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The Adventures of Jelly

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Another Doggy Show

March 25th 2007 5:49 pm
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Today is Sunday and another day at the doggy, well actually a half a day. Mommy and I arrived at the show at about 9:30 am. My Auntie Lorna arrived shortly after and I got to play in the exercise pen with my buddy and half brother Reese. It was then time to get on the grooming table and get all groomed up. At 11 am it was time to play in the ring again. I was just beautiful and I behaved so well. I really understand what I am suppose to do in the ring and I do it very well. After that we packed up all our things into the car and left. I must admit that Mommy's new grooming table is so much easier to haul around. On the way home we stopped at a doggy store that advertised that they do Easter pictures. Mommy thought it would be a great time to get a picture taken because I was all groomed up. We went into the store and they said they had no one who could operate the camera and we should come back during the week. That was kind of disappointing. Mommy hasn't decided if she will go back or if we will just take my Easter picture at home.

Mommy said she was so proud of me this weekend at the doggy show. I am a real slow maturing pup and Mommy says I need to mature some more before I can be a serious show dog. Mommy is thinking that this year I should go to just a few shows to keep in practice and I would spend my time concentrating on obedience and agility instead. By next year I should be able to start competing in obedience if I work hard and we can start showing seriously after I mature. That shoulds fine with me. I love doing anything that involves going places with my Mommy.

Today is my Auntie Donna's birthday. She is my Mommy's real sister and she lives real far away from us. I barked in my diary about wrapping her present last week. Happy Birthday Auntie Donna!


Pawsome Day

March 24th 2007 11:05 pm
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This was just a pawsome day because I was at a doggy show. I just love it because it is one big party. All my favourite humans and pups set up together in the grooming area. I get so much attention from the humans and I get to play in the exercise pen with some of the pups. The humans sometimes even get some food and my Mommy usually gives me some. We get to go play in the doggy show ring and then come back to the grooming area for all the fun. I wish we could go to a doggy show every weekend because it is so much fun!

Today was extra special because I got to meet Clover's Mommy! Yep that is right, I met Clover's Mommy for real. She was so nice and said nice things to me and even brought me a beautiful card. Then she watched me in the doggy show ring. I showed so well in the ring to impress Clover's Mommy so she would see what a good pup I am. My Mommy said that I did everything really well and that I couldn't have done any better. Clover's Mommy is going to fly to Vancouver to pick up her new pup this week. I am told that Vancouver is real far away. What a lucky pup that is going to be to have a furever home with Clover's Mommy! Good luck Clover's Mommy and the new little pup!

On the way home from the doggy show Mommy stopped in at one of my favourite pet shops. This pet shop has real sentiment meaning to me because that is where I got my monkey from. Mommy was asking them about getting a babble ball. We saw the babble ball in my pal's Caffery's video and we sure would like one. While we were there Mommy bought me a real cozy cushion for my crate. What a lucky pup I am!

I better go now pups because I need my beauty sleep because I have to go to the doggy show again tomorrow.


Friday, March 23rd - Busy Day!

March 24th 2007 1:24 am
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Today is Friday and I always love Fridays! Mommy came home with a bag with something in it and hid it in her closet. She said it was my Easter gift! I wonder what she bought me???

We are busy getting ready for the doggy show. Yesterday Mommy took our grooming table and a chair to the doggy show to "claim our space". Doggy shows are always like that with people going early to lay our their grooming space. Mommy is set up with my Auntie Lorna. I am really looking forward to seeing Bounce and Reese. Then there is Casper who is a finished champion. I growled at him on doggy school night but I do that to every pup at first to let them know who is boss. I do like him too, he is a rather handsome fellow.

Tonight we went to agility class and there were only two of us. For some reason I am scared of the dog walk and I don't know why. I had been doing it very well and all of a sudden I am scared. There must be new monsters there, yep that is it - new monsters! I am okay going down and going across but I don't want to go up. We were working on that today. We also worked on the weave poles and the bar jump. I did a good job with these!

After I got home from doggy classes I had to have a bath! Mommy said that dirty, stinky pups are not allowed at the show. I think she was exaggerating because I was not dirty or stinky! I do look and smell nice right now!


Mommy was too tired......

