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The Big Friendly Oaf

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May 12th 2009 9:36 pm
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It has been a while since I have updated this thing, but here's some quick stuff: I am now 3 and know everything I need to know about the world. Yep, I am a grownup... Of course, with this age comes responsibility. Mom and dad expect me to keep small critters out of the yard, and scare away strangers, and to not let that boxer down the street anywhere near my front porch!

I suffered a recent economic downfall when daddy chopped down my two apple trees in the backyard. I was really counting on some additional income by selling those apples to neighbors. Well.. at least I still have the pear tree..

Recently, I find myself entertaining more new friends that come by the house to play. I am always welcome to this, but nobody can fill the hole left by my favorite friend in the world, KULA. She moved away last August. Mom and Dad I think mentioned that she might be moving back later this year. I miss her SOOO much.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, my mom and dad got married last September!! So we are now a legit family! My mom looked REALLY pretty in the photo I saw of the wedding, I just wish I could have gone to Hawaii with them. I could have cleaned all the shells off the beach (mmm..) But they did take me to the beach just before Christmas so I would forgive them for not inviting me.

Any whoot, it's almost bed time, and I need to sneak upstairs and stake my spot on the bed.


I am a winner!

August 4th 2008 8:45 am
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Well this was a huge weekend!

Saturday, my dad and I drove out to this park that was hosting some sort of gala (from my new word a day calender) to celebrate the park opening. I got TONS of free stuff, including a BIG HUGE BAG OF FOOD! It was not just any food, but some of the really expensive stuff that Mom and Dad usually only get small portions for me of.

I was also made official treat taster for the afternoon... Atleast thats what I was lead to believe (maybe now that I think about it, it wasn't that special of a title..oh well.)

Oh and also, I met another Saint who looked like me, but he was shorter and weighed a whole lot more! He may have had girth but I could still out run him and most of his Great Dane pals! Those silly Westside dogs got nothin' on us Eastside Pups, Toss it up for No-Po (that's North Portland.)

Yesterday was fun too! Mom and Dad took me for another long walk to this little Mexican eating place. It was full of smells and "samples" of people food. There were also some other pups there, but I got nipped at for sniffing some chicks butt. What? I thought you were kinda cute, and might want to be part of my harem (another Word-a-day.)

Now the evening was kinda odd though... I thought I heard my girlfriend next door, but she didn't come running when I called for her. So I just went back inside where dad was burning a perfectly fine pizza. But before I could steal a piece when he wasn't looking, Kula came dashing in! I had to try and knock the piece out of dad's hand before she could steal it. This didn't work, because Kula let out this blood-curdling cry!

"HHHHEEEEEELLLLPPP!" she yelled,"my tail HURTS!"

I saw her trying to wag her tail, but it looked bent. She was in a ton of pain, and kept trying to wag it, but it hurt her too much. Mom was trying to feel if it was broken, but Kula would let her touch it. Kula ran back home, and Dad ran next door to tell her Mom and Dad. Her Mom and Dad rushed her over to the emergency care. Several hours later, Mom got a call from Kula's mom, and the doctor said it was something called "Swimmer's Tail." Apparently, she was swimming all weekend and got like a cramp or something and it got irritated. So they put her on a bunch of drugs to kill the pain and knock her out. I often wonder if they are the same drugs dad takes on the weekend (you know, liquid form, in a brown bottle) because he gets just as loopy as she does!

So Kula is OK, My dad drank too much, I have a big huge bag of Dog Food, and life is good! I am just plain worn out, back to sleep....


Goodbye my sister..

June 19th 2008 8:49 am
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Last night was rough for everyone.

My big sister Xena "The Warrior Cat" passed away. I miss her already.

While we didn't always get along so well, we were really starting to find a nice happy medium (though I still really wanted her to play chase with me!)

Mom and Xena were really close, and sometimes, if I behaved myself, Xena would tell me stories about when they were both single woman living on their own, which seems pretty amazing because I don't think I could survive on my own (and while I love Dad, I don't think he could either!)

Today, the house seems not right. Lonely. I head downstairs and I can still smell her, but I know she is not there. It's going to take some time to wash that out of my mind.

All I can hope is that she is in a better place, where she can lay in the sun all day long..

Goodbye sis.


The human days of summer..

June 18th 2008 3:58 pm
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It has been a while since I have had time to check on my webpage, but I guess now is as good of time as any!

Dad and Mom continue to love me, and I continue to love being fed. Mom has been busy in the evening training for some event which requires her to go jogging (or it may be pronounced: yaw-ging, with a silent "J".) Her friend comes by to join her with one of my old puppy pals from when I was little, Penny.

