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The days in the life of a Pharaoh Hound (drama drama drama)

What's so cool about water?

September 18th 2007 11:15 am
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This weekend Mom took me down to play with Dune, but apparently Dune has become someone else. When I saw him he became very aggressive with me, and Mom sadly had to kick him in the chest to get his attention off of me to get me inside. I wasn't scared though, even when he started growling very loudly, I just wanted to sniff him. Mom says it's because he has never been socialized, and doesn't know how to behave with another large dog.
I was sad, we used to be such great pals.
: (
To cheer me up Mom took me to her friend Megan's house. Megan has a lot of Pit Bulls, and she said they would love to show me how to swim.
Swim you say? What is it to swim?
It's embarrassing! At first I watched John jump into this big water bowl! It was very unnerving, and I watched and watched until he came to the surface of the water again. I was racking my brain as to why he would succumb himself to such torture, and it was while I was in the middle of thinking that Mom snatched me up and placed me into the water! I was very nervous since I couldn't see my feet, but they soon touched a step, and I was knee deep in warm, crystal-clear water. She attached a green leash to my neck "For your safety" she said. Yea right! It was so I couldn't get away! As I was overcoming my shock of being placed unannounced into this wet place, down she placed me to another step, even further into the water! I soon learned to keep my eye on her, lest she make another move.
Apparently she thought that bringing Casey out would help get me to understand what I was to do. At first, I wanted to just play with Casey, but I had the stupid green leash on me, and I couldn't! Then, before even greeting me properly, Casey leaped into the water after a bone that John had thrown, drenching me completely. I was very wary of her, they must have all been in cahoots together to get me into this. Megan soon took Casey out since she was getting tired. I couldn't understand why she wouldn't just get out herself, the horror! While I was watching her get put away, Mom grabbed me and carried me out into the water. I almost peed myself. She slowly let me down into the water, and I thought I might drown. Suddenly, my feet started paddling and Mom let go of me! I was going out of my mind by this time, so I started swimming toward the wall. Wait, swimming? Was I actualy swimming? I was! I swam around in a circle and Mom stayed right at my face, holding on to me. I made it all the way back to the stairs, safe and sound, and Mom freaked. I don't remember the last time I got so many kisses and hugs and pettings!
Then out came Bandit, even more enthusiastic than Casey. John says that he has to swim with Bandit at all times, because he won't stop swimming unless made to, and he sinks because of his weight. Bandit is a very nice Pit Bull, just like Casey. Once again all formalities were ignored, and I was drenched again! I couldn't swim with Bandit in there, he was taking up too much room! He was everywhere at once, swim swim swim, that's all he seemed to want to do. He would even dive right off the edge. It was only after Bandit got out that I even tried to swim out to Mom. She kept calling me and patting the water and her arms and chest, and I wanted to go to her! I kept inching forward, but the steps ended! I would stand on the bottom step and paddle with one foot, but it didn't seem to be working.
In the end I did swim out to her twice, on my own.
I was very tired afterwards, and slept on the way back home.

Now she says it's beach time!


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