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hot time in the summer

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august 4

August 4th 2007 4:52 pm
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i have been tagged by little molly now i have to tag 10 dogs and tell why i like them. Then they have to tag 10 dogs and paw mail them
1. my sweet rosie she is my first love. She and I love to spend time together.
She so kind and gentle to me. I love her so much
2 willey tucker is odie boyfriend he runs the dog park usa. he is so busy but always find time to spend with odie
3. annie, phobee, and mindy are my cousins they are so cute. i like to paly with them when they come over
4. nikki is my baby cousin she is nice and growing up so fast
5. empress mimi is my dance partner she is a great dancer. me and her are going to win the contest
6. dicken is my buddy we hang out at miss dixie and play brain teaser
7. miss dixie she one our oldest pup pal. she lets me hang out at her club and have a good time
8 abbie runs brain teaser that is the best game in town i get to sad when i can not play
9. cedar is our fast pup pal. he is so much fun to chat with
10 sweet molly makes scrapple at miss dixie she is always trying to feed it to me. but no sweet molly i do not want any


i got tagged

July 20th 2007 9:20 am
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i got tagged by molly so i have to tag 3 dogs and why i love them
l. Rosie she is molly's sister i love her because she is funny and chases my around
2. Nikki she is my baby cousin she is so sweet i need to find her a boyfriend too.
3. Dickens i love hanging out with him at the miss dixie club and seeing him run when a girl look at him


i have been tagged

May 24th 2007 6:33 pm
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1. i love to play in the mud
2 my faviorte food is earthworms
3. my birthday is april 23
4. i have no girlfriends yet
5. i love to go to the parties
6. my sister is odie
7. my faviorte toy is my red ball

dog i have tagged
1. annie,phobee, and mindy
2 nikki
3 miss dixie
4 rex mi amor
5. peanut
6. aurora
7. jovi


maxi cottontail

March 28th 2007 8:58 am
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I maxi cottontail here. Oh my gosh easter is almost here i better start exercising cause i have to be in good shape to deliver all the eggs. Oh no my eggs where are my eggs. Odie why to you smell like boiled eggs and what is that all over your face. Quit smiling at me was that a burp i can smell the eggs on your breath. Now i have to go shopping for more eggs and deorate them up. Gosh being the easter bunny is no easy job. Hippy Hoppy here i go to the grocery store. What i need money to buy the eggs gosh that means i have to get a job. Odie where are you get up i need help. I will get back to everyone so busy what is a easter bunny to do.


what a great time i am having on dogster

February 24th 2007 7:23 pm
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Who knew when i first joined dogster i would have so much fun and meet so many pals. When I first joined I was so depressed I thought no one wanted to be my friend. Boy was I surprised I have so many friends all around the world. I have been invited to join so many groups and been to the most fun parties. I have even been thown overboard on the tiny paw cruise ship and painted by lil rascal I could not stoppped laughing it was so funny. I have lost many friends since joining this has been one of my saddest moments. I have been happy to see some of my pals like Miss Dixie and Miss Frankie recover from there surgery and illness. My sister odie had a operation too and we have very happy she is fully recovered now. All my pals on dogster have become like my family. Eveyone has been so nice to me and taken me under their wings when i was new. Everyone is nice enough to make me nice pictures and i have started a album with all of them in it. Thanks everyone for making me fill at home when i go to the parties.
What a great time i have had and i am looking forward to more fun and parties. Thanks to all my pals.
Maxi pad


dec. 21. 2006

December 21st 2006 6:55 pm
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Santa Paws is coming. Wake up odie we have to finish our letters to Santa Paws. O.k. she will not wake up i will help her finish it. Let me see I think she wants a booster car seat so she can be seen by everyone when she goes for a joy ride. I would like a blanket with cowboys and indians on it. Oh lets not forget we have been very very good this year. Odie stop burying all the milkbones we have to save some for Santa Paws and grandma do not drink all the milk up save some for Santa Paws. Oh no grandpa you forgot to put up the Christmas lights this year now how is he going to find our house. I guess we will have to turn on the outside light on Christmas Eve. Mommy you forgot to get a tree where is he going to put our present will you brings them. Oh we still have time to find a tree Oscar the cat better not destroy it when we get one. Oh we forgot Oscar Santa Paws letter I think he just wants bottle water so he does not have to drink out of the toilet anymore. Rember everybody only 4 more days tell Christmas I am so excited I can not sleep. While i better go get ready for the arrival of Santa.
Odie and Me hope everyone a Merry Christmas.


oct. 30, 2006

October 30th 2006 6:13 pm
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happy halloween what wait my mommy is telling something it is'nt today it is tomorrow. oh sorry wrong day oh well i can practice anyway. When i walk for a walk tonight it was so scarey so many people walking around that is why i got confused they scared me. I do not like people especially kids they are so sacary. odie has a costume for halloween i do not have one i think i will stay home i get so scared i might pee on myself and it will be embrassing. i wonder what odie will get candy or dog treats. I bet she will sleep right through halloween. I hope not to many kids come to our house i will have to hide and cry under the bed. I know I will put grandma outside that will scared anyone away. I have found out when i chat with other dogs that there is halloween alround the world pretty neat. Everybody do not forget to send odie and me picture of you dress up in her costumes we would love to see them. Got to go now trick or treat and happy and safe halloween puppy pals
maxi pad


august 26, 2006

August 26th 2006 9:16 pm
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hi everbody did you miss me. I have not been writing for a long time we have been busy. Grandma came home she has been very sick but she is better now. She is very needy and mommy has not had time to help us write in our diary. I miss everybody. Let me catch you up on very thing. Odie got her pink dress when she put in on wow she looks so pretty. I finally won by hawiaan shirt. I can not wait for it to come boy i will look so cool. maybe when halloween comes and mommy is not working she will take us trick or treat. oh i hope and hope she does'nt have to work. we got new collars too i kind of lost my other one this one has john deer tractor on them i am a farmer's boy now. I am going to wait outside everyday for the mail to come to see if my shirt comes. I hope it fits i better not gain any weight them i will be so sad if does not fit. i getting very late time for bed good night everybody
maxi pad


august 2, 2006

August 2nd 2006 9:23 pm
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Hi its maxi pad. Since odie wrote in her diary i will write in my. Odie has been bragging that she is going to get a pretty dress. My mommy said not to get upset because she is bidding on a hawaiaan shirt for me oh i hope we win. I will be so cool the girls will go wild over me. Maybe I can get a hat too. We went for a walk and odie was flirting with all the boys. How come the girls do not look at me. Maybe I stink i think I will go take a bath and come my hair. I think i will just wait the my shirt and they can not help but like me maybe they will give me kisses. I still alittle shy will it comes to girls. I will take to odie and ask her advice on the subjet of how to talk to the girls. Oh no she is sleeping again what a great help she is. I know i will go wake her up it is about time she got up. Got to go now. maxi


july 28, 2006

July 28th 2006 9:48 pm
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Hello there guest who this is. You give up its the maxi pad the bad boy. I am so hot. Now I know for sure I want to be very good because when I died I do not want to go down there I can not stand the heat. I want to go up there where it is cool. I already have my wings look at picture on the web page. I am a angel. Odie is smiling at me and laughing. She means I can be good. Oh there is the cat i can not stand it i have to chase him around and tease him. odie left her big bone too it looks so good i have to steal it. Well so much for being good. I will tried tomorrow to be an angel. its too much fun being naughty. here comes odie girl she is moving so slow i am going to hide and attack her. i have to go now and get in more trouble. bye maxi

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