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The World according to Hulk

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July 10th 2008 2:00 pm
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Well, GUESS WHAT??? I finally discovered where THUNDER comes from! That terrible scary sound that frightens even ME!! It is the barking of HOLLOW STICKS!! Yes, it is true.

Dad had company----and they put some cans on a stump----then they got out a hollow stick. It had an unusual smell; sort of like oil and rotten eggs. Then they held the stick to to their shoulders, and olliver sudden the stick let out a loud bark---a thunder noise. It was so loud that the cans started falling off the stump!

Well, I am as brave as can be, but it was too scary even for me. I couldn't help myself--------I had to run and hide! Dad wasn't afraid, though. That stick let out one thunderous bark after another, but Dad never did run and hide.

I thought I should share this information, in case any of my friends were wondering where thunder comes from

Your pal, Hulk



July 7th 2008 7:15 am
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Sometimes our owners go through a stubborn phase, which can make successful begging a challenge. I, being an expert begger, will share some techniques that almost always work for me:

SAD EYES: It works! Practice the sad stare until you have it down pat, then add THE CANINE STATUE TECHNIQUE. Practice sitting very still, nothing must move except your (sad) eyes, which should follow each bite the human takes, from the plate to the mouth. Always perform this technique within direct sight of the human. You should be positioned in such a way that it is very difficult to avoid looking at you. If you can find a spot in view of two humans, so much the better---this doubles your chances of success. You should practice SLOBBERING, because that is a very effective technique to add to SAD EYES and STATUE. You need to practice until you can maintain a good long slobber. Some dogs can almost reach the floor with their slobbers.

Some owners have formed the habit of, during meal times, banishing us to our crates, another room, or, worst of all-- outside. This makes successful begging difficult, but not impossible. Vocalizing will often work: Start with a pitiful whine. Skip this step if the human is hard of hearing, and go directly to the next step: THE FULL BLOWN CRYING TECHNIQUE. This is similar to the whine, but louder, much louder. If you still have no positive results, you can try HOWLING. This should be very sad sounding and drawn out-----(yipyipyip oooooooooo!). It should sound like you have lost your best friend. Keep this up; if you still are unsuccessful, you can at least be happy that you made your (stingy) human's meal much less pleasant than it otherwise would have been!

My Dad is very succeptable to the SAD EYES technique, and I seldom have to go beyond, but when Grandma was with us, I often had to resort to SLOBBERING. But when we go visiting, sometimes I get put in my crate at mealtimes. That is when CRYING comes in handy. On the rare occasions when I get banished to the outside, I have to resort to HOWLING.

I hope this helps.

Your pal,
(the incredible) Hulk



June 26th 2008 4:27 pm
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Well, guess what?? We are going camping again at Baker Lake! I had such a great time last year----I can hardly wait! (Well, it was a great time except for when I fell off the log into the water that was over my head!) There will be a bit of sadness, though---we are going to have a memorial for Grandma, and spread her ashes in her favorite campsite.

Aunt Bonnie will be there, so will my Neice Terri and my Nephew, John, (Bonnie's Daughter and Son). My sister, Charlene and brother-in-law Greg will be there and so will Dad's grand daughter Jenny and great-granddaughter Brianna. I am hoping Dad's other Grand daughter, Stephanie can come. She's my favorite!

The memorial will be on Saturday---we are planning to arrive on Wednesday, so we will have plenty of times for walks and other fun.

Dad and I sent for a memorial statue of my "sister" Breanna. When it arrived, we were surprised at the quality. It looked exactly like her. The artist's name is Sue Hoffman. Her website is Check it out!

Your pal,
(the incredible) Hulk


A new adventure

June 13th 2008 7:35 am
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Well, guess what??? Last week we went to visit my sister Charlene and brother-in-law Greg! I always enjoy going to the city because there are so many strange and wonderful smells and sights! Along the way,we stopped at most of the rest areas so that I could check my pee-mail

We took all of Grandma's stuff along and had a YARD SALE! I enjoyed that because there were so many people to look at. I have a way of telling who the DOG LOVERS are, and when one came around, I would always greet her.

I was on my best behavior---I spent a lot of time in my crate, with the door open.

Dad and I went on some nice walks, and I found a lot of new things to pee on!

Even though I had a wonderful time, it was nice to arrive back home. Vixen had to stay at the boarding kennel. Boy was she glad when she got home!



Spring is finally here

May 16th 2008 8:35 am
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Slobbers and Butt-sniffs to all!