Dad seems a little depressed at times, I think he is having a rough time at work, so I try and cheer him up when he gets home.

My girlfriend continues to sneak over to wake me up when she can get a moment outside.

The weather has been strange, going from Hot to cold, then hot again, and then rainy, when will it just stay the same (preferably snowy!)

I have been out and about with Mom and Dad alot recently, infact, a few weeks ago, we went for a long hike, and I even got to play in snow! It was fun! We went with some friends of my parents who have this really cool house and yard that is fun to explore. They really need a dog, so that I have someone to play with when I go over there. Hopefully something in the Chocolate lab vein...

Also, I think I have perfected that lift the leg thing I saw some of my friends do at the daycare. At first, the whole balance thing was hard, and I usually had to find something to prop my leg up on (but had to play it off that I wasn't leaning so Mom and Dad were fooled.) But now, I can write my name on any fence post or wall! I frickin rule!

Well, gotta run, there is a puzzle ball under the couch that I think may still have one treat left in it...



Happy Birthday to ME!

March 10th 2008 8:07 am
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Well something was up with Mom and Dad this morning... I woke up and they kept asking me if I felt like an old man?!? Apparently, today is my "birthday" which is something special, I dunno either..

Moving on, this weekend was so much fun, Mom and Dad along with two other people they knew took me and my neighbor (and girlfriend) Kula up to a place called "Angels Rest." I had a ton of fun, but MAAANNNN am I tired! I also noticed, I was the only one carrying anything, is that all I am to these people, something to pack their water and various other things? And then to add insult to injury, Dad wouldn't let Kula or I go all the way to the top, he gave some excuse about,"it's too dangerous, you guys could slip and fall over the edge or accidently bump one of us over." What would make you think that we might want to do that Dad? It's not like you made me carry all the stuff up this mountain---oh wait, you did, hmmm.

Of course, I would never want to hurt my Mom and Dad, they treat me quite well, except that Dad as of late has been making me walk home with him when he picks me up from my daycare. It's like 2 miles, and I am usually pretty tired by that time! He says he is trying to build up my stamina for hiking. Well Dad, lets do a race, and I bet you I'll beat you hands down (though, give me a few days heads up so I can get enough rest..)

Alright, time for me to get off Dads computer and head bcak upstairs to bed, I will let you know if Mom makes me a cake.


Am I on Santa's naughty list?

December 25th 2007 10:19 pm
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Christmas came and went, and Santa didn't bring me what I asked for: a new brother or sister to play with.

You see, my Girlfriend Kula has not been able to play for the last couple months, and the last time I saw her, she had a cone around her head (she also smelled a little different..)

I am sometimes so bored during the day, and the weather has been kinda nasty, and I would rather play inside with another friend, so I kept asking Santa for one. I was good for ATLEAST the last couple weeks. Sure, Santa brought me some yummy treats, and a back rub thingy that Mom and Dad have to learn how to use correctly, but I REALLY wanted a brother or sister!

Well, anyways, Mom and Dad went away for awhile (a couple weeks ago) to some place called Huh-Why-EE, and when they came back, Mom had something shiny on her hand which they explained meant we were going to be a family forever. Well, they didn't take me along! Sure, I got to stay with friends and play with Kula a bit, but I have needs too. So I gave them the evil look for a few days, and mage them cater to my every whim. In hind site, maybe that is why Santa wasn't so happy with me.. hmmm, maybe I should wait for the Easter Bunny.


Don't Fence Me In..

November 5th 2007 8:50 pm
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The last few weeks have been SOOO much fun! Dad and Khula's (my girlfriend) Dad tore down the fence between our yards. Khula and I were able to play whenever we wanted! Eventually, our Dads rebuilt most of the fence, except a small section in the rear. I have been trying hard to petition to dad to not replace this section of fence. So please check yes on your ballot for this fall to Proposition 4224 (the "incomplete fence, so I can visit my friend" messure.) I have even included some arguments for this proposition:

1) I get more exercise, and sleep better when Mom and Dad are gone through the day.

2) Less trips to the Doggie Daycare, which equals money saved for toys.

3) ummmm... My toys are not all over OUR yard.

4) uhhh... hmm.. what about, oh wait, yeah, if I see an invader coming down the street, I can see him sooner and run BACK into our yard and warn Mom and Dad sooner (that sounds good.)

So as you see, this is not just good for me, its good for all those involved. I get to play with Khula.. I-I mean exercise myself, and Mom and Dad get protection and piece of mind. So please stop the Fence building madness, vote yes on Proposition 4224.

