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The Adventures of Jelly

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Another Exciting Day

November 4th 2013 9:29 pm
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I had another exciting day. The carpet cleaner guys and the house cleaners came to my house. While they were working Mommy and I were out in the backyard. Fun,fun,fun! We met our new neighbours who are a retired couple. They seem very nice and they like me. I showed them how I can play and how I run like the wind. They said a big collie lives directly behind them. I have to let that pup know who rules the neighbourhood when I see him. The guy who built my fence also came to see me. Mommy showed him the couple of spots where she thought I might squeeze out and he said he would fix it tomorrow.

As I barked before the kitchen was really greasy. The house cleaners put in a total of 12 hours and they only got the main floor done. The bathrooms shine, the vents are clean, the floors are clean. The counters, cupboards, fridge and dishwasher in the kitchen shine now. The microwave was beyond saving so Mommy bought a new one. She also had to buy a new filter for the hood fan as there is no way that could be cleaned. The cleaners tried to save the stove but it is beyond saving too. They got one of the ovens clean but the second oven was not able to be cleaned. It also smells when you open it up. Mommy said a new oven is now on our list of things to get. We can make due with the one oven for the short term but it needs to be replaced. Mommy's list of things to buy is getting longer and longer.


My Treasures

November 4th 2013 7:05 am
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The man who stole all our stuff phoned Mommy this morning and said he was going to return it to us tomorrow. Thank dogness! I want my treasures back! Mommy isn't certain if we will be able to sleep at our new house tomorrow. Our experience is it takes them all day to unload and then they have to unpack as well.

Today I have very serious supervisor duties. First some peepoles are coming to clean the carpet and then some more peepoles are coming to clean the house. The house isn't too bad except for the kitchen. Mommy said the previous people had to have deep fried everything because there is grease everywhere! The stove is so bad that she considered getting rid of it and looked at prices of new stoves. The stove we have has two ovens and is priced at $2000.00 to replace. Hopefully they can clean it up.



November 3rd 2013 8:54 pm
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These hotels are cool places. First when we leave our room we go into another little room. The door opens and closes and then like magic when it opens again you are somewhere else. Mommy calls it an elevator. When we walk out the big front doors of the hotel they open and close on their own. I want doors like that in my house. Every day a peepole comes in and cleans the room. Today I was here when she came. It was very interesting to watch. Then the best thing ever happened. A man came to our door and handed Mommy some yummy food. Mommy called it room service. I need that room service thing at my house. If you can believe it, I think room service is better then magic window places.

If you ever get a chance to go to a hotel I would highly recommend it but you have to behave yourself. Putting on the cuteness really helps!


Trained Hotel Staff

November 2nd 2013 8:34 pm
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My cuteness has already trained the hotel staff. Now when I walk by the registration desk the staff are awaiting for me with treats. I get to the desk and they all gush all over me saying how cute I am and they give me treats. I also have to walk by the lounge area and the peepoles there saying things like:"Oh look" or "How cute" or "What a sweetie" etc. Some even run over to see me. I am loving this hotel stuff.


Another Busy Day

November 2nd 2013 2:29 pm
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This has been another exciting day. When I went out to potty this morning a bunch of peepoles were loading up onto buses in front of the hotel. Mommy said they were all a bunch of twenty somethings here on a conference. They all were admiring me and saying I was beautiful. After breakfast we went to our house to meet the carpet stretcher guy. We have carpet in the bedrooms and hall which I love but Mommy doesn't. The guy vacuumed the carpet real good and stretched the wrinkles out. He said it is a high end carpet with an upgraded underlay and had lots of years left of use. Even Mommy said it was looking good. One Monday the carpet cleaner guy comes and I know it will look beautiful so Mommy just can't get rid of it. After that we had to go to the post office to pick up our key for the community mail boxes so we can now get mail. Then we went grocery shopping so we could have some food in our hotel room. We have a fridge in our room which is handy for keeping things. Now we are back in our hotel room for a quiet night of rest and relaxation.

While I was at our house I got to go out in my backyard. I barked at the pups going by and the word is out that Jelly is in town. It is very important for me to establish my property. I also showed Mommy how I can run like the wind in my yard. Back and forth I ran! It was so much fun. I think I am going to like this house.


