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The Adventures of Jelly

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Boring Day

January 17th 2007 9:33 pm
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This certainly was a boring day because I hardly saw Mommy. She was at work all day and then she came home for half an hour and she had to go to my Clicker Class without me! I don't think I like it when Doggy School has nights just for humans and no pups.

She said she liked my clicker class. Hello Mommy, am I not part of this??? I don't really understand what she did there but I will tell you what she told me. She said they started with a lecture on what clicker training is and the theory behind it. After that they got to practice with the clickers. They had to count how many clicks and treat cycles they could do in 3o sec. Mommy did 21 which was good because they said they like to see 20 cycles. All is well here! Then they got to practice clicking for a specific action. Here they got in pairs and one person bounced a ball and the other clicked when it hit the floor. I would sure have loved to play that game and I bet it would have been more exciting when I grabbed the ball and ran! Oh well, it was their lose! After that they had a demonstration of a pup being trained to do a specific action with the clicker. Then they broke up into groups of two again and practiced training a human to do something with a clicker. My Mommy trained her human to sit on a chair and to pull her ear lopes with her hand. Sounds crazy to me! After that their homework assignment was explained. Mommy has reading to do. She also has to "charge the clicker" which means making me associated the clicker to food. After that she has to practice some "watch me", sits and downs. Mommy said she is really looking forward to next week. I sure hope she remembers to take me! Doggy classes - bring your pup, doggy classes - bring your pup, doggy classes - bring your pup. Mommy repeat this twenty times so you won't forget! Humans..........


Clicker Training

January 16th 2007 4:33 pm
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Today I found out that I am going to something called "Clicker Training". From what I have been able to figure out is this is a method of training that uses a clicker to identify the correct response followed up with a treat. My Mommy is going to register me for six weeks of classes starting this Wednesday. She also said that the first night is no dogs! No doggies!!! How can you have doggy school without doggies???!!! She says the first night is for the people. They get a class to teach them about clicker training before they start to try and teach their pups. So for $85.00 we get a clicker, a 55 page manuel on clicker training, an instruction night for the humans and 5-1hr lessons for the pups. I guess that sounds okay......

The great thing about all this is now I will be going out two times per week with Mommy - Wednesday for clicker training and Sunday for agility! Yahoo!!!

(I think Dogster should look at getting those emotion icons for our diary. Are you reading my diary HQ???? I would put the little dancing Snoopy at the end of this diary entry!)


Sunday and Class 2 of Doggy School

January 14th 2007 3:24 pm
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What a great day I had today! We spent the morning at home and then in the afternoon Mommy and I went to Doggy School. Who do you think we saw? If you read my diary from yesterday I said that my doggy Daddy would be there and he was! Yahoo - it was so nice to see him again. All I wanted to do was play and play. I don't get to see other affenpinschers very often and it had been 3 months since I had seen my Daddy or any other affenpinscher for that matter. I also got to see my Auntie Lorna. Auntie Lorna is my breeder and I just love her so much. I go all crazy when I see her and my tail wags and wags and I just can't hold still. I lived with Auntie Lorna until I was 4 months old when I went to live with my Mommy so I will never, never forget her. She was so nice to me when I was a young pup.

Class was fun too. We started with heeling and I don't think I did as well at it as I should have. We arrived a couple of minutes late so I had to go right into the ring and I had no time to calm down. Then seeing my Daddy (Wind) and my Auntie Lorna I even got more excited. Mommy promised that we will leave earlier next week so I can have some socialization time before class starts. It worked out okay anyways because after a few times around I started to settle down. We did the regular heeling - at Mommy's left side. We then did some heeling on the right side which was nothing new to me because we do that in show classes. Then we did heeling where we were ahead of our Mommies which is normally how I walk for show and then also behind Mommy. Then we did sit and down stays. After that was the fun part - the obstacles came out. We had a mixture of some of the articles from last week and some new ones. Can you believe that I did the A frame?? Mommy couldn't believe that I did it. It is a piece of wood that goes up and down in the shape of an A. This wood is about 3 ft wide. I had to climb to the top using the rungs and then go down the other side. It was about 5 ft tall at the peak of the A. I was scared at first but with encouragement with treats I made it to the top. Going down was much easier. I also did the dog walk which was up higher from last week at about two feet. I walked up the ramp and then across the whole board and then down the ramp again. I also jumped through a tire that was hanging by chains. That was so much fun! There was a longer tunnel to go through that I did. I also practiced putting my paws on an upside down metal tub. Some pups find it hard because of the noise. Mommy wants me to do something else with it but I don't understand her yet (Jelly's Mommy : Jelly is suppose to jump on the tub and sit on it). I did the door exercise, the moving forward and backward exercise and jumping through the hole in the board that I explained last week. After that we did some practice on doing sit and down without looking at your doggy and without holding the leash. The instructor said that sometimes the humans think we understand the words but we really don't. We are going by other cues like the move of the leash of the look in the face etc. This is something that I am going to practice this week. And that was it - the hour went by so quickly.

