dad said we need a lot of things around here, but a bear hanging around is not one of them!

Your pal,


Good news, Bad news and Worse news

May 13th 2007 1:58 pm
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Barks and Butt-sniffs from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, let me start off with the GOOD NEWS! Dad, Breanna and I got to be in the May Festival Parade in Oroville yesterday! Mark and Julie, along with Flash andAmber also participated. We got to march with the HAPPY TAILS DOG GROOMING group. Colleen, the operator of the grooming business, also is the teacher of the obedience school. I am an alumnus of last year's class, and Breanna is attending this year. I love parades! Dad didn't make us wear costumes this year, just bandannas. That is even better, as I don't much like the costumes.

I had to go to see Doctor Cody, who said I had I had impacted anal glands, so he poked around in my exhaust pipe to take care of the problem. I didn't like that very much, but the BAD NEWS is that I weigh just under 108 pounds, so Dad has put me on a DIET! Ohhhh, how I hate that. He said that I have to lose at least 8 pounds! Oh, woe is me!

But the WORST NEWS OF ALL is that Chewbacca has disappeared! He has been gone for about two months, now. He was always going hunting in the forest that adjoins our yard, and Dad thinks a coyote or maybe a cougar ate him! We are really sad. Aaawooooo!

Other news: Dad and I have been working on firewood. My poor old truck has held together so far, long enough to haul three loads. The frame is bent and twisted from when it fell off the mountain last looks pretty funny, twisted all out of shape and full of dents, and it makes obscene noises, but so far, it has been like the ENERGIZER BUNNY or maybe a TIMEX WATCH. It took a licking and kept on ticking and ticking.......and ticking!

Dad, Grandma, Aunt Bonnie Uncle Edo and I are going on a camping trip next month at a lake not far from here. Aunt Bonnie rented two cabins for us as a Mother's Day gift for Grandma. I can hardly wait. I won't get to fish, but I will get to go out in the boat with the others and watch the fish getting caught. That will be exciting.

Your pal,


I am a hero!

April 1st 2007 7:44 am
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Tail wags and Slobbers from the not-so-frozen-north! Our snow is almost gone from our yard............just a few patches left. The nights are still cool, below freezing, but it has been warming up to the low 60s during the day.

Dad and I worked on my truck---got it started and drove it up into the yard, where we can check it over and repair anything that was damaged when it fell off the mountain.

Well, I was a genuine HERO! Dad was out working in the yard, and Grandma fell down! I rushed over to see what she was doing on the floor----she told me to go get dad. Well, I ran as fast as I could, out the doggy door and over to where Dad was working, and told him Grandma needed help. So he went in and picked her up off the floor. I was pretty proud and happy because I got a lot of praise and attention.

Breanna is scheduled to go to school in May. Dad and I went last fall, and now it is Bree's turn. I wish I could go again.

Your pal,
(the incredible) Hulk


Is It Spring Yet?

March 19th 2007 9:47 am
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Well, tail-wags to everybody fro Beautiful Downtown Chesaw!

We have been having warm weather lately--in the 40s and50s...that's fahrenheit, not centegrade. Much of the snow has melted, we even have a few bare spots, where the sun shines the most. The driveway is still iced up and my truck is still buried in snow. Dad and I plan to dig it out and try to get up the hill to get some firewood.

Dad's broken ribs are healed now, and he is ready to go back to work. We have a lot of firewood orders, and have a job coming up thinning trees in a few weeks.

Nothing else to report so I will sign off;

Your pal, (the incredible) Hulk

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