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The Adventures of Jelly

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Show Handling Classes

March 13th 2007 8:50 pm
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Today I went to my show handling classes. You can sure tell that a show is coming up in two weeks because there are more pups in classes now. We did the regular things - walk around together or individually, down and back, triangles, stacking on the table, watch me's and moving back. It was lots of fun because I just love being there with all the pups. Reese and Bounce were there again today and I just love seeing them. Mommy says I am going to go and stay with Reese and Bounce for 5 nights when she is away in April. I think I am going to really look forward to that!

I also had to have my picture taken so I can get my registration papers from the AKC. The AKC wants a side shot standing and a front shot. I am CKC registered but I am going to make my American show debute in June and I have to get my AKC registration papers. Since both my fur parents are AKC registered it is fairly easy to do. I guess I should tell you what those letters mean. CKC stands for the Canadian Kennel Club and AKC stands for the American Kennel Club. Mommy just reminded me that I should always bark in plain language and not assume that pups know what I am talking about.


I Survived!

March 12th 2007 10:38 pm
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I survived my ordeal of the weekend! I never thought I would be happy to see Mommy go to work but today I sure was. It must have done the trick because she didn't want to do any grinding or grooming on me today.

We finally have our high speed Internet! Yahoo! The man came to install it this evening and let me tell you he was all over the house. He came in the livingroom and pulled out our TV and then he went into the computer room and pulled out the computer and finally he even went down into the basement and pulled some things apart down there too. Mommy said he had a big job because he had to "fish" the cable through the finished ceiling in the basement, whatever that means. He also drilled two holes in our floor upstairs. What a distructive guy he was! I was getting worried that he was going to knock our house down. I stayed with Mommy the whole time and for some reason she didn't seem too upset about it. Now Mommy says we have something called high-speed Internet. The first thing we did was watch some pups' videos. We have never been able to watch videos before because our dial-up was too slow. Mommy says it is going to take her awhile to realize that we aren't going to get cut-off every 15 minutes in prime time and that she doesn't have to type everything real quick to get it done before she is cut off. Mommy used to type like a mad woman to get our diary entries done before we would get cut off. BOL!!!


Today was a Nightmare!

March 11th 2007 5:02 pm
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Today ended up being a continuation of yesterday. Yesterday I wrote about how I was almost drowned twice and then I was almost suffocated! Today started out pretty normal for a Sunday. Mommy then started to play with something called a Dremel Grinder and I was ignoring her because it didn't look too exciting. She then picked me up and started to grind my toe nails. I don't know why she would want to torture a little pup like me! She did every one of my nails on my front paws and then went back and did all the front nails again. What a mean, mean Mommy! Finally she decided that I had enough torture and she let me go. I just ran away as fast as I could to another part of the house. Then Mommy pretended to be nice to me and ask if I wanted to go for a car ride. I was so excited that finally something nice was going to happen to me. We got in the car and away we went for a nice ride. As soon as Mommy stopped the car I recognized where I was, I was at the doggy building where I take most of my classes. Yahoo!!!! When we walked in there were a number of pups in the ring and some barked at me so I barked back. This was sure looking like it would be a fun time!!! Then Mommy took me into another little room and my Auntie Sherry (another one of my breeders who I haven't wrote about before) was there grooming another affie that I have only seen once before. Then do you know what happened????? The other affie got put in his crate and I was put on the grooming table. Now it was two big humans against one little pup, namely me!!!!! One person held me and the other worked on me. I had my hair pulled, yep you heard me right my hair pulled!!! I also had that razor thing on my ears and I had my face scissored! This was so not what I thought I would be doing when I walked in the building. Finally that was over and I thought I would be able to go to doggy school. But I was wrong again and Mommy just put me back into my crate and we went back home. Finally when I got home I thought I could relax and get over my stressful day but wrong again!!! Mommy got out that big sucky thing that she uses on the floor and started to go all over the house. I was running everywhere to get away from it. I think there is lots more torture to come from the sounds of things. I heard Mommy talking to someone on the phone about getting a "toy grooming table" on Wednesday. It is a smaller grooming table that is 36" high which is better to torture little pups on!!! We already have two grooming tables and Mommy wants a third one because she says she needs the smaller one to take to dog shows because it is easier to carry and haul around. She forgot to say "and easier to torture little pups with!". I wonder what I can do to keep this table from getting delivered on Wednesday??? Maybe I can sneak out and change our address so they can't find our house??? Do you think I would sound mean enough that I could scare the person away??? I know , I know the best idea!!! When Mommy is at work I should e-mail the person and tell them we have changed our mind and we don't want the table any more! Yep, that is a good idea and now I just have to figure out how to get out of my pen and to the computer tomorrow.......