Well, it was late coming this year, but it seems that spring has finally arrived. Snow was falling as late as last week! We had been having rain, and olliver sudden, it turned into snow! It didn't stay on the ground, though. That must have been winter's last dying breath, because it has been warm and sunny ever since.

Dad and I are planning a trip to visit my sister Charlene and Brother-in-law Greg on the first weekend in June. We are planning to have a yard sale to sell most of Grandma's stuff. I enjoy yard sales; there are always lots of strangers to bark at. Because I am so good at scaring strangers away, I have to spend a lot of time in my crate, but I don't mind that. Charlene and Greg have two new kittens, Timothy and Matthew---we haven't met yet, and I hope I don't scare them too much.

Julie moved away, so Vixen doesn't get to go there to visit Cossack this time--she has to go to a boarding kennel.

Over the past week, Dad and I have cut a little fire wood, but we still have a long way to go before we are finished.

Well, that's all for now, it is about time for BREAKFAST!!

Your pal,
(the incredible) Hulk


Breanna at the bridge

March 4th 2008 9:40 am
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AAWOOOOO! We are all sooooo sad---------We have lost our Breanna! She went to THE RAINBOW BRIDGE last Saturday, March 1st. It was way too soon, she was only 5 1/2. Dad and I took her to Doctor Cody on Thursday. He said that he suspected that she had bone marrow cancer, based on her blood count. He gave her medication to try to build her blood, but it was too late. So now my baby sister is with Max and Freya, waiting for the rest of our gang.




February 24th 2008 12:38 pm
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Well, I have sad news-----We have lost Grandma. Dad and I took her to the hospital, and she didn't come home. We are all really sad. Dad told me that this summer, we will be going on another camping trip to BAKER LAKE; and will scatter Grandma's ashes there, in her favorite place. It will be a sad time.



Sandy Claws came!

December 30th 2007 2:36 pm
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Well, it has b een a while since Dad let me use the computer last. It has something to do with the magic Dad calls SOLAR POWER. The days are pretty short, and we have clouds, so that magic isn't working as well as during the summer, so Dad limits my computer time.

Christmas was good---Sandy Claws left a whole armload of treats and toys for all of us.

We have about eight inches of snow, and since January is our heavy snowfall month, a lot more will be coming.

It has been cold enough for the poop-sickles to form! The only bad thing about that is that Dad goes out and looks for them, and when he finds one he throws it over the fence! I can still find one occasionally, though!

Dad and I are SPONSORING A DOG at OLD DOG HAVEN! You can meet him at His name is BO. It is a pretty cool website.



The Poop-sicles are ripe!

November 24th 2007 4:46 pm
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Greetings from the frozen north!

Well, Winter has set in now, for sure! Temperatures have been between 8 and 10 degrees for about a week now. (that's fahrenheit) The best thing about cold weather is that the Poopsicles are ripe--nice and crunchy. The only thing is, when I find one and take it in the house so I can lie bye the stove to enjoy it, Grandma YELLS AT ME, and calls Dad, who takes it away from me and THROWS IT AWAY!

The other good thing about cold weather is that there is always a fire in the stove, beside which I can lie down and take a nap.

Thanksgiving was good, with wonderful treats for all of us. Christmas promises to be good, too. I have been very good this year, so Sandy Claws should bring wonderful stuff. I can hardly wait.



The monster bit me!

November 12th 2007 6:30 pm
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Woofs and tail wags from (the incredible) Hulk!

Ohhh, what a day I had! Dad and I were planning to cut fire wood----We put the Log-Biting Monster in the cab of the truck--On the floor. Remember him? He is the one with a long snout, like an alligory, except his teeth are all on the outside. Dad wakes him up, and with a terrible roar, he bites the logs into short pieces! He was asleep, so I didn't worry about him being in there with me.

I was jumping around, as I sometimes do, when I happened to step off the edge of the seat, and guess what?? That darn monster BIT ME! Right on the ankle! The blood was running out, all over everything!

Dad looked at my leg, and decided I needed to go to see doctor Cody, so we went home and got in the car and headed to the clinic. When we got there, Doctor Cody wasn't there, but Doctor Ron was. He put me on the table, and held me while Stacy put a thing over my nose, and made me breath some bad-smelling air.

Well, oliver sudden, I started to get very sleepy. I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I discovered that my ankle was bandaged. Dad took me home, and I had to wait for two days before he removed my bandage I was very good, and didn't chew it off before then. I have to go back in ten days and get the stitches out.


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