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The World according to Hulk

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The girls are gone

May 15th 2013 9:30 am
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Greeting from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, winter has been gone since early April.....Spring is giving way to Summer. Dad and I have been working on fire wood. We had a few hot days last week...temperature in the high 90s, but it has cooled down some now.

The girls (chickens) have moved away. They have gone to live with the neighbors chickens. Dad and I are gone much of the time, and rather than have the neighbor come up to feed the girls, we allowed them to leave home. They send a dozen eggs to us occasionally, so it is working out okay.

Dad and I are planning to go to visit Charlene and Greg (my human sister and brother-in-law) next month. They are having their annual community yard sale, and we will be taking a truck load of our junk (oops!.....treasures) in hope of making enough $$$$ to pay for our travel expenses.

We have also planned our annual Family camping trip. It will take place over the fourth of July this year. I can hardly wait.

That's all for now!
Hulk H. Komar


Stupid Groundhog

February 3rd 2013 8:23 am
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Greetings from the frozen north! This is (the incredible) Hulk, barking to you from Beautiful Downtown Chesaw, in the mountains of north central Washington state.

I have been up to my collar in snow for quite a while now, and am ready for spring! I was happy when February 2nd dawned with an overcast shadow to frighten that stupid groundhog, this year, I thought to myself! But then, guess what??? About mid-morning, the clouds went away and the sun shone brightly. Well, the groundhog had just come out of his hole and when he saw his shadow, he was so frightened he retreated into his hole. So now there will be six weeks more winter! Stupid groundhog!


The frozen north

January 6th 2013 10:43 am
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Well, it has been a while since I last wrote, I decided to bark all the news, which isn't very much..........nothing much ever happens on our mountain side. Sandy Claws came right on schedule. He is very quiet; I didn't hear him come again this year. As always, he brought me a lot of treats, and this year he brought a new blanket, actually a quilt. I have been sleeping on it every night since. When we go to visit Charlene, my (human)sister, I plan to fold up my quilt and put it in my crate so I can lie on it while we are there.

We have had snow on the ground since the first week in November. At first, I enjoyed running around plowing snow with my nose, but now I am getting tired of winter. I can hardly wait for spring. We have about twenty inches now, and the weather lady said there is more on the way.

Our girls (the chickens) refuse to come out of their house. They are blaming Dad for the snow, and have decided not to give him any eggs until he makes the snow go away.

Our friend Bill came up with his snow plow to clear our driveway a while back, but he got stuck in the ditch. While he and Dad worked to free his truck, I helped by barking encouragement from inside the gate.

Your pal,
(the incredible) Hulk H. Komar


Weekend adventure

September 19th 2012 2:47 pm
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Greetings from beautiful downtown Chesaw

Well, I decided that I should bark the news about last weekend. Dad and I had planned to attend THE VASHON SHEEPDOG CLASSIC last Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Vashon Island, near Seattle, Washington. We planned to leave home at 2:00 AM; that would get us there around 9:00.......shortly after things got started.

Well, DAD OVERSLEPT! He didn't wake up until about 7:00. Dad never oversleeps......he has a built in alarm clock. He always can wake up when he needs to. Well, not this time!

Dad used to live on Vashon Island, and he had told one of his old bowling buddies he was coming, so we let our friend know that we would be a day late. Dad wanted to stop at Aunt Bonnie's and pick up a truck load of stuff she wanted to give us for our next yard sale. Well, Aunt Bonnie was to attend a hen party Friday afternoon, and we knew we couldn't get there before she left, so we planned to stay Friday night at a motel, go to Aunt Bonnie's first thing Saturday morning, then go to the island.

Dad and I decided that it would be fun to camp at the State Park not far from Aunt Bonnie's instead of staying at the motel. Big mistake. Dad didn't have his sleeping bag, but we had his cot and a quilt and a light blanket in the truck. Dad thought that would be enough. I had my crate and thought I would stay warm in that. We had fun to begin with, went on two nice walks and went to the beach.

Soon it was bed time; Dad wrapped up in his blankets and I curled up in my crate. And then.....the temperature dropped! I don't have anything to freeze off any more, but Dad, like the proverbial brass monkey,still has, and soon everything began to freeze. I was cold too, in my crate and we both lay there and shivered, only dozing occasionally until about 2:30 AM, when we finally decided we had had about as much fun as we could stand, and sat in the truck until morning, enjoying the heater.

After we picked up the stuff at Aunt Bonnie's, we went to visit our friend on Vashon Island. We had decided that we had already missed too much of the Sheepdog Trials, and decided to skip that. At Dad's friend's house was a pretty Rhodesian Ridgeback. She was a senior, just like me, but she was very grouchy and very rude! Every time I tried to sniff her butt, she turned around and grouched at me! I finally gave up and decided to go over to the humans and get petted instead.

It was a nice adventure, but I, like Dad, was happy to arrive back home!