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

November 1st 2013 6:26 pm
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I am in Kingston and what a day it has been! Mommy said this was our "Planes, trains and automobiles " day. This morning started with getting a taxi from the hotel to the airport. Then I went on a big plane to Toronto. I lay very still in my Sherpa bag at Mommy's feet and didn't even give a bark. When we got to Toronto they had a wheel chair for Mommy so I sat inside my bag on her lap and had a wheel chair ride. From there a Golf type cart picked us up and we went wheeling all over the Toronto Airport. The lady had a little bell and she rang it to get the peepoles out of our way. We passed lots of yummy smelling food spots but the lady wouldn't stop. She took us to where we got the plane to Kingston. Then we get on a smaller plane and again I laid still in my Sherpa bag at Mommy's feet. This is where it got exciting because it was very turbulent and we bounced all over! Still there was no noise from me. When we got to Kingston we picked up our rental car and we were driving around Kingston. Mommy didn't know where she was going so we used the ABC machine (Mommy here: it is a GPS ).

The first place we went was my new house. It is totally empty still. I love the carpet in the bedrooms and I love the patio doors off the kitchen. Then I saw my backyard . It is beautiful! I ran all over and sniffed everywhere. I am going to have fun there. I even christened it with my first pee! BOL! I can't wait to move in. Mommy said we can go every day and play in the backyard until we move in.

After we left the house we went to our hotel. We have to go up in an elevator to get to our room. We face onto the harbour and have a beautiful view.

Right now I am exhausted and I am curled up on the big bed while Mommy sits at the desk and types for me.


Birthday 2

October 31st 2013 10:52 pm
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Today is Birthday 2. If you have been reading my diary you will know that I get two birthdays every year. If you don't know why you can find out by reading my last few entries.

Birthday 2 has been good. First I wake up to find I am a diary pick. Second I spent my whole day with Mommy. We started by sleeping in and then going to fizzy-O-Ther-A-Pee. After that Mommy had a number of errands to run. It was fun riding all over town with Mommy. We went to a magic window place for lunch. We then had a quiet evening in the hotel room. On one of my potty breaks I barked at a kitty that was sitting in his hotel room looking out the patio doors. I also got some yummy chicken mixed in my kibble for supper.

Tomorrow is my big plane trip so I better get to bed. I hope to be able to bark about my plane trip later tomorrow.


Fun Birthday

October 30th 2013 10:03 pm
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I had a great birthday! First Mommy and I slept in by mistake and then we sure had to hustle to her 9 am fizzy-o-Ther-a-pee session. From there we went to our old house to tidy up a bit. I got to run in the yard and bark one last time at all the pups going by. After that we went to the Magic Window place at Tim Hortons and got a chicken sandwich for lunch. We drove back to our hotel and enjoyed the sandwich there. Then we decided we were tired and had a nap. From there we went to Auntie W's house for supper. She has a black Miniature Schnauzer called Abigail. The pups were served supper first and we had roast beast, vegetables and potatoes all chopped up together. It was sure yummy. The peepoles then had their supper. It was then the pups turn again and we had yummy treats from the dog bakery for desert. The peepoles had an evening of chatting. I played with Abigail's toys for awhile and enjoyed an evening of napping on the couch. When it was time to go home Auntie W gave me a container of treats from the dog bakery. Yummy! This was one of the best birthdays ever! Now, what are we going to do for Day 2 of my birthday?


My Birthday

October 30th 2013 9:52 am
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Today is my official birthday. I say that because my real birthday is Oct 31. I will tell you about it. My litter mates were born on Oct 30th. Everyone had settled in and no more puppies were expected. All of a sudden in the early hours of Oct 31st I was born much to the surprise of everyone. When our Canadian Kennel Papers went in Oct 30th was listed as the day of birth. So, officially on paper my birthday is Oct 30th but really it is Oct 31st. I don't mind celebrating my birthday over 2 days. I always tell Mommy that should mean double birthday presents but she doesn't buy Into that theory!

Thank you pups for the nice presents on my page.


What a Day!

October 29th 2013 8:20 pm
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What a day I had! Mommy set the alarm for 6:30 am which is way too early for this pup! She seemed real busy this morning and started out by cleaning out the fridge and I mean cleaning out! It was totally empty by the time she was done! Then those guys that were at my house yesterday returned and they started to take everything out of the house. By the time they were done our house was empty too! Now Mommy and I are homeless and Mommy said we would have to sleep in our car. Well, it would sure beat an empty house. Mommy was just kidding and we ended up going to a hotel. I am enjoying the hotel. Mommy and I were both tired when we arrived so we slept on the big bed. After that I enjoyed running around on the carpet and playing with my toys. I wonder what we are doing tomorrow??

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