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I'm a Princess Now

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April 5th 2015 11:49 am
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Thank you!

May 22nd 2014 2:49 pm
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Thank you for my barkday presents!
Bella, thank you for the heart!
Thank you to Charlie, Abbie, Teddie and your whole family for the rose!
Dixie and Sniffers, thank you for my pretty butterfly!
Harley Davidson, the most handsome schnauzer around, thank you for my balloons, the smooches (woof aroo!) and the song!
Thank you Peek a boo and family for my balloons!
Thank you for even more balloons, Uno, Mickey and Reece!
Thank you Whitley for my giant cake (YUM!)!


Sad about Dogster and In the DDP Loop

January 17th 2014 3:12 pm
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Mom and I are super sad about the Dogster community going away. She’s been a part of it since 2004 (!). She shared her upsetness last night on the book of faces (tm Fizzy), like a lot of other Dogster parents. She’s glad she’s friends with many of my pup pals’ parents over there so we don’t lose touch. But she’s sad cause she’s losing my page, my angel siblings Shakey and Sydney’s pages, my fursibs Adeline and Samson’s pages, and even the pages of her foster pups who came before me. She likes to look at those pages and think about, happily and sadly, the doggies who’ve come and gone in her life. It makes her smile and laugh to look at photos and read adventures of our pals as well as random pups. Where are we going to read about our pals’ (mis)adventures now?!? :( And even though I haven’t pawticipated much in Schnauzers Rule lately, I liked dropping into the game forums and saying hi to my pals. The Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies group helped mom when she lost Sydney and especially my furbro Shakey (we really miss him). We feel like we’re losing a friend. :( Even though mom’s on FB and joined the Dogster-related groups, she wants to make me a doggy page somewhere but she’s not sure where; I’ve seen doggyspace and blogspot recommended (the latter from Finley and Whitley), so I dunno…. I always have lot to say!

Mom’s started copying and pasting our diaries into word documents so she doesn’t lose all our stories. Which is a nice transition to say thank you again for picking my diary today! Now I know what it’s like to be in the DDP loop!


Diary Pick and Thank You!

January 16th 2014 3:14 pm
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Woof! I’m a diary pick today, thank you Dogster! Thank you to Drei Snarky Schnauzers for my snowflake (we had a bunch of snowflakes falling from the sky this morning!), and belated thanks to Mini Mischief for my snowman. Oh! Can’t furget all my pup pals who sent hot cocoa, cake, and balloons to me, my angel siblings, my cousins Addy and Sam, and the foster pups who stayed with mom before she adopted me. Whew! Thank you everypup!

I’ve been eating ok, the usual mix. Last night I wanted to eat, so mom heated up dinner on a plate and placed it on the floor. I hesitated, so she put Charlee Bear treats on it. I hesitated a little longer and sat on my bed. So mom brought the plate of food right in front of me in my bed, and *then* I ate it. BOL! Do I know how to work her or what?!?


Chronic colitis

January 15th 2014 2:53 pm
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So my worrywart mom took me to the vet yesterday. She was worried that because of my vet visit in July (colitis), my e-vet visit a couple weeks ago right after xmas (painful intestinal gas), and me having some icky poo on Sunday night (sorry mom, whether you gotta go at 2am or 5am, you gotta go!). She wanted to talk to the vet about further testing to see if anything might be wrong in a bigger way than blood tests have shown (they showed nothing was wrong, woof!). Luckily, the vet said nah, he didn’t think it was “in my best interests” to do an endoscopy or anything else crazy like that. (Crazy is my word by the way, BOL.) My weight’s leveled off around 9lbs, and the vet thinks my two big episodes were because of stress. (Mom did go away for a week in July! Sheesh!) The vet said even though I traveled to a familiar place (my grandpawrents’ house) in July and xmas, the physiological stress of traveling on my senior self makes my insides not feel so good. (Sorry grandpawrents!) The vet said I have chronic colitis, gave mom some metronidazole to give me if I have another icky poo episode, and gave me some fiber-rich prescription kibble to add to my chicken, rice, scrambled egg whites, and Wellness kibble.

This morning I ate a bunch of prescription kibble and chicken, which I picked out of the rice and eggs cause, well, I just wanted chicken. And of course mom was ecstatic because I ate. She’s so easily amused, BOL.


Eating.. nom nom..

December 29th 2013 6:42 pm
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I've eaten a bunch of chicken, rice, and scrambled egg whites today. This makes mom very happy. I've also taken my pills in peanut butter pill pockets and mom doesn't have to shove them down my throat. This makes both of us happy, BOL.


Gas and upset tummy

December 28th 2013 9:13 am
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I gave mom quite a scare last night. I was restless, clingy, couldn't get comfy, panting occasionally, itching, sitting back on my haunches, just being weird. So mom and her bf took me to the e-vet. They took bloodwork and x-rays. The e-vet saw a lot of gas in my large intestines and, I think, my colon as well. My pancreatitis test was "normal" and my bloodwork was "boring", and mom was happy about that.
The e-vet gave me a pain shot and medicines to take every 12 hours. Oh, here's what the paperwork says: I'm being treated for "mild upset stomach and increased gas in her intestinal tract." Yuk. I didn't want to eat this morning, but mom and her bf keep trying to feed me egg whites. I;m alert but still kinda stoned and I don't like it one bit. In fact, I'm grumbling about it right now. Oh, here comes mom to pet me.. score! BOL

p.s. Mom's bf posted this on mom's book of faces post about me:
"This is basically Lacey right now:
David After Dentist"


Funny walk dialogue

December 14th 2013 7:25 am
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Mom and I were talking our morning walk, and as always I'm sniffing at everything and braking and backtracking and sniffing and crossing all over the sidewalk and sniffing, the usual walk stuff. A young man passes us and asks "He calling the shots?" BOL! First off, I'm not a he, as my pink leash should show you. Secondly, why is that in the form of a question?!? BOL! It's a declarative sentence! I AM calling the shots! Silly peoples.


Howliday cards and thank yous

December 13th 2013 3:08 pm
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Mom finally got them printed! She used a local business so she feels all self-righteous and stuff, geez. (Actually, her bf recommended the printers, interacted with them, and picked up the cards. Oh, he also designed them. He's not so bad, he feeds me people food and pets me and has a pawsome lap. Anypaw!) She should be mailing them out next week, and she apologizes if they don’t get to our non-U.S. furiends in time. It’s all her fault. But, we hope our card makes everyone laugh and smile (it makes me smile just thinking about the subject – you’ll see! BOL!). It’s been a ruff year for many of our furiends, so we hope we can bring a little cheer.

Thank you to all the pups we've gotten cards from so far! Mom opens them in front of me and reads them to me while I sniff them. (I sniffed Harley Davidson's card really well, BOL!)


Electric blanket

December 9th 2013 2:16 pm
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Brrr! It is cold here!! My fleece sweaters and doggy blankets aren’t quite enough, espawcially since I like to sit by the drafty windows and look outside (I am head of household security after all!). So mom gave me her electric blanket. I lay on half of it, and mom curves the rest of it over me like a cave. Toasty!

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