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I am such a sweet Dachshund!

A Fox with a glove?????

June 14th 2007 7:06 am
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Yippe, yesterday my sis & I got to be outside ALL day with our mommy! She was cleaning the flower gardens. We were chasing chipmunks all over! We chased on into the pond flower garden, which is a jungle with all the flowers. Mom yelled at us cuz we knocked over a "Fox Glove"? I screamed" hey where is this fox with a glove, i want a chance at him"!!! And why does he only have one glove, did he loose his other one??? Anyways we searched high & low all day for this Fox with a Glove on but could not find him anywhere. We had to go back to chasing the chipmunks & never got one though, awww what a ruff life!


A "CAT" collar on me-the QUEEN Dog?

August 2nd 2006 5:32 pm
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Oh boy, my mommy has flipped her lid. She had the NERVE to put a "CAT" collar on me. My sister & I have an acre to roam freely wherever we want. Okay sometimes we hide on mommy but so what, she doesn't need to know everything we do. She came home today with this entrapment with BELLS on it. She says it's so she will always know where we are! It's worked so far too because she is always hot on our trail now. I am a queen & deserve my privacy. I don't know what she will think of next. Hhmm, maybe a nice big-juicy-steak to ease my pain???


My Tail of Devotion for Meadow

July 10th 2006 7:12 pm
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Meadow thank you for easing the pain for us with loosing Houston. Daddy had to have you and I didn't want you. My heart was broken & I didn't think I could love another dog. Oh my how you healed my heart!! I am sooo glad that Daddy insisted on getting you. You will have the best life we can offer. We hope to have many, many, many good years with you. Love mommy, daddy & Bailey.

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I am sooo sweet he he

July 7th 2006 6:08 pm
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Boy I sure did fool mom & dad. When they came to pick a puppy up there was only my brother & I. My brother was a big bulky guy and he stomped all around on the ground. Then there was sweet & quiet little me, so timid & shy. They picked me & I showed them! When they got me home I ran all over & barked at EVERYTHING. I kept wanting to play with my new older brother Tex, and he wanted to play with me too, BUT I kept biting him with my sharp puppy teeth. He would jump up on the couch & I couldn't get to him, that brat! We finally became best buds though when all my teeth came out. Boy sometimes it was hard to keep up with that old fart! He ended up leaving me to go to heaven 2 years later and god do I miss him. I have a new sister now named Bailey. She has this funny grey color all over her though so I know I'm more superior than her. I love my home, mom, dad & bailey. I hope I have many good years with them

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