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A Dogs Life as written by Shelby


September 9th 2008 12:11 pm
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It's been a little while now and mom had a hard time with this but I went over to rainbow bridge on new years day. Mom did what she had to do for me. She watched me suffer and it scared her as much as it scared me. So she released me from my suffering to go to a happy place where I won't suffer no more and wait for her with all her other furbabies that came and went before me. She has filled in the space with 2 more (kind of nice to know it took 2 puppies to take my place) but she has not replaced me, I know she still aches in her heart for me cause I feel it too. She loves them just as much, in a different way the way she loved me different from the others but she loves us all just as much. Thank you to all my pup pals for being pals. I hope you will want to be pals with the brothers.. they are ok I guess...I do know they are driving mom crazy... but that's was we do..

your forever yorkie friend


new friends

January 16th 2005 7:33 am
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Today mom got an invite for me to be pup pals...oh boy......more friends..I just love new friends


Sunday 12/14/04

December 12th 2004 8:21 am
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Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy, it must be time for that Santa person. Mom has wrapping paper and stuff all over the floor and she keeps hiding stuff from me. But I know what she is hiding, I heard it "squeak". And I smelled peanut butter...YUM YUM!!!! Oops she caught me peeking, she thought I was asleep, fooled her..Maybe if I sneak over a give her some kisses she will let me have them now. Nope that didn't work..she just kissed me back and told me I had to wait like everyone else on Santa's list. Oh what's this- a box of chocolate. It smells delicious. She caught me--NO she says and my sweet little face does not win her over this time. Well, I will keep trying. Hope Santa is good to all furbabies, cause you know we are all good!!!

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