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World Domination will be mine...

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Neither rain, nor sleet, nor...anything else

February 5th 2011 6:25 am
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will keep me from getting all my due Birthday Pressies!!!!

The Man and Maxwell came over last night. The last time I saw The Man was on my birthday eve. He had just come in from a long flight, so I cut him some slack, in terms of bringing a present for me.

When he showed up yesterday, I gently tapped him on the shoulder and asked where my loot was. He said he didn't have anything for me.

I. Was. Shocked!

I handed him the car keys and scootched his tushie out the door, telling him to return only bearing presents!

Oh. Did I forget to mention that we had 2 inches of ice on the roads, and 5 inches of snow on top of that???

But, being the good boy he is, he obliged (actually, in the interest of full disclosure, Mother drove her car, he was the passenger...).

A few hours later, they both returned with the most wonderful of presents for me: A flamingo with, like, a bajillion squeakies!
Oh, how I love it so! I love it so much, I won't let anyone else even touch it! It's mine! All mine!

See Sometimes, being "attitudy" pays off!


First things first...

February 2nd 2011 3:19 pm
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I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to all of my wonderful pup pals!! You all made my birthday so very, very special! Saying thanks doesn't seem sufficient, but Mother hid the credit card from me, so, for now, that's all I can do.
Thanks pals!!

Now, onto more pressing matters:
Like most of you, we've had some poo-poo weather. Most of you are experiencing weather much, much worse than we have in my part of Texas, but our weather is still poo-poo. We had an ice storm on Monday night/Tuesday morning. That's right - my birthday was cloaked in ice. Everything was covered in ice. Roads were dangerous. And, apparently, so were the sidewalks. At least, that's what Mother told me. She "claims" that the sidewalks were too icy to go for a walk. I didn't believe her, so she told me to go to the backyard and try to maneuver around. So. I did.

It didn't go well. I was slipping and sliding all around. It was not my finest moment. But I would not let that deter me from an actual walk out front!! Surely the front of the house is not as bad as the back of the house, right?

Mother held fast to her lies. No walkie for Izzy. This morning was the same BS. Except today, Mother left really early because she had to "go to work". Sure, she can drive into work, but can't take me for a walk...? Mmmmhmmm.

Mother came home from work looking a bit frazzled. She said she had a headache from driving on the ice. It took her 3x as long to drive to/from work as it normally does. More lies, I'm sure.

My pal Wesley manages to go out and about (way out and about!!!) with his Dad! Bad weather never slows them down! Wesley's dad plans for such weather and makes sure to continue with the adventures!! Not fair! Mother needs some snow shoes or crampons for the ice...

Fingers crossed for better weather soon!
Stay safe out there pups!


Today is my 8th birthday!!

February 1st 2011 7:03 am
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Wow! The other day at the dog park, I was running around like a pup (Mother thought it was because I was trying to catch the attention of a certain black lab that I found cute...lies, lies, all lies)! Zigging and zagging and romping with the younger pups. Age is just a number, pups!!

I was hoping that Mother would throw me a party (my Angel friend Daisy - the Gossip Hound- is having a party at the Bridge...let all your angel friends know!!), but no party for me. We had a snow/ice storm last night/this morning. Actually it's more of an ice storm with a light dusting of snow for aesthetic reasons. Therefore even if a party had been scheduled, no one could have made it in anyway. So, no fiesta, but I do spy a goodie bag from Pet-co!

I plan on making the most of my day by lounging on the couch and maybe the living room rug. You only turn 8 once, ya know!

Thanks to all my pals for the rosettes and kind words! Izzy Kissys to all!


Rules, rules, rules...

January 23rd 2011 2:24 pm
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Blah, blah, blah.

The Man does NOT allow doggies on the bed. Weird, right?!? This is not a problem-o for me, since I rarely stay overnight at the house in Crappy Town. Maxwell, strangely enough, seems to grasp the concept that no doggies on the bed at Dad's house, but yes doggies on the bed at Mom's house. He understands this rule, and doesn't fight it (although, he does get a pretty sweet tucking in at The Man's house - covered in a blanket and everything!!). I refuse to abide by this ridiculous rule!

Last night was one of the rare nights we all stayed in Crappy Town. The Man is on call this weekend, and as such, stays in Crappy Town so he can take care of patients and needy nurses at all hours of the night. The peeps went to bed around midnight (they stayed up to watch True Lies, a favorite of The Man's). Maxwell was tucked in on his bed in the bedroom, and I got all cozy on the couch in the living room. I waited to make my move.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Eventually the time came to make my move... The Man got up early to start rounds at the hospital. No sooner did the front door close behind him than I hippity-hopped onto the bed and curled up next to Mother.

She mumbled something about not being allowed on the bed, but I pretended like I didn't hear her. As it stands right now, my fur perfectly matches the color of the bedspread and sheets, so I knew I was pretty safe in terms of getting away with my devious behavior.

Eventually Mother decided to get out of bed, so she woke me up and told me to "get down before Dad comes home and sees this."

I had rested enough and had broken enough rules to feel good about myself, so I obliged.

I love being devious!


It's what I do...

January 16th 2011 6:46 am
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First of all, thanks to all my great, great minions, err, I mean, pals for sending me happy thoughts yesterday! Being a Diary Pick of the Day was made even more special because of you pups! Mother was distracted all day (and I'm not allowed on the computer unsupervised...) and didn't read the e-mail from Dogster HQ alerting us to the honor until 3:00 in the afternoon! By that time, she and The Man were talking carpet samples with the carpet guy and Mother was bored. She saw the e-mail and bumped into the carpet conversation to tell The Man about ME!! In his defense, The Man was smart enough to say, "Wow! That's great!!" before going back to the carpet talk. Good guy. So, thanks Pals!!

