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I Was A Good Boy!!

January 1st 2010 2:28 pm
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Well I must've been a super-good boy in '09, 'cause I got some really good loot for Christmas! Of course, Mom and I celebrated Christmas a little late since she was working long shifts all week, but I didn't mind.

On Sunday the 27th, Mom took me with her to Grandma & Grandpa's house for Christmas dinner with them and I played all day with their 3 doggies. I had soooo much fun!! As soon as we got home, I ate dinner, went out to do my business, and then fell fast asleep. Mom was going to give me my gifts when we got home that night, but I was too tired so she decided to wait until the next day. Mom was originally going to give me my gifts on Saturday after work, but she got home kinda late and ended up having to snow blow, and while she was finishing up with the snow, a friend stopped over.

So, finally on Monday I got the goods. I got a really big beef marrow bone from the butcher shop, a reindeer squeaky to replace my favorite one from last Christmas (which I promptly ripped wide open.. sorry, Mom), a stuffed Christmas bone that crinkles instead of squeaks, a new stuffed squeaky duck, and a giant box of all sorts of different kinds of bully stick chews. There are bone-shaped ones, pretzels, braids, tendons, beef tracheas, regular & thick bully sticks and even a curly one. Yuuuummmmy!!! I can't wait to eat them all!!! Plus there were some free treats thrown in the box, too. Two are kangaroo meat treats, one is salmon & veggies and the other is chicken & veggies. I told Mom she could give my pal Hera a kangaroo treat bag and a salmon & veggie treat bag since she's allergic to chicken and has to be on special food and can only have special treats (Mom made sure to ask Hera's dad if it was okay for her to have the treats first and those were the two kinds that he picked out for her).

Oooh, I also made a new friend. I just wish I could remember his name at the moment. We've only seen each other 2 or 3 times thru the fence, and I don't remember his people saying his name all that much. But then again, I am a dog and I really only care about my own name being called out. But I'll ask Mom later when she gets home from work. Anyway, he's about 11 weeks old and he lives right behind us. He's a husky mix and mom thinks he's so cute!! His people are really nice, too. They come up to the fence now to say Hi to me when they see me outside in the yard. I've officially won them over, they're now puddy in my paws!! BOL!!
I can't wait until they introduce us without the fence between us. Mom said that'll happen really soon. But Mom has been battling the flu so she isn't really up for playing outside in the cold right now. No worries, though. I'm a patient guy, I can wait...

Okay, well, Mom is going to be home soon, so I'm gonna go warm the couch until she gets here.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2010!!

Wags and Licks,


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