Another big thing that happened today is that I came into my second season. You see pups I can't be spayed because I am being shown. This morning we woke up and I had left some blood on the sheets of the bed. So Mommy had to strip the bed and put new sheets on! BOL!!! Now I have to wear my season pants all the time. They are okay and I got used to them last time I was in season.


New Affenpinscher Book

January 13th 2007 11:32 pm
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Today was a quiet day. It is Saturday and Mommy was home and we have been busy looking after Jennifer. Jennifer seems to be gradually improving each day. Mommy went out to do some shopping but other then that she was home. I had a great day playing with my toys. Last weekend Mommy bought me a large plastic container to hold all my toys. Today Mommy took the container and dumped all my toys out so I could play with them. It was great!

Tomorrow is Sunday and it is back to my doggy classes. I can hardly wait to go. My Mommy says that my doggy Daddy is also going to be in class. I can hardly wait to see my Daddy because I have not seen him since October.

I want to tell you about a real good book on affenpinschers that is out. My breeder told my Mommy about it and she ordered it from Amazon. It is called: Affenpinschers and is by Jerome Cushman. There are not many books written on my breed compared to other breeds so this is very important. The book is reasonable priced and is an excellent book for begineers or for more experienced humans. The chapters include:
History of the Affenpinscher
Characteristics of the Affenpinscher
Breed Standard for the Affenpinscher
Your Puppy Affenpinscher
Proper Care of your Affenpinscher
Training your Affenpinscher
Healthcare of Your Affenpinscher
Showing Your Affenpinscher

It is written in plain language and there are lots of coloured pictures. The book has 155 pages. On page 18 is a write-up on my breeder. There is also a picture of my Grandpa in the book - Am Can Ch. Ceterra's Rock-N-Robbie who is a national speciality and best in show winner. If you want to learn more about my breed I would encourage you to buy the book. I am not associated to the book in any way but I sometimes get p-mail from other pups whose parents want to know about affenpinschers so I thought this would be a good suggestion.

I am off to bed now pups.


The Art of Potty in Cold Weather

January 12th 2007 11:18 pm
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Are we ever getting cold weather pups! Right now it is -30 degrees C. with a windchill of -45 degrees C. That is really cold for doing potty business outside and you really have to have the technique down right! Mommy told me that she is really proud of me because I am the first doggy that she has ever had that really understands how to do it. The important thing to remember is not to waste any time and just go out quickly and do your business and come right back in. This means no sniffing, no looking around, no circling and just totally forget about finding that perfect spot. None of this matters when it gets this cold. The important thing is just to do what you have to quick and come right back in. My Mommy and I have a deal, I will run quick and do my potty and she will stand by the door and open it immediately when I want in. An example was this morning. Mommy put my coat on and I ran outside, down the deck stairs and immediately had a poop. I then ran up the stairs and Mommy opened the door so I didn't even have to slow down and could run right into the house. I then stayed in the house for about 10 minutes to warm up and then it was out again to pee. I again ran out the door, down the stairs, had my pee and immediately ran up the stairs and into the house. Mommy is so proud of me that I understand this. Do you think I have now redeemed myself for the couple of poop eating incidents over the past few days???? BOL!!


