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What a day!

fooled mommy again!

July 11th 2008 6:27 am
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Mommy says schnauzers are smart, but that maybe I am too smart for my own good! As you know I am taking antibiotic pills for the scratch infection I gave myself with those yucky allergies. Well, my ears are doing a bit better, but not for lack of me fighting every pill and every ear drop! Those drops are the worst!

Well, I was doing okay with the pill taking for days 1,2,3. Mommy would hide the pill (it's a yucky flavour, and not even coated!) in a chicken flavoured pill pocket. I thought that was pretty nifty! She would jam the pill in there and make it like a package. She was sure I could not get the pill out, and the pill pocket would cover the taste! As I said, I put up with this for the first few days. But today, I ate my pill pocket in front of her, and then went into the living room. Mommy found the spit out antibiotic. I showed her! I gently ate the pill pocket AROUND the pill, and spit that sucker out!

Sheesh Mommy, it tastes bad! We schnauzies have excellent taste buds.

(Mommy here. Rudy crunched the pill in half, so I put each half in a pill pocket, and fed them to her. Then I opened her mouth to make sure she swallowed them! Then she got a tiny taste of chicken for a reward. It's going to be a long 6 days!)




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