March 21st 2007 7:15 pm
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I didn't get to make a diary entry yesterday which was so disappointing because I had so much to bark about. My Mommy said she was too tired last night to do my typing. I just don't understand why she couldn't get a bit more energy to type for me. I know she had a busy day but you would think that your pup would be top priority and she would have done it anyways. Let's see, she got up at 6:30 am, worked all day, went directly to another meeting after work and got home about 7:05 pm. She then quickly changed her clothes and put me outside to potty and we were on the road to doggy school by 7:15 pm. We got home about 9:45 pm and then she put me and Jennifer out and feed us our supper. She then had her supper. At this point it was 11:30 pm and Mommy said she was going to bed. The end result was no diary! You pups will have to bear with me if this diary entry is longer because I have to do two days in one.

As I said we went to doggy school last night. I was really wired when I got there because I had no time at all to wear any energy off after Mommy got home. It was outside quick and right into my crate so we could go to doggy school. All the other pups were wired there to. My half sister Bounce is just a young pup and she was in season so she was more wired then normal. My half brother Reese was all upset about Bounce being in season so he was wired. I don't know what was wrong with all the other crazy pups but they were wired too. We had so much fun acting up in class although I don't think the humans liked it much. My Mommy hopes that I got it all out of my system and that I will be calmer for the doggy show this weekend. Mommy called me a "crazy pup".

Tonight had good points and bad points. Mommy decided to torture me again and she was using that Dremel grinder on my nails. I must say my nails are looking better. She said we will grind a bit more off tomorrow. I have been talking about how I have been walking all over the snow banks in my backyard. For some reason I have decided that I have to poop on top of the highest snow bank! I just have to put that poop up there for everyone to see. This bugs Mommy because she can't get up there to do her pooper scooper thing so she said we won't be able to pick those poops up until the snow melts. BOL!!! This afternoon when Mommy let me out I walked on the snow as usual but it wasn't as hard as it had been because it was warm today and I was sinking into spots. I got to the farthest corner of the yard and then I couldn't get back to the door. I forgot which way I had come and I was trying to get back to the door on different routes and I kept sinking too much. I was stranded in the farthest corner of my yard! Mommy wouldn't come out to rescue me either which I thought was pretty mean. She kept encouraging me to come and directing me to the path with the least snow. Finally I got back to the door but for a few minutes I thought I would be stranded out there all night!

I think I have barked enought for today and I will bark at you again another time.


I was so tired......

March 19th 2007 8:32 pm
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I was real tired this evening. Mommy did some shopping after work so she got home a little bit late at about 5:30 pm. I was happy to see Mommy and I did my usual greeting. I went outside to potty and then I just wanted to sleep. I was so tired! This is strange for me because I usually want to zoom around the house and play with my monkey. Mommy made her supper and she had one of my very favourites, yummy chicken pieces. I didn't beg at all and I just watched from my circled up spot in my doggy bed. Then she had my favourite dessert - apple pie. Again I was not interested, I just wanted to sleep. Mommy tried to feed me about 7 pm and I just circled up and went to sleep. Mommy then started to think about the condition of my pen when she got home and she started to piece my day together. When Mommy goes to work I stay in a 4 ft by 4 ft puppy pen. My pen has my bed, toys, water, puppy pad and play area. My pen looked like I had been busy all day playing. Everything was tossed around, paper was ripped and my toys were scattered. Mommy figured out that I played all day and didn't get my normal beauty sleep. Mommy just let me sleep and then at 10 pm I woke up and I was as wide awake and playful as ever! I went outside and pottied again and zoomed around the yard until my feet got cold. Then I came in and had a big supper and now I am playing like crazy. Mommy just hopes that I will sleep tonight so she can get some sleep! BOL!!! I better go now pups and run off some of this energy...........


New Pictures

March 18th 2007 7:26 pm
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I had a great day today at home with Mommy. I just love playing outside especially now that the weather is a little warmer and I have the run of my whole yard again. I kept driving Mommy crazy all day asking out to play. For awhile it was raining and then we were getting big wet snow flakes. I just loved running all around my yard and getting covered with all those big snow flakes. Mommy isn't too happy about my new freedom in the yard because she can't see me all the time now especially at night. The snow by our back fence is not as high and I can walk along the back fence and Mommy can't see me because of the higher snow. She puts the light on at night but she still has trouble seeing me. During the day she can see the tip of my tail walking along so it doesn't worry her as much. Mommy is sure a worry wart and she stands and watches me the whole time I am out there.

