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Merry xmas

Gone but not forgotten

December 8th 2012 5:39 am
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June 2012 was the day my mum found that i had got a growth on my spleen, which explained why i was not feeling well at times throughout the last year. I could of had surgery but my Vet said as i was 12 years old the chances of me surviving Post Op care and the operation would of been slim, so with my tail wagging i decided that i would make the most of the time i had left with her. We walked home, my tail wagging, sniffing away. As soon as we got in the tears came, not from me but my mum,,,,,she was upset as i know she would have to face the toughest decision later on but no one knew when that time would be, but i was fine,,in good health, a lump was not going to stop me from having fun.
We moved to a brand new flat a month later, no garden but we had a lovely area in which i could walk and explore new places, smells and meet new neighbours human and doggie ones. I had a 13 steps to master and still went mad when the postman arrived and popped the paper envelopes things through the hole in the door. I had so much fun, getting up on the bed while mum was at work, for her to find the duvet all scrunched up, or a blanket on the floor when she came home from work.
One weekend in November my Auntie Sammy came to look after me while mum went to Norwich for a few days. I had so much fun,,lots of long walks and even a sausage and some bacon which i dont normally have,,,,mmmmm the smell was lovely. I was so excited to see my mum when she came home, i missed her so much and couldn't stop wagging my tail. A day after mum came home i started to feel sick, i was leaving patches of vomit about and by the Thursday i just didn't want my dinner. My mum's brother came over to see me and suggested taking me to the vets the following day which we did.
Friday 23rd November i had my last walk and car journey,,,,i kind of realised that i will get sicker and more pain, so my my mum did the bravest thing ever and after a long conversation with the vet and lots of tears with her brothers support she put me to sleep. I licked her tears one last time, let her stroke me and talk to me. I lay there next to my mum, thinking about the night before which we spent together side by side on her bed for the last time. I slowly felt sleepy and heard the sobs and felt her warm calming hands stroking my fur. I felt my pain easing and i saw a face in the distance encouraging me to come closer, and beyond him a huge field. Dogs, cats and pets that have passed all playing together and a few human bodies making sure we have lots of fun, care and hugs. I looked at this man, with a sad thought of what about mum? Why has she not come?.....the man replied "Its okay Mitzi, your mum will be okay, she has just made the hardest choice today, but the right choice. You will be happy and she will in time move on but never forget you". In the distance behind me i see mum sitting on the floor in the arms of her brother crying her eyes out, i look at the man who is standing before me, i know mum will be okay because she can look to the future and i know as does she that one day we will meet again,,on Rainbow Bridge.......


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Mitzi ...R.I.P will be missed


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