Exciting Saturday

March 10th 2007 10:33 pm
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This morning we got up and Mommy said we were going for a car ride. Yahoo!! I just love car rides. She didn't say where we were going but I just jumped right into my crate and we were off. When the car stopped I found that we were at the vet. I don't really mind going there because nothing bad has ever happened to me there and all the people think I am so cute. When I walked in there were two little Chi's in one corner and a little poodle/bichon sitting on his Daddy's lap in the other. They started to bark at me so I sure let them have it and told them who was boss. Right away I was put back on the scale and my weight was recorded. I don't know what is with this vet clinic but they sure have a thing about taking pups weight. There is a scale right by the door and as soon as you walk in you have to go on the scale. Oh well, it doesn't bother me so I don't care. After that I got put into one of the exam rooms. I could still hear those pups barking so I had to growl to make sure they didn't come into my room. I had to protect my Mommy from them. Then my favourite vet, Dr. S wanted in. She is so nice to me and I have written about her before. The first thing she does is give me a kiss and I give her a kiss back. She then gets a treat and feeds me. Boy she sure has her priorities straight! While I was eating my real yummy treat she gave me a little prick in the back and it was all over. Mommy said I got my rabies shot. After that back in the car we went. Mommy asked me if I wanted to go shopping and of course I did. I just love shopping. The first place we stopped was at a grooming shop/doggy boutique that a friend of my Mommy owns. Mommy chatted for awhile and we looked around the store. This is the same store where Mommy bought my pretty black sweater with the pink flowers from and also my chaise lounge. There wasn't much new in the store today. We were told that the spring collection should be there in about a month. I heard Mommy say that we would come back. I sure hope so because I want to keep up with the latest fashion. After that we got back into the car and drove to another one of my favourite stores. This one is a doggy boutique in a very trendy part of the City. It was the same story, not much new in and that the spring line will be another month. We did buy some more tinned Merrick food for me. We got my favourite - Grammy's Pot Pie, Turducken and Thanksgiving Day Dinner. By that time I was getting tired and we drove home. Mommy said that I was likely tired because of the rabies shot and I curled up and went to sleep for awhile.

This evening Mommy decided that I had to have a bath. She said I am going to see my Auntie Lorna (my breeder) tomorrow and she is going to help put some finishing touches on my grooming. I don't like having showers very much. Mommy takes the big spray thing and squirts me all over with water. She was almost drowning me because I was snorting and I was getting water in my eyes. Then she rubbed this strange smelling shampoo all over and then she tried to drown me again with more water. After that she wrapped me in a towel and put me on the grooming table. Then she tried to suffocate me by blowing hot air all over me. Finally it was over and I survived but barely! Then she put my nice robe on and I got to curl up in the living room.

I think that is about enought excitement for one pup in a day and I am pretty tired right now and I had better get to bed. Remember pups, the clocks spring forward tonight!


Today is Friday! Yahoo!

March 9th 2007 11:53 pm
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Today is Friday and I love Friday's because that means the weekend is here. This morning Mommy slept in and all of a sudden she was up real fast. I was just really enjoying cuddling up with Mommy for a longer length of time this morning. I thought maybe she had the day off work but no that was not it. I sure have never seen Mommy do zoomies like that around the house. In no time she was up, had us outside, feed us our breakfast , got ready for work and was out the door. I don't think I would like our mornings to be like that every day.

