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I still miss you Baby Girl

Tribute to my Fur Angels Posted in Dog park USA

August 4th 2007 10:45 pm
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Tandy was daddy’s girl where ever he was she was close by. she LOVED to swim. we use to go to a pond that had a diving board my hubby would take off running and she would follow right on his heels almost jumping on top of him off the board. She was so very loyal and was standing at the door every single day when we came home from work. Tandy also love to go canoeing down the river with us which made me very nervous cause she would not sit down she was all over the boat and when she wasn't riding she was swimming along side the canoe. Tandy never met another 4 legged she didn't like she was friends with everyone. When she was 7 we got her Brother captain, which I believe made her act like a puppy again. they would play for hours and when she was wore out he would make her play some more. Now Captain was mommies boy if I left the room for more then 10 seconds he would come looking for me. If I was sitting he had to be right under my feet.
He had his spot in bed to RIGHT under my legs, under the covers he would not move the whole nite. Captain did not like water I really don’t think he knew how to swim. we would go the lake and he would come in part way and stand there and bark at us as if to say "hey come get me" I would carry him out into the water and I swear he had a death grip on me then one day I think he had enough and came a little farther and a little farther till the bottom went away and it was sink or swim. He swam and from that day on if we were in the water so was he. At the age of 14 Tandy went blind and could not hear, her hips were giving out on her and she had a few health issues. She would fall down just walking thru the yard and while trying to find her daddy out back she would run into things. it just broke our hearts and the discussion was made to send her to where she was healthy and could see, hear, run & swim again so we let her go the bridge. She left us with me holding her tight in my arms.
Captain went through the grieving process I know he missed her very much. At 7 years old we got Fancy and again he was a pup again. At 12 years old he was diagnosed with heart worms and being an elder the treatment would have been very hard on him so we opted not to treat he eventually lost his hearing and couldn’t walk for more then a couple hundred feet without being out of breath. one day he was trying to get into the back door and fell. I cried because I could see how he was struggling and he looked at me as if to say mom please help me. I called my hubby and told him to meet me and we said our last goodbyes and I held him in my arms for 30 mins after his last breath.
I miss both of my babies very much and I know that they both watching over us at the Rainbow bridge
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