Your incredible pal,


Yard Sale

August 7th 2012 7:26 pm
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Greetings from (the incredible) Hulk!

I want to bark the news about our yard sale last weekend: It was supposed to be our first annual COMMUNITY YARD SALE. We didn't have much participation........there were supposed to be a lot of people selling, but on Friday, there were just three families: Dad and me, our friend Monica, all by herself, and Bill and Sandy. Saturday, Monica wasn't there and on Sunday it was just Dad and me. It was just too hot to be sitting out in the sun; Friday and Saturday it was 95, and on Sunday....101! I had a very good time, though....As always, I was the official greeter. I greeted the customers whether they wanted greetings or not! Most of the folks enjoyed my affections, there were only a few old grouches who must not like dogs. Dad called me away from them.

The sale was held in the parking lot of our Mercantile Store, and on Friday and Saturday, if there were no customers, we could go inside to escape the heat, but on Sunday the store was closed, so we worked until it got too hot and then we went home. I got lots of good treats and made some new friends, so I think it was a very good weekend, indeed!

Slobbers and Barks,



July 26th 2012 4:45 pm
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Well, I decided I should bark the news about the POOCHAPALOOZA. It is a fun dog event held annually in Arlington, Washington. Dad and I attended this year, along with my "niece" Phoebe and her (human) sister and brother-in-law....., Charlene and Greg. Amanda was supposed to go with us, but she fell asleep while sun bathing and was suffering from a horrible sun-burn and didn't feel like coming along.

I came in LAST in the pie eating contest (big dog division)! Dad said it was a FINE TIME for me to show good table manners, but it was a meat pie, and was sooooo good that I wanted to savor every bite! Phoebe came in last in the small dog division, for the same reason.

Phoebe, Charlene and Greg won first place in the BEST COSTUME contest and Dad and I won second place. Phoebe, Charlene and Greg were dressed as PIRATES, while Dad and I wore our clown suits.

It was a lot of fun, and we had a lot of good treats. I made a lot of new friends.


Mighty Mouse?

May 4th 2012 6:21 pm
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Greetings from the Hulk!

Well, I have some incredible news! Last night, while Dad and I were looking through the window of the magic box that has all those miniature people, animals and monsters in it.....we were watching people singing and people talking; it was called AMERICAN IDOL ......olliver sudden, we saw an incredible FLYING MOUSE! He was flying all around in my and Dad's living room! Dad said his name is BAT, but I think it was MIGHTY MOUSE. He wasn't wearing his blue suit and red cape, though, but Mighty Mouse is the only mouse I know of that can FLY!!

Well, Dad opened the door, and after a while, Mighty Mouse flew outside. I thought it was very interesting, even better than AMERICAN IDOL, especially since SKYLAR, Dad's and my favorite was eliminated from the show.



A trip to Charlene's

March 26th 2012 8:43 am
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Barks and butt-sniffs from (the incredible) Hulk!

Dad, Gertie and I went on an adventure last week-end! We went to Visit Charlene and Greg---My "sister" and brother-in-law. It was a lot of fun, as usual, except that Dad made me stay at Charlene's house while Gertie got to go with them to a PARTY! Amanda, Dad's great-granddaughter was having a party to celebrate her 18th birthday! I felt really cheated, especially when Gertie came back and gloated about the wonderful time she had, especially all the great things she had to eat. There were children there who kept sneaking bites of birthday cake and other contraband to her! Dad kept telling them not to do it, but they did it anyhow!

Except for the disappointment of not attending the party, I had a good time. Charlene and Greg gave me lots of attention and treats.



Stupid Groundhog

February 5th 2012 9:39 am
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Well, it happened again this year..........that darn groundhog came out of his hole, saw his shadow, and terrified, he jumped back in his hole, bringing us six more weeks of winter! If I could find his hole, next February 2nd, I would give him something to be afraid of, and it wouldn't be his shadow!

Our morning temperature has been between 10 and 15 degrees for the past week or two. No new snow....we still have much less on the ground than usual. My friend Stove is working hard, pulling double shifts to keep me warm, so life is still good.



In Trouble Again

January 27th 2012 11:09 am
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Butt-sniffs and slobbers from (the incredible) Hulk!

Well, I am in trouble again! Last night We decided to have PIZZA for supper. We had a Digorno's frozen pizza in the freezer, and when we got it out, Dad left it on the counter top while the oven was pre-heating. I have been trying hard to teach Dad to put things out of my reach, and I decided to give him another lesson. So I took the pizza outside, opened the box and ate it! (Ate the pizza, not the box!) Imagine Dad's reaction when he discovered the pizza gone and the empty box outside! Of course I acted very sorry and ashamed of myself, but I really wasn't sorry and I was proud of myself!

We have about 16 inches of snow, and the temperature has been between ten and fifteen degrees for the last few days. I like to run and plow snow with my nose. And the poop-sicles are ripe and very tasty. Life is good!


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