This evening was my agility class which I love so much. We started off by doing this target thing with Mommy wanting me to touch my nose to a margarine container lid. I sure can't figure this out and it is rather boring. I have decided to spruce this game up so instead of touching my nose to the lid I do other things. I love to run at the lid and start scratching it and pawing at it and sometimes I can be so smart that I pick it up and bring it to Mommy. But no Mommy doesn't like that and she only wants me to touch my nose to it. How boring!! After that the fun part started and the agility obstacles came out. I got to work with the weave poles for the very first time and I was starting to catch on. Now this is much more fun then that stupid margarine container lid. After that I worked on the teeter tater. They had it so it hardly moved and was more like a level plank. That was so easy and I zoomed across that in no time. After that I got to jump over 3 bar jumps in a row. Mommy put me on a sit-stay and walked to the other end and called me over the bar jumps. Now this is fun! After that Mommy called me over the three bar jumps and then directed me over to the weave poles - more fun! Then we did three bar jumps in a row but the weren't lined up and I had to follow Mommy's direction. Then the class was over. Boy did that hour every go fast! I look forward to agility class all week and when it finally arrives it is finished in no time.


Mommy's Trip is Cancelled!

March 8th 2007 8:27 pm
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My good friend Caffrey has started a campaign called "No Trips for Mums". His Mommy has left him for two whole weeks. We can really relate to Caffrey because our Mommy goes away on trips too. We know it is work trips but regardless Mommy isn't home with us. Jennifer and I decided that we would join Caffrey's campaign and we are always chanting "No Trips for Mums, No Trips for Mums!". Guess what??? It has actually worked because Mommy's trip that she was suppose to go on next week has been cancelled. I know it has to be the result of Caffrey's very well planned out campaign. Yahoo!!! BOL!!! I was doing an affie dance and Jennifer was wagging her little tail so hard I thought it was going to fall off when we heard the news. So pups, come and join us on this campaign. Let's all chant together pups, "No Trips for Mums, No Trips for Mums, No Trips for Mums, Stay Home with your Pup, Stay Home with your Pup, Stay Home with your Pup, No Trips for Mums, No Trips for Mums, No Trips for Mums................."


Jennifer was Diary of the Day!

March 6th 2007 8:54 pm
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This was another really good day. I seem to be have lots of these lately but I am sure not complaining. The first thing that happened is early this morning Mommy found out that Jennifer was the "Diary of the Day". Yep, we couldn't believe it either and just the very next day after I was "Diary of the Day"!!! Mommy was surprised when I got the honour but she said she was totally stunned when Jennifer got the same thing the very next day. I was so excited and happy for Jennifer. Since I am a young pup it seems that I am always the one doing things and coming home with prizes and Jennifer is always in the background supporting me. It was so, so nice to see her get an honour. I was just so happy for my sister Jennifer. Thanks to all the pups that made this a special day for her.

Tonight I went out to my handling classes. The instructor told Mommy that I was really moving well which is a really good thing for a show dog. I got to meet my Auntie Lorna again. There was also my good buddy Reese who I just love playing with. Bounce was there too and I didn't growl at her tonight and I just wanted to play. For those of you that don't know Reese is my half brother (we have the same Daddy) and Bounce is my half sister (we have the same Mommy). I am now getting pretty tired so I think I had better go have a sleep. I will bark at you another day!


Diary of the Day

March 5th 2007 9:00 pm
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I just couldn't believe it when Mommy told me I was "Diary of the Day". I got so excited that I did my little affie dance right in the middle of the computer room. Arooooooo......... It really took me and Mommy by surprise. Mommy always checks her e-mail and our Dogster pages in the morning before she goes to work. This morning she didn't because she was so busy. Then she was at a meeting all morning. It wasn't until this afternoon that we found out that I was Diary of the Day!