I Am Helping Mommy

January 10th 2007 8:19 pm
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Things have been sad around here for the past couple days. My sister Jennifer is not doing very well. As you may know she is 16 years old and old age is just catching up on her. Mommy says that Jennifer started to go downhill a couple of months ago but things have been getting really bad over the past week. Jennifer leaks urine and poops while she sleeps. Mommy took her to the vet today and she was really worried that Jennifer would have to go to the Bridge. The vet wants to try a few more things with her. Jennifer has a bladder infection and is on antibiotics and another medication to try and stop her from "leaking". We are really hoping to see an improvement in the next few days.

Mommy was really stressed out about Jennifer. She has been crying and I have really been trying to make her feel better. I snuggle with Mommy and I stay with her every minute. When she is helping Jennifer I just watch and I don't get in the way. Mommy was doing better tonight because we did get a bit of good news at the vet today with the new medication for Jennifer. After supper Mommy just feel asleep watching TV.

I will keep you posted about what is happening around here. Jennifer has more details about her condition in her diary.


I Hit a New Low

January 8th 2007 10:39 pm
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Mommy went back to work today which meant I had to get up at 6:00 am. That is just too early! No civilized pup gets up that early in the morning!! I am a 8:30 am riser if I had my way. I was getting so spoiled that I was even sleeping until 9:30 am. Don't think I am lazy because I am not. You see my Mommy is a night hawk so I stay up late with her and then I don't want to get to get up real early. So as I said we were up at 6:00 am. We had to go outside quickly and eat our breakfast and as Mommy says "no fooling around". Grrrrrr I don't like that. Mommy left at 7:30 am and she didn't get home until 7:30 pm because she had an evening meeting. Oh well, I guess holidays have to end sometimes.

Mommy said that my doggy Daddy may start coming to my doggy classes. That would be so cool! Mommy was talking to my breeder today and she said that she might be bringing my Daddy to those classes. I am so proud of my Daddy because he is an American and a Canadian champion and I want to show him to all the other pups!

Mommy says that I hit a new low today. I don't know what that means at all! If you have been reading my diary you will remember that it wasn't long ago that I got in trouble for eating Jennifer's poop. Well today I had a big poop outside and then it somehow disappeared. Since I was the only one outside Mommy accused me of eating it. So she did the breath test and sure enough my breath smelled like poop! I don't see anything wrong with this but Mommy sure isn't happy. I don't think I have ever eaten my own poop before but now I did. Now Mommy watches me very closely and as soon as Jennifer or I poop outside she runs out in the snow in her slippers and picks up poop. Unless I am real tricky it doesn't look like there will be any poop eating in the near future for me. BOL!


I Went to Doggy School

January 7th 2007 6:12 pm
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The vet said I should be feeling better by today and I am. I am feeling great and back to my old self!

We went to my dog class that is called "Petzercise". It is a fun class that is an introduction to agility and class control. Boy did I have fun!! We started out with the instructor asking the humans to get their pups to wag their tails - say anything at all but get the tails to wag. That wasn't a problem for me because my Mommy has this real nice voice that always gets my tail wagging!! Some pups did have trouble with this. Then we did some heeling and some sit- stays and down-stays. After this came out all the obstacles and we moved from obstacle to obstacle. There was an instructor at each obstacle to help the humans and the pups. First we heeled around the sticks that they called weave poles and that was so simple. After that we did a bit harder exercise where we had to walk between two pieces of wood and then we had to back through another two pieces of wood. The backing up part was harder but I got it because we do some backing up in our show handling class. After that I had to walk on a beam that was about 8 inches off the ground. At first I didn't know what Mommy wanted and I only put my front paws up. When we tried it the second time I figured it out and jumped on and walked the whole beam. The next obstacle was to jump through a circle cut in some wood. The bottom of the circle was up high (at least for me, remember I am a little dog) about 15 inches. I did not know what Mommy wanted to do with that so after a few tries we left it and decided to do the other jumps and come back. I then jumped over a bar jump and a high jump with no problem. Then it was back to the circle and I jumped through it with no problem at all. If only humans would say what they wanted it would make the whole thing so much easier! After that we had to walk through an obstacle course which was a series of a tire, a black plastic tub and a tire, another black plastic tub and then another tire and a black plastic tub. No problems at all and I just jumped into the middle of the tire and then to the tub and then to the tire etc etc. Some pups were really having trouble with jumping into the black tub. Then we practiced the door. I had to do a sit stay and Mommy opened the door and stepped out and I couldn't move. Then Mommy called me out and I had to sit beside her again while she closed the door. Then we repeated the process and went the other way. Again no problems! We then did an exercise where we were learning the "settle" command. The instructors handed out toys and the humans were supposed to get the pups as wired as they could -jumping and playing. This was so much fun!!! Then the humans would say "settle" and the pups had to lie down and be quiet. It was hard but I did it and Mommy was so proud of me!!!! Then we all got a mat and we sat on it with our human. Our humans were instructed to examine us all over. Look in our mouths, our ears, pick up our paws etc etc..... That was an easy exercise for me. Then that was it - the class was over. The instructor said that the exercises will be harder next week ... I sure hope I can handle it!! Mommy says I am a smart pup and not to worry. I had so much fun and I can hardly wait to go back next week. What a nice way to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon!!!