You'll be glad you did.


New bed for me!

September 24th 2007 1:35 pm
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My parents this weekend gave me a most wonderful present... A NEW BED! This bed is huge! I have plenty of space to stretch out, and roll around. They were even nice enough to put a cover on top that feels very soft and not itchy like the old cover. Once the bed was set-up for me, I had to inspect the best position to lay down on it. It took a couple turns but I eventually found the correct angle to lay down and still be able to watch the door.

There is only one downside I have seen from this bed, I have to share it with Mom and Dad... Well, you can't win them all.


All my friends say...

September 7th 2007 9:23 am
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Well, it has been a while since I have written in my diary, partially because I have been so busy! Let's see what has been happened since I last wrote..

Lately, Mom and Dad have been taking me once a week to this place called "Dogs In The City", which I think is the same place we used to got a while back in the evening when Mom and Dad were affraid of getting muddy and wet. I have made lots of new friends, including "Waffles." Waffles is a bit older than me, and he basicly runs the place. He can be a little demanding sometimes, but I just roll over to my back and he gives me a break. There are other friends I have made, but they have not met my Mom and Dad yet, so I won't tell you about them...

Also, a couple weeks ago, Mom, Dad and I went for a hike up Eagle Creek (you can see the pictures and one of the videos) for a couple days. It was hard work the first day because it was hot and my parents made me use my backpack. I got a little hot, but we later stopped at a creek to cool down. Mom talked Dad into shedding those stupid clothes so he could take me into the deep part of the river. I dragged him through the water, it was great fun. Later, we set up camp and we all three squeezed into the tent for the night. The next morning, we had breakfest and I was able to steal Dad's Emergen-C drink (which gave me a huge energy boost!) and we set up back down the trail. The weather had cooled and I was making great time (I might have to steal Dad's drinks more often!) The only thing dragging me down was Mom and Dad's insistance of stopping to 'look around.' When we finally got home, I kept getting this itchy feeling that wouldn't stop. The next morning, Mom found a few ticks and she got worried and rushed me to the vet. The vet removed those ugly bugs and gave me some pills which made me very, very sleepy.

The next couple days were a bit of a haze, but later that week, I got to play with some of my pals again, and so all was right in the world!


Got to have friends

April 13th 2007 11:24 am
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Yes, I have met some new friends, and had to say goodbye to an old friend. It seems that poor Marley had to "go to sleep", I hope he enjoyed me coming by and saying "hi!" On the same token, Marley's parents missed him so much, they adopted another puffy-pal. Her name is Sadie and she is a Samoyed too! Oh what fun, maybe when she gets old enough, she can come play at my house or maybe meet up at Normandale (the greatest dog park in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!)

Speaking of Normandale, I have met some new friends while there. Let's see...there is Monte and Luke, who are probably my best friends right now, because I can wrestle with them and they don't go running off like those other scared-e-cats! Luke and I will run side by side crashing into each other, until one of us either falls down, or one gets ahead and then we'll bulldoze each other (I have flung Luke WAAYY up in the air before..but he didn't quit!) then, when we start to get tired we'll wrestle around in the barkdust and sand... They are my favorite friends at the park. Of course, this park has lots of dogs everytime we go, I usually count about 30-40. Not all of them are my friends though, there are a lot of dogs that just bark at me, and I REALLY don't like that. I try to lay down hoping they will shut-up, but they don't.. Why do they feel like they have to yell so much, I would play with them more if they didn't. Also, the older dogs are sometimes really mean, so I just like to play with dogs my own age, they seem friendlier.

Speaking of dogs my own age... The dog next door, Kula, has let me come over and play a whole lot. Man, her and I have so much fun! Infact we moved some rocks at the end of the fence so she can poke her head through and we can say, "Hi!".

I also found out something really cool, I can outrun dad! Heck, I can even outrun some of the labs (though I can't run that fast for very long..I get really tired) which makes for more friends to play with. Though, I don't think labs can turn all that well, playing with dad has taught me how to fake out, and turn on a dime.

And finally, I just want to say...I LOVE MUD! Everytime I see a mud puddle it calls to me, "Bernie, Bernie, come lay in me, come play in me!" and so I must heed that calling.. First I run into the mud puddle, and go STOMP, then I do a couple turns, maybe even inspect it from another angle. Than I find a nice stick or ball to place in the center, and then the best part: I fall over into the mud! IT FEELS SO GOOD! Of course than I have to take a bath (which I also enjoy, but I can't let Mom or Dad think I do..)

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