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A Day in the Life of Princess Layla

My Tail of Devotion to our Beautiful Angel Princess

May 13th 2007 7:52 pm
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I don't know where to begin but, to say that I miss you so much pretty girl. When we were offered the little "boxer" puppy we thought that would be a perfect breed to blend with our family...Murphy & Amos who was getting more sickly. We knew that Murphy wouldn't like to be alone so, you would be his little buddy. You were the most precious little baby! You were obviously not yet even 6 weeks old when we got you and you were covered in fleas and had all sorts of parasites. Well...not for long! We fixed you up and you were immediately our precious little punkin' head. You were so full of personality and silliness and just a constant source of entertainment! One of my fondest memories is when you would fall asleep in the living room and I would carry you in and put you in my bed at didn't even wake up. I did that until you were too heavy to carry!
On our first vacation with you we went to the mountains and rented a cabin. You were still very tiny and you got into all sorts of mischief...besides pottying on the floor several times! You did get you own toilet paper from the bathroom though and run through the cabin un-rolling it as you went! You went under the porch and couldn't get back out, I almost made Daddy start ripping out the boards before you managed to get out! We went hiking and you liked to be carried when you got saw snow & played in a creek! You LOVED water!!! Any water!!!
You had your own little pool and it was your favorite thing in the summer to roll around in your pool and then dip in sand...silly girl!
When I think of all of the wonderful times we had it is hard to come to terms with why you aren't here with us anymore.
I don't want to dwell on the negative things and I so wish that you had not been sick. We knew from the time you were very small that there were problems but, we had no idea how sick you would get in such a relatively short time. We worried for you so much.
Please know baby girl that Mommy & Daddy love you so much and ache for you every day. You will be forever in our hearts and we will always remember the wonderful memories you have given us.
Mommy & Daddy


From My friend Sweet Dilly D and his Furmom Angel

May 5th 2007 9:56 am
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From My friend Sweet Dilly D
and his Furmom Angel who lovingly helped me go to the Bridge...

Subject: Our dedication to you sweet girl. Sent: Sat May 5

Though brief was your time here, you captured my heart
That I vowed not to love you, but now my heart breaks apart.
From you I've learned patience and courage and trust;
That loving brings pain, but love we all must.
From you I've learned strength of the spirit, and then
from you I've learned not to say "never again".
Go back to the Giver of all lovely things -
Go quickly, my sweet, and let your heart take wings.
Just know I've learned so many lessons from you,
and shall never forget them - this promise is true.
Your total devotion made my life so bright.
I shall always adore you and the joys you brought into my soul


Too smart for my own good

September 7th 2006 11:55 am
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Mommy should have named me TROUBLE! Every time Mommy goes out to mow the yard on the riding lawn mower I watch where she is....I look right at her...and then I go to another part of the yard where she can't see me and try to get my fat booty under the fence! If she doesn't notice me long enough (I don't need very long) I can squeeze under the fence like a rat and then I'm off to run around the woods...yippee!! Then I just stand on the other side of the gate and wait for Mommy to come and let me back in...hee, hee, hee! Today though she actually had the nerve to swat me on the hiney as I was trying to get under the fence and then *gasp* make me go inside!!! I could NOT believe it! That never happens!!! Not to ME! Not Princess Layla!!!Hmmmf.....well...there's always next time ;)


What a fun day we had!!!

August 17th 2006 11:12 pm
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Boy did we have fun today! Mommy was draining the water out of the bigger people pool and throwing it away so, she let us play in it first! Somehow it had gotten a hole in the ring around the top...hmmm...whoops...anyhow...we all got to run and jump in it and play and get all crazy! It was sooo much fun! Mommy took videos of us and she was laughing at us.
We want to do that again!!


Mommy dared to leave us home alone!

July 3rd 2006 11:03 am
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Mommy had to go take Daddy to the airport and she was gone FOREVER!!! It must've been 5 hours at least!! It was awful! We were sooo hungry and lonely and bored! When mommy got home I ran straight to the car to see Daddy but he wasn't there! I'm his best buddy cuz I help him work on everything. I'm very handy too...I lick the sweat off his head while he's working and we work very closely! I didn't like when he was on the roof and I kept looking up and whining ...I missed him so much!
While Mommy was gone my brother Tramp and sister Gracie (we rescued them from starving in our neighborhood) got a whole bunch of shoes and ate them. I don't think they like Mommy going anywhere so they are trying to eat all of her shoes! She doesn't like to wear shoes anyway! I ate a light bulb! I didn't know you weren't supposed to eat them....I thought it would make me even brighter but, Mommy said that wasn't possible! Our brother Murphy (he's the oldest) doesn't get into stuff because Daddy say's he's perfect. I'm the only on with a page so far but, Mommy's working one for everyone. I think I'm her favorite ;)

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