Did you see my new pictures?? There are three new ones. The first is my main picture that my Mommy loves. She made it into a 5X7 and put it in a frame and is going to put it on her desk at work. Mommy already has lots of pictures of me at work but she wanted that one too. Just think, Mommy can sit and admire me all day. I love the 2nd picture because it is me sitting on my ducky. That sure is comfortable! The third one is the picture of me with snow all over my face. I love digging in the snow and I am always coming in with snow all over me. What do you think of my pictures?


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 17th 2007 8:22 pm
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I hope everypup had a good St. Patrick's Day. I had a good day but Saturdays are always pretty good. We slept in this morning which I just love. Yesterday evening I discovered that I can now walk on top of all the snow in my yard. All winter I have been confined to a small area that Mommy had dug out for us to potty. During the winter I have tried to go through the deep snow but I would just sink in and I didn't like it at all. The snow was 3 or 4 feet deep all over our yard and since I am only 10 inches tall I didn't like sinking into the snow. Now I can walk on top and boy did I have a good time today running all over the yard. Freedom at last!! I was driving Mommy crazy today always asking out to play. I am looking forward to running on top of the snow again tomorrow.

Another thing that I am doing that is driving Mommy crazy is I am not eating very much. I am healthy and lively but I just don't eat as much food as Mommy wants me to. I have always been a picky eater and Mommy always worries about it. For some reason in January and February I was really eating lots and Mommy was so happy. Mommy wants me to be a good weight for the upcoming doggy shows. So what do I do??? Just before the start of all our shows I go back to being a picky eater!!! BOL!!! This drives Mommy nuts!

I wasn't too happy this evening when Mommy went out without me. She went out to a movie and dinner and did not take me!!!! Why would she ever want to do that???? We love watching movies together on our TV and I curl up with Mommy and we have such a good time. Why didn't she just watch a movie on TV or rent one so I could watch too??? Then going out for supper without me is terrible. If she didn't want to cook why didn't she talk on that phone thing and get food delivered. A person comes right to our door and hands us real yummy food. How good is that???? Why couldn't she do that so I could enjoy it too??? But no, she had to go out. I guess I forgive her because she didn't stay out too late and came home and played with me and gave me my favourite supper which is tinned Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner.


A Busy Day!

March 16th 2007 8:20 pm
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I am just a busy pup like I always am. Mommy says no grass grows under my feet. I guess she must be right because I looked under all four paws and nope there was no grass.

Tonight I went to my agility classes. We were a couple of minutes late because we couldn't find the collar that I wear for classes. Mommy thought it was a big deal but I didn't. We just put on my walking collar that has all my nice tags that jingle when I walk. I like that collar better anyways. I have no idea where that other collar went....oh well I guess it is something for Mommy to worry about tomorrow. I know I won't lose any sleep over it! BOL!!!

In class tonight we actually ran a 12 obstacle agility course. There really weren't 12 obstacles but the course was all numbered and sometimes we doubled back and did the same obstacle twice. Let me see if I can remember the order - 1. dog walk 2. bar jump 3. tunnel with a curve 4. bar jump 5. bar jump 6. down stay in hoop 7. bar jump 8. dog walk #1 9. bar jump #4 10.tunnel #3 11. Bar jump #2 12. Bar jump #7. I wish I could draw you a picture pups then you could really see what I am talking about.

You have to remember that this is all new to me. I have never been through a real course and I especially have never done it off leash. I started out good and went over the dog walk and the bar jump but then we got to the tunnel and I stopped and would not go in. I think the instructor was all confused because she thought we had done a tunnel with a big curve before but we sure didn't! All the other pups are repeating the course and I am the only pup that is there for the first time so I was the only one who hasn't seen a curved tunnel before. There was no way I was going in there because I couldn't see the end. You never know what could be around the curve. I could have fallen off the face of the earth or there could be a big mean monster waiting to grab me when I go around that corner. There was no way I was going in there!!!! So we finally just completed the course without the tunnel. After all the pups ran the course then I had a training session with the tunnel. The instructor made the tunnel go straight and I went through with no problem. Then they started to make a curve in the tunnel and gradually each time I went through they made it more of a curve until I understood that I was safe going through the tunnel. Then we all took turns running the course again. I had no problems the second time and I did all the obstacles. Then it was time to run the course for the third time. By this time our class was almost over and new pups were starting to arrive for the next class. This really had me concerned because I had to be on guard and bark at each pup. Mommy tried to get me to run the course again but there was no way! I wouldn't take my eyes off those new pups. A small pup like me can't be too careful because you never know when one of those new pups would attack me or my Mommy or steal my treats. Mommy knew that she had to keep going until I did a couple of the jumps so we could stop on a positive note. Mommy made me focus and I did a couple of bar jumps and we called it a night! I am looking forward to going to classes again next week.

