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My first time at the vet with my new Family

I went on the wee wee pad!!!

August 3rd 2006 11:53 am
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My mommy was sooo happy. We were at my aunties house and she took my wee wee pad usually at home I use my wee pad and get a treat but, this was not my house mommy was kinda nervous. So, the story goes on I was running and playing and playing and running growling @ every little thing I looked at......and all of a sudden I had to go I started smelling everything everywhere it didn't smell nothing like home. I seen my wee pad smelled it squated and went ahhhh next thing I know my mommy picked me up hugged me kissed me I was wiggling my tail and licking her she was sooo proud of me I thought umm i did good and she was congratulating me :O)
The End.


1st time at the vet w/ my new Family

August 2nd 2006 12:32 pm
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Monday July 31st was one that I will never forget.....
My mommy picked me up from home me thinking we are going out to have some fun but nope nope nope as I was looking out the window I seen we were at the vet :Oo I was crying and crying hoping she wouldn't take me in :O( We went in she signed me in i waited my turn still crying hoping we would leave. Then the nurse called my name Mocha I hid under my moms arm. i seen my Doctor I like him so I was wiggling my tail barking so he could pick me up and he did :O). They were talking about something I couldn't understand I seen them smiling and I thought this is not so bad then, the doctor picked me up and OUCH!!!! he poked me :O( he pocked me 3 times in different places that wasn't very nice. We were finally out of there I just layed there I was mad and it hurt so I just went to sleep..... That was my story of my 1st day @ the vet w/ my new family :O)

The End.

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