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Seen & Heard: The Musings of a Very Vocal Girl...


January 27th 2009 7:03 pm
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I have been tagged to play this "sporty" game by my friend Fergie. Here's how it goes:

You caught the football pass, so here's the next "play" - hurry and pass the ball to 5 of your teammates so they can make a touch down. Write down 5 funny things about yourself. Also, please leave me a bone and ask those who visit your diary to leave you a bone so you will know they have been there! That's the "huddle"message, so let's line up and have some fun!!!

1. I'm a GIRLY GIRL and love to dress up!

2. I am a college graduate, have a Facebook page and once lived in
a fraternity house... ;-)

3. I was flower dog in my mom & dad's wedding!

4. I am very vocal and good at telling the humans when I need to go

5. I used to work in a Doggie Boutique called "The Dog Dish."

6. I am amused that some humans seem to think that I am a dog! I am
a little girl! I don't understand all this dog talk! I love dogs
and like to play with them...but really..I am just as human
as they are!

I'm going to p-mail five friends to get out there on the field and play!



March 3rd 2008 5:48 pm
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I have the BEST NEWS ever! My Emily & Glenn are coming to take me HOME.
Glenn decided that he would rather use his engineering degree than be a lawyer. So he got a job in Houston and they are moving back to Texas THIS WEEK. They will be here with me by friday night! LA turned out not to be their kind of place either...after all...there was no MOLLY there, but there was a LOT of TERRIBLE traffic. I'm so excited.. I cannot stop smiling! I had wondered if I would ever see my little family again... I really didn't understand where they went or why I couldn't go with them. After all, I finished college with them and even interned at the Dog Dish. We had been inseparable. All that matters now is that we will be moving into our new home next week. I will miss living with my furmom Peggy Sue, Holly, Oliver and my furless Grandparents...but we won't be too far away... and I know we will see each other a lot! OH, one other piece of news.... I am getting a new little furbling... a tiny Maltese girl named Minnie! She will have a lot to learn as she is only 9 weeks old, so I will have an important job helping Emily train her. I know she will be a great playmate! I can hardly wait!


Love & Hugs!


November 17th 2007 12:16 pm
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Hello Pals,
I know it's been a long time since I have written in my diary. Life is good, although I REALLY miss my Emily and Glenn. As some of you know, I have come to live with my furless Grandparents, my fur mom, Peggy Sue and my cousin, Holly. They have always been special to me. When "we" were in college in Tulsa, Oklahoma...I always looked forward to their visits & always really when our visits ended and they returned to Texas. Well, my Emily and Glenn were MARRIED in March....and graduated from college in May... We spent a fun summer together...then much to my surprise... Emily & Glenn packed 2 cars and DROVE AWAY to Los Angeles, California! I tried to jump into Emily's car, but she patiently explained that Glenn would be starting law school at UCLA and that DOGGIES WERE NOT ALLOWED...(can you imagine?!!!) their apartment complex. It is a university apartment... Since then they have looked and priced apartments in the area, only to find that moving would double their rent...which is already a lot! Would you believe, they even charge DOG RENT there? Goodness... I DO know how to conduct myself...and I am probably less destructive and noisy than the furless kids who live there! Emily says that she can hear them screaming in the playground several floors up! GRRRR... Emily and Glenn miss me too and promise to "collect" me ASAP...and they always keep their word. They know how special I am... BOL...By the way... I was the FLOWER DOG in "our" wedding. You can see my picture near the top of my page! The bride was beautiful....almost as beautiful as me, Molly!

Cavie Kisses!


A Special Day... Just for Molly

July 22nd 2007 3:33 pm
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OMD.... What a great day today turned out to be! It didn't start out that way! I was barely awake when my Grammie popped me into the bath-tub! This has never happened before, as neither of us are morning creatures! Grammie usually wakes up gradually after several cups of coffee (yuck!) And I like to sleep late myself at times!

Before I knew what was happening, Grammie, Grampie & I were in our car headed for Houston. An hour later we arrived at Reliant out & walked across a large parking lot... To my surprise....several other dogs were doing EXACTLY the same thing! Wow.... What a coincidink! The first dog we encountered was a GIANT dog.. a Pyrenees, my Grampie said...He was VERY friendly and charged over to me....OMD....I thought I had taken my last breath!!!! I reared up on my Grammie's leg....begging..."Pick me up....PULEEASE.......Help...." We kept seeing all kinds of dogs.... and absolutely NO cats! Hmmmm....nice.... Furless Grandparents explained that we had come to a big DOG SHOW!!!! At first I wasn't so sure about it all...but a lot of people stopped us to look at me and they were VERY nice...I felt very special. All sorts of humans asked to pet me... One little guy sort of stuck his finger in my eye.... but for the most part it was GREAT! The PUPARAZZI was there also...waiting for my arrival no doubt...They were very nice and asked before taking my picture... My Grampie decided that I was a "Chick Magnet" whatever that is... because there was just something about him carrying me.... no female human could resist stopping to pet me! Grammie wondered why that seemed to happen more when HE was carrying me! Knowing Gram she will do a study or a survey of some type on the subject. She analyzes things WAY too much... Grampie & me are just plain CUTE... It is very simple...Sheeesh..

I met a lot of beautiful Cavaliers and other breeds as well. Grammie told me that I was prettier and much more intelligent than the show dogs! Of course I already knew that. :-) I don't envy them... They get groomed A LOT...

There were lots of vendors selling all sorts of dog toys, beds, clothing, jewelry... etc... They let me pick out a new toy for Holly & me... I selected two stuffed fish -squeaky toys.. A rainbow trout & a walleye. I was reminded of the movie, Napoleon Dynamite & the "delicious bass" which thrilled his friend so much.... and thought Holly would like one! We also bought a new bed, INOVA dog food and treats....

We were all hungry, so we finally left the Dog Show and headed for Barnaby's! It is a very special human restaurant in Houston, Texas which allows DOGS...on the patio of course! It is named for the owners late, great sheepdog. They are so nice there. They bring a dog dish of nice cold water for all dogs while their humans have dinner. A tiny chihuahua, a huge boxer and another fuzzy yellow dog were also dining on the patio while we were there!

We returned home where Holly & Peggy & I began to fuss over the new loot! Most coveted by all is the nice soft bed! Peggy Sue wants it for her own and argues that we each got a fish after all! OMD.... All things are for Molly.. they just don't seem to understand.... I must go and defend my stuff....

All in all....a GREAT day.... and quality time with my Grandparents! Priceless!

Later Pals.. Cavie Kissies....Molly


A long day at work

July 22nd 2006 6:54 pm
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Today I worked ALL DAY with my human mom, Emily at the Dog Dish. Mom kept getting mad at me for barking at people and dogs, but she just needs to get over it! The days when cavaliers were supposed to be seen and not heard are OVER! I have to let everyone know I'm behind the counter...or how else will I get compliments and people telling me I'm beautiful??? I am a vocal girl and I will let the silly humans know when I need takes them so long to figure out what I'm saying sometimes...ugh...oh well at least I get free fabulous clothing, necklaces, and gourmet dog food.

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