There is just so many thanks that I want to give. As a small pup there is no way that I could have got Diary of the Day by myself. First, I want to thank Dogster for having such a great place where we can share our pictures and write our diaries. Then I just have to thank my Mommy for all her typing, it would be really hard for me to type with my paws. I also want to thank all my pup pals in Dogster who read my diary and who send me such wonderful p-mails about my activities. Then I want to thank all the pups today who have been giving me rosettes and sending me p-mail and pup pal requests with such warm wishes. Thank-you everypup and every human! Mommy will write everypup but she is very slow. She loves rosettes, p-mail and pup pal requests and she reads everything on every pups page and looks at all their photos. She thinks that is what the real fun is all about.

Now for the bad news. If I bark, "ring, ring, ring" do you know what I am barking about???? Yep, we still have this goofy dial-up internet and we are so disappointed. The high speed Internet company was suppose to come between 5 pm and 9 pm tonight. Jennifer, Mommy and I sat at home anxiously waiting for them to come to hook us up. At 8 pm we got a phone call that said they couldn't come out because they are behind schedule due to problems at some of the other hook-ups. We couldn't get another appointment until March 12th which is one full week away. I guess we have to put up with all our problems on the dial-up for another week. Check out my Feb. 25th diary entry to see all the problems we have. The good news, if there is such a thing, is we have our dial-up until the end of March so we can keep up with our Dogster activities.

I will bark at you another day pups!


Videos Here We Come!

March 4th 2007 5:16 pm
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Today was a nice Sunday. We spent the day at home. Mommy only went out for a short time this afternoon. Tomorrow is the big day that we jump out of the dark ages and get our high speed internet. BOL! I can hardly wait. We can then start posting and watching videos. Yahoo! Hopefully this change will go seamless - cut off one internet and hook up the other but Mommy is kind of worried about it. The new internet company also supplies our TV cable. They claim that they can make this change over in an evening appointment but Mommy knows someone else who had lots of problems. Something about having to upgrade the TV box as well and it took a few hours. Hopefully this won't happen to us and we will be on line later tomorrow evening with our high speed internet. If you don't hear from us for a few days you will know something went wrong. :( Hopefully I will bark at you tomorrow pups. Wish me luck!


My Annifursary

March 3rd 2007 5:05 pm
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What a great day this is! It is my one year annifursary with my Mommy. I just love living here and my Mommy says she loves me more then she thought she ever could and that she can't imagine living without me. My Mommy had wanted an Affenpinscher for over 20 years and she says my breed is even better then she imagined. How great is that! My Auntie Lorna (my breeder) did a great job finding me a furever home. I still remember coming home for the first time and meeting Jennifer. We growled at each other a couple of times but then that was it. We have never had a fight in the whole year. When I get too much for Jennifer she just gives me one big bark and then I settle down. At first Mommy thought that I would sleep in my crate at night but that didn't last long. Within a couple of weeks I had her totally trained to let me sleep in the bed. BOL! So sleeping in bed is where I have been ever since and my Mommy says she wouldn't have it any other way. I have just a wonderful life. I don't like my Mommy going to work but as much as I complain about it I know that she has to so we can buy food, treats and toys. My Mommy takes me to doggy school and doggy shows which I love. She buys me everything that I need and most of what I want. I just love it, love it and love it. My wish is that all pups can find a home like I have.

Today was a great day. We woke up in the morning and my Mommy sang Happy Annifursary to me. She sang:

Happy Annifursary to you
Happy Annifursary to you
Happy Annifursary dear Jelly
Happy Annifursary to you

I then gave her a great big kiss. Then it was present time. I got a small squeaky mat that has 16 squeakers in it, a felt braided rope toy, a white blanket with paw prints to keep me warm, a bully stick and a package of my favourite bagels. Mommy was home with me most of the day and we played games, went outside and cuddled. For supper I got my favourite meals which is tinned Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner and for desert my favourite Nutro desert which is pumkin crumble. What a great day!

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