Now, onto my story...
As I mentioned previously, Mother was busy yesterday. She woke up EARLY and left us before the sun even came up. She didn't make it home until 9:00 last night. She played fetch and fed us, then went to bed.

I patiently waited for her to wake up and take me (us) for our morning walkie. I waited. And waited. And waited. Being the intuitive hound that I am, I knew Mother would have to wake up soon, or else we would be stuck walking in the rain. I could sense the rain was a-comin'. I stared at her. Nothing. I breathed on her. Nothing. Eventually, I walked over/on top of her. That worked. Mother looked outside and realized that she had better get up if she was going to get us leashed up for our walk. Sadly, she dilly dallied a bit too long.

As we were about 5 minutes into our walk, it started to drizzle. Mother wanted to turn around and head back, but I refused! *She* was the one who wouldn't haul her butt outta bed this morning. *I* was the one who tried to wake her at a more reasonable hour so we could get the walk in before the rain. I would not be punished because of her laziness!! Maxwell agreed. We were both willing to suffer through some wet fur if it meant we could continue our walk. So. We did.

By the time we got home, we were all a little damp, but mu mission had been accomplished: I got my full walkie!!

If only Mother had listened to me this morning, she wouldn't have had to stick her sweat pants in the dryer.


Birthday Boy!!!

January 12th 2011 6:24 am
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Today is my Atley's birthday!!
I know what you are thinking...he's quite the younger pup for a lady of my (ever-so-slightly) advanced age. But I'm still spry!

Anywag, I forgot to tell ya'll that Atley's Mom called my mom on Christmas Eve Day so they could chit chat! They talked about all kinds of stuff (mostly dogs...) but then Ms. Atley's Mom told my Mom to give me a kiss from Atley!!! And she did!


*I* got a kiss from Atley!!!!


Now, go over and wish the Birthday Boy a great birthday!!!


The Weather

January 9th 2011 6:37 am
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One word: blech.

It's that time of year when the weather in Texas is unpredictable, to bark the least. Warm and sunny one day, then cold and cloudy the next.

Yesterday it was a beautiful day. Mother took us for a long walk so we could enjoy the sunshine.

Today, it is raining and cold, cold, cold. Texas (the area where I live, at least) doesn't typically get much snow, but we do get about 1-2 ice storms each year. Everyone is wondering if this rain storm will turn into the first ice storm of the year. I don't like it!! I have spent much of the morning starring out the front window, willing the rain to go away. I figure, Mother can bundle up enough to stay warm, but there is no way in H-E-C-K she will walk us in the freezing rain.


It looks like I am a prisoner in my own home today.


Not the brightest bulb in the socket...

December 21st 2010 4:38 pm
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I am, of course, referring to Maxwell.
Saturday night, we all spent the night in Crappy Town. Mother and The Man had a party to attend at a neighbors house (I know what you are thinking... I should have been able to tag along!), so we all packed a bag and snoozed at the house in Crappy Town, rather than drive back to home base.

In the morning, The Man woke up early and took us puppers for a long walk. Mother snoozed some more. When we got back from our walk, we were energized by the cool morning air, and wanted to wake up Mother. So, we did.

As soon as she wakes up, the lady gotsta tinkle. I mean, she waites until she gets to a bathroom, but still, it's pretty astounding how quickly her brain receives the signal from her bladder that it is full, as soon as her eyes open.

Anywhoodle, she went to the little girls room. I waited outside the door. Maxwell, on the other paw, didn't feel like waiting. He tried to open the door. Next thing Mother heard was "BOOM!" as his head hit the door. I started to snicker. The door didn't budge. Maxwell looked perplexed. "Try it again, Max!" I yelled from across the room, as I tried not to laugh.

So he did. BOOM!!! Next thing I know, Mother is yelling at Maxwell to knock it off. Maxwell is still rubbing his head, trying to figure out why the door didn't budge.

Soon enough, Mother came out of the bathroom. She slid the door open, showing Maxwell that it is, in fact, a pocket door. It goes in and out, as opposed to front and back. Banging it with your noggin won't cause a pocket door to open, like it would a normal door.

I knew this. Maxwell didn't. I. Am. Awesome!!


Fightin' weight!

December 16th 2010 5:09 pm
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Pups, I had my annual exam yesterday.
I won't even go into the fact that it was referred to as a "Senior" exam, nor the fact that my bum holey-o was viotalted twice...!!! No, I'll ignore those 2 transgressions.

Instead, I'll fill you in on the great news!! I am in optimal health (duh), and have managed to maintain the same weight from last year! Yes. The exact. Same. Weight.

Mother took this to mean that she deserves a pat on the back for being able to ration my kibble/snacks and exercise appropriately. I told her that she had nothing to do with it, and it was merely just another example of how PAWESOME I am!

We are currently still debating this issue.

Regardless. 41.1 pounds of Izzy is the optimal amount, in case you were wondering :)


Well, it's a start...

December 8th 2010 2:43 pm
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I finally convinced Mother to sit down and write our holiday cards!! I made sure the very first one we sent was to our sweet pals Coco Rose and Puff (and their mom!), cuz they are just really, really sweet and stuff!

By the time I finished compiling my list of all the pups I wanted Mother to send a card to, we realized we were 3 cards short!! 3! So, Mother promised me she would pick some more up on her way home from work tomorrow. I plan on holding her to that promise, by the way.

I realize that I can't be too snippy with Mother today, as she is rather irked with me, at the present moment. Apparently the bag of Moose Munch in the shopping bag in her room was not for me (GASP!!), but was meant to be her gift for the gift exchange at The Man's Office Party. She yelled at me (GASP! GASP!) and told me I "need to understand the value of money, young lady!"

Oh well, she'll get over it.


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