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I still miss you Baby Girl

A message from my Baby girl

May 7th 2007 10:33 am
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Hey mom???

Yes my baby girl...

I miss you....

I miss you to sweetie...

I miss dad to, does he miss me???

Oh sweetie more then you know..

How can you tell mom...

Cause sometime he calls your sister by your name I do that sometimes to..

so you still think about me???

Oh yes everyday we think about you sweetie we think about all the fun things we did together....

I do to mom, you know I am watching over youand dad don't you mom???

Oh yes sweetie I know that, I can feel you with me everyday.

I go to Fancy in her dreams and tell her to take care of you both.

I know that, some times she acts just like you did she is always right by ours sides just like you were.

Hey Mom????

Yes sweetie ???

Will I ever see you again???

Of course you will baby I hope that one day we will meet at the bridge and you will guide me in and I will get to meet all your fur angels Friends.

I have so many friends here mom...

I'm sure you do sweetie...


Yes my baby..

I just wanted to thank you for holding me the last moments of my life I will never forgot that, I can still smell you and still have a wet spot on my fur where your tears fell.

You don't have to thank me sweetie it was what I wanted to do for you since you had given me so much throughout your life.

I love you so much mom and miss you and dad...

I Love you to Baby girl and miss you terribly........

Now go play and enjoy your friends, oh and Tandy??

Yes Mom....

Please keep an eye on Captain you know how much trouble he can get in..

I do mom, He is doing just fine and even sharing his tennis balls...

Ok Baby girl see you in my Dreams !!!!!!!


Sweet Angel Tandy


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