Mommy is now hoping that my tummy doesn't get upset from all the treats and excitement. She said one more dose of medicine and if everything goes well there should be no more medicine for me! Yahoo!!


We had a Bad Night!

January 6th 2007 11:19 pm
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I have been feeling better all day today. I played and played all day. My stool is firm and I have not puked even once. I really hate my medicine and not even the chicken is making me like it. As soon as I see it come out of the fridge I am out of there and hiding. Mommy doesn't seem to like this game of catching me. She always gets me and I end up with my medicine. If all goes well tomorrow should be my last day on my medicine.

We had a real bad night last night. I decided to sleep with Jennifer last night which I do once in a while. At about 4 am Jennifer pooped in her bed. She pooped right in her bed and I was sleeping in there! She thinks I am gross about throwing up in her bed but this is even worse. I went up the stairs to Mommy's bed and woke her up right away. Mommy had to get up and clean the bed and clean Jennifer. Well, we finally settle back to bed and I decide I am not going to sleep with poopy Jennifer but I will sleep with Mommy. I go and snuggle in with Mommy and all of a sudden she says, "Oh Jelly, you smell like poop!". We are up again and it seems that my breath smells like poop. I guess I must of ate some of Jennifer's poop, I don't know why but I guess I did it. So Mommy had to brush my teeth and wash my beard. We then go back to bed and by this time we had been up for a long time. Everyone is just dozing back to sleep and I have to burp and I throw up a little. It goes on Mommy and on the sheets. So Mommy is up again changing sheets and putting on new pj's. Finally we get back to bed and get to sleep. Mommy was okay about most of it. She says that Jennifer is old and gets confused sometimes. She also said that my burp was not my fault. For some reason she wasn't so understanding about eating poop. I can't figure that one out, can you????

If I feel well tomorrow I am starting my Intro course to agility. I hope I am well and that I can go. I will write about it tomorrow.


Yak, I don't like my medicine!

January 5th 2007 9:27 pm
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I am taking the medicine that the vet gave to me yesterday. It is just awful! Mommy keeps it in the fridge because the vet said that it wouldn't taste as bad if it is cold. If this is an improvement I sure wouldn't want to know what it is really like! I just see that medicine coming out of the fridge and let me tell you I run! Then Mommy started to offer me chicken at the same time as she was holding the medicine bottle. I can't help it but I just can't resist the chicken. She now gives me a piece of chicken, then squirts the medicine in my mouth and then gives me another piece of chicken. A little bit of bad taste is sure worth all the yummy taste of chicken!

I think the medicine is working. I did not throw up today which I am certain Jennifer is happy about (read my diary from yesterday) BOL! Mommy says my tummy is still making lots of noise. The only thing I can eat is chicken mixed with rice. Now that is real yummy!

Mommy worked hard today and got our new pictures downloaded from the camera. Then she had to make them smaller for the web site. She finally updated our pages! I thought I would have a Christmas page until March but Mommy acted pretty quick this time! Thank-you Mommy!

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