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The Adventures of Jelly

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October 7th 2013 6:42 pm
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Mommy went for her fizzy-O-Ther-a-pee session this morning. Her leg was feeling better with the pain medication. She stopped on the way home to buy me more peanut butter cookies and another pizza cookie. I was totally out of both so it was an emergency. Every evening I ask for a cookie. Mommy keeps the peanut butter cookies right by her chair so she can give me a cookie when I ask. That cookie sure was yummy this evening.


Big Clothes

October 6th 2013 11:52 am
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Today is cold and rainy and Mommy was cold. She decided it was time to start wearing warmer clothes. This is the first day that she has worn long legged pants since before she got injured. With all the casts she wore all summer it was so much easier to wear Capri type pants. When she put on her warmer clothes she found everything to be so big. Mommy has lost 35 pounds through all of this. Mommy said big clothes is much better then tight clothes.


Watch Tonight If You Didn't Last Night

October 5th 2013 4:19 pm
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Pups you need to watch this show tonight. It is on Marketplace on CBC and is called "Barking Mad". It is an investigative report on how we can be being ripped off by the Vets. I don't know if any of you American pups get this channel but you Canadian pups do. It is on at 9:30 pm my time which is 6:30 pm on the west coast. It was on last night too. Mommy and I were watching it when our TV signal was lost. We are really happy that it is on again and will be recording it on our PVR.

Did any pup watch this show?



October 5th 2013 11:28 am
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Today is a nice Saturday. It is raining outside so there isn't much to bark at since the peepoles and pups don't walk by my house in the rain. The good part is that Mommy is staying home and not moving around too much. She is taking her anti inflammatory pills and her Tylenol and she said her leg is feeling pretty good. I watch her doing her leg exercises and practice walking. Other than that she has been easy to keep track of because she is just playing with her iPad , talking on the phone and watching TV. She gave me a big pizza cookie from the dog bakery. Yummy! Mommy took some pictures of me eating the cookie. I will try to get Mommy to post them. You will see how shaggy I am and how many crumbs I made on the floor. I told Mommy not to worry about those things because the pups don't care about it. They just want to see me eating a yummy cookie!


Notme Again

October 5th 2013 8:30 am
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That bad pup Notme had the nerve to visit me this morning to get me in trouble. It is pretty low down for him to want to get me in trouble with Mommy considering the fact that I have just recently been reunited with my Mommy and my Mommy is recuperating . I will tell you the story. You may know from my last diary entry that Mommy was at the Emergency with a sore leg. Last night she said she was not going to carry me upstairs anymore or at least until she was feeling more up to it. I was a good pup and slept downstairs by myself. In the morning Notme came and pee peed on the carpet by the patio doors, He really had to go out but Mommy wasn't there to open the door. When Mommy came downstairs this morning she had to clean up the pee pee spot. Notme. Mommy said that she will leave out a pee pee pad tonight for Notme in case he needs it.

Just as an update my Mommy's leg felt lots better this morning. Those anti inflammatory pills that the Doctor gave Mommy must be working because that is the only thing that changed. Also Mommy went up and down the stairs without the air cast. She took it real slow but she did it. She said this is why she can't carry me up and down. Then she said I am more then welcome to go upstairs on my own, (Jelly stomps away mad)


Hospital Again

October 4th 2013 6:05 pm
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I was really worried today because Mommy went to the hospital place. She even hid a key so her friend could come and get me if needed. Mommy is having lots of trouble with pain in her left hip and leg. (Same leg as the broken foot). She went to the hospital to have it checked out. The Doctor examined Mommy. Then they did all kinds of X-rays of her leg and lower back. After that she had her leg ultra sounded. Everything turned out normal - the hip and leg is good and there is no blood clots. The Doctor thinks it is just muscular from not using the leg for so long and now trying to use it. The air cast is a problem too because it is higher then the shoe so everything is out of alignment. The Physiotherapist said the faster Mommy can get rid of the air cast the better. The Doctor said he thinks this is just a blimp on the road to recovery.

I was a very good pup while Mommy was gone all day. When she got home I was so happy!! Mommy put me out and I did my potty immediately! Then I ate my food and drank my water. I don't eat when Mommy isn't home. After that I wanted to cuddle in the big chair with Mommy and that is where I am right now. I hope Mommy stays home all weekend.



September 27th 2013 11:51 pm
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Mommy talked to me about stairs today. She said that I will have to learn to go up and down the stairs in my new house. I will go up and down the concrete stairs outside where we live now but I won't go on the slippery stairs in the house. Mommy says that the stairs going to our basement in the new house are very nice with carpet and that they are not steep, are not very high and are wide. She said there will be no problems. Outside she is having some guys come to enclose the steps off the deck so I will be able to go up and down them too. She says that any pup that can go up and down an "A frame" in agility can surely go up and down stairs. I will have to think about that argument..............


Doctor Appointment

September 26th 2013 5:18 pm
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Mommy had a Doctor appointment today. They x-rayed her foot and the Doctor is extremely pleased and said everything is 100%. Unless Mommy runs into trouble there will be no more x-rays of her foot and no more visits to the Doctor. He said her foot is going to glow if they take any more x-rays of it! BOL! Now her job is to do her fuzzy-o-ther-a-pee. She is suppose to start going outside now without her air cast and use the air cast less and less. November 20th is her tentative day to go back to work. That is good because this gives me and Mommy almost 2 more months. :)


Mommy's Therapy

September 25th 2013 11:20 pm
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Mommy and I are enjoying our time together at home. She goes regularly for her fizzy-0-ther-a-pee sessions. It is okay because it allows me a chance to have a nap. Mommy practices her walking up and down our hall and she does her ankle and foot exercises. I supervise all of this. Mommy said the hardest thing she has done at the fizzy-o-ther-a-pee place is riding a bike. The first day she couldn't peddle the bike and her foot would only do a half rotation. On the second day she was successful and her foot went all the way around. After practicing for 5 minutes she said she was doing pretty good. Mommy is gradually improving every day!


Laundry and Cold

September 21st 2013 3:30 pm
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I had a nice day at home. Every day at home with Mommy is a good day.

Mommy decided she would do some laundry for the first time since coming home. Our house has lots of stairs so she has to take the laundry down 14 steps from the second floor and then haul it through the main floor and then down 14 steps to the basement. I was watching this event. Mommy put the laundry in a big bag and threw it down the stairs. She then dragged it to the basement stairs and threw it down those stairs. Then she went down in the basement and did two loads of laundry. She took her kindle thingy with her so she could read downstairs while waiting for the laundry to get done. It was harder bringing the laundry back upstairs. She would put the bag up a few stairs and then walk up and then put the laundry up a few more stairs etc. Mommy did eventually get the laundry done.

It is going to be cold tonight going to -2 C (28.4 F). Mommy said we may have to put the furnace on for the first time this year. The leaves are falling from the trees too. Mommy thinks we will be getting snow early this year. Mommy and I don't want snow because it makes it harder for Mommy to walk on her ouchy foot.

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