Boy did I ever discover something cool today and my Mommy isn't too happy. I have deep snow all over my yard that is about 2 ft to 3 ft deep. I am only 10 inches tall so that is deep snow for me. Mommy has dug us out an area to potty in and that is as far as I have been able to go all winter. I would try to walk in the deep snow and I would sink so I stayed in the dug out part. Today the neighbours dog was outside and I got all excited and I jumped into the snow and surprise, surprise - I didn't sink!!! I now can run all over my back yard on top of the snow!!!! I am only 6 pounds and Mommy says with all the melting and freezing we have been having the snow banks are much more solid. Now I run all over my yard again and it is wonderful!!! What Mommy doesn't like about it is that she can't get to me. I am 6 lbs and Mommy is.... oops if I know what is good for me I won't say! All I can say is that Mommy is much more then 6 lbs and she sinks when she walks in the snow. Now Mommy is worried that I won't come in when she wants me to and she will be late getting to work or to wherever else she has to go. I have a feeling that this just might make some interesting diary entries in the future! BOL!!!!!


The Show Schedule Arrived

March 15th 2007 9:55 pm
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The show schedule for my first show of the season arrived today. It is March 24th and 25th. Yahoo!! It has been a few months since I have been at a doggy show with my last show being at the end of October. We have enjoyed a few months off but I am sure looking forward to going back to the shows. It is just a great place to have fun. All the humans stand and sit around and chat in the grooming area while us pups play in our exercise pens and bark at each other. Then we get to go into the doggy ring and play. I love walking around the ring and seeing all the people and pups. Mommy also gives me such yummy treats in the ring. After that it is back to the grooming area for more relaxation. Sometimes I get to go back in the ring again and sometimes I don't. I haven't figured it out but somehow going back into the ring more then once seems to be a good thing. At the bigger shows there is usually lots of booths set up that are selling things for pups. My Mommy takes me to all the booths and I am very good at telling her what I want. It is such a good time for bonding between me and my Mommy.

I am extra excited about this coming show because Clover's Mommy is going to come and watch the show. This will be the first time that we have met one of our Dogster pals. I am really looking forward to meeting Clover's Mommy!


The Grooming Table Arrived! / Will I be a Movie Star?

March 14th 2007 10:50 pm
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The grooming table arrived today! It is the small toy grooming table that I barked about a few days ago that Mommy wanted to take to the shows. I tried real hard to stop the arrival of this grooming table but it did not work. Actually thinking about it now it likely doesn't make a difference. Mommy would torture me at the shows regardless because last year she took our bigger table. I must admit that this table is very nice and small and will be so much easier for Mommy to haul. It has legs that can be set up at 20 inches so Mommy can sit in a chair and groom or they can be expanded and set up at 36 inches tall so it is very comfortable for Mommy to stand and groom. Now Mommy is saying she needs a toy grooming arm because our regular grooming arms are just too big. BOL!!! When the table is set at 20 inches our grooming arm doesn't work at all because it is too long and hits the floor. When the table is at 36" it doesn't work either because the piece that goes over the table is too long because it is designed for a wider table. Oh well, Mommy will just have to spend more money to torture me. Hmm..over $200.00 for the table and now a new grooming arm, this is getting expensive!

We are really liking our new high speed internet. Mommy still hasn't got used to the idea that we won't get cut off every 10 or 15 minutes and she is still typing like a mad woman. We also have been enjoying all the great videos that pups' have. There are a few bonuses with this internet that we never even thought about. Our internet provider is also the same company that supplies our digital TV. The internet comes out of the TV box which gives us some interesting options. Now Mommy can sit in the living room and read her e-mail on the TV! BOL! She can also prepare digital photo albums and then show them on the TV! This means that my smiling little face is going to be on our TV. Does this make me a movie star??

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