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My day at PNC Park

April 26th 2007 7:08 pm
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It was really great fun! We took a cab down to PNC Park and mama walked us over to the table set up for doggies to get their vaccine papers checked, sign the release, get their tickets, and a nice new bandana and a coupon for a bag of dog treats.

We went into the ballpark and were directed to the elevator (which I DO NOT LIKE!) and in seconds that seemed like hours to me we were at our private party for the doggies.

There were some of those watering bowls w/ a tank on them and bowls and bowls of dog treats. Mama took a couple and had me do tricks to earn them. It was so embarrassing because the other doggies were just getting them handed to them. Mama played the raffle and the girl working it gave mama an 7 oz. bag of dog treats to bring home. They had a spot for us to go potty and had a tire for us to jump through. Animal Friends had a donations table and several dogs hanging out hoping for homes.

We went to our seats and watched a couple of innings and mama decided to get nachos . . . and she shared them w/ me! They were fabulous. Salty and spicy and just so yummy. I laid around getting muddy and introduced myself to some dogs and their people. Hoping for handouts but that didn't work out so well.

Some time after our nachos were gone we discovered the camera man and someone carrying a microphone (we think that's what he was doing -- it was a longish black column w/ some foam on the upper part of it). They guys were talking to all the dog owners and having a really good time. The camera man noticed Tegan and mentioned he had a border collie that was a little bit nuts . . . and mama told him about Nancy and Mollie and their spazzing. It was evident he loves the herding breeds. For those who know baseball mama said the cameraman looked like a young Phil Garner, clear down to the seriously bushy moustache. They explained that they weren't from the media but from the Pirates. They were taking pictures to put up on the scoreboard (which we cannot see from our section seeing as we were right next to it). When he filmed he did take a close up of me and at first my ears went back, but I finally relaxed and popped up my pretty ears. After awhile they left and we watched some more baseball. The Astros had scored in the first inning but didn't do anything after that (neither did the Pirates), so mama decided to give us both a potty break and was surprised to find that the film crew was back. Since they'd already gotten my picture mama just let me jump through hoops a few times to get more treats and use the "facilities". I sniffed around a bit but no urge developed so we strolled over to the watering hole. Didn't want any of that, either.

On the way back to our seats we stopped to talk to a few people and one of them was a photographer that wants to take my picture to expand his corgi selection. He thought I was very beautiful and had wonderful eyes. He gave mama his card and he asked her to bring me to his studio for a photo shoot. Wouldn't it be great to have fluffy corgi stuff available . . . and it would be ME! Wahoo!

After that we got to talking to the camera crew again and I got my picture taken doing my tricks. I'm a star, but mama says we'll probably never see these clips, sigh.

There were all kinds of dogs there. A bulldog puppy and a sheltie puppy were the youngsters of the group and there was a beagle wandering around off leash (don't ask we don't know why he was allowed off leash). There were lots of breeds and mixes there, it was lots of fun to meet them and their people. The people who have the seats behind us are season ticket holders w/ really good seats in the "diamond" area but they exchanged the tickets for the 6 dates dogs are allowed to come so they can bring their dog. Cool, huh?

After the seventh inning the staff from the refreshment stand invited us to partake of the left over hot dogs and sausage. Mama and I shared one of each . . . at which point mama said "I know someone who is going to have diarrhea tomorrow and just shrugged because I was having so much fun (so was she).

I got some compliments on how cute I am (cute? cute? I'm beautiful, gol' darn it, and don't you forget it!). After an inning or so mama said we should watch more of the game and we were really glad we did because the Pirates scored five runs in that inning. During the eighth and ninth inning it got a little hairy as the Astros scored two in the eighth and threatened in the ninth . . . but the reliever managed to shut them down before they did any more damage.

When the game was over we took the stupid elevator back down to the street level and mama walked around trying to find a cab. After only seeing one (and it was taken) mama and I walked over the Sixth Street Bridge and then over to the Hilton and caught a cab there. The traffic was so heavy the driver turned off the meter and asked mama "How much did it cost you to get over to the ballpark?" When she told him $13.10 he told her he would charge her $12. She gave both drivers nice tips so they'd be willing to pick up dogs again.

Right in front of the stadium a bunch of college age folks were passing out free ice tea so mama snared one and drank it while we walked across the bridge. I got compliments around the ballpark, on the bridge (where a little girl asked to pet me), and when we got into town a guy stopped us and asked us who won. When we said the Pirates he said that we should come to all the games!

When we got home mama and I lounged around on the bed. Mama reading and me just staring at her w/ my gorgeous eyes begging for more treats. I didn't get any. Then she got up and took care of the ferrets and turned on the computer for me.

Phew, what a great day . . . but am I ever tired!

Tegan Ambrosia


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