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Bump is gone and I have a sister! Whoa!

March 9th 2009 5:39 pm
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Ok, so the bump went away by itself. Mom and Dad had to bandage my foot and keep it clean and dry for a week, but once I stopped licking it, it was fine. yay! I didn't even have to see the evil vet. Yessss!

So, maybe you read Zeppelin's Diary, but maybe not. In case you haven't: we have a sister now! Her name is Lucy and I think she is enormous! I wasn't too sure about her at first: I thought she was taking over my space. But, Mom and Dad kept giving me hot dogs and cheese when I was nice to her, and saying no when I wanted to bark at her (I just didn't feel comfortable with her at first).
But, now! I really like her. Sometimes we share the doggie mattress. Mom was so happy today. When I saw Lucy at lunch time (Mom came home to see us), I jumped at her face to give her a lick, just to say hello. I do that to Zeppelin all the time, so it wasn't a big deal to say Hi to Lucy too. We played outside too, and everyone was good, so we all got a treat. Hope I don't get fat with all these treats... mmmm.... cheese.... *drool*


uh oh, not another bump

February 10th 2009 5:55 pm
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Well, Mommy's worried because she noticed I have yet another bump under my paw. It looks the same as last time, so she thinks (and hopes) it is the same thing. It doesn't bother me much though, I just like to keep it "clean". Mom keeps trying to stop me from licking it all the time. I heard her say we'd have to go see the vet... *shudder* I don't like the sound of that, the vet makes me nervous... Wish me luck pups!


I smell something...

January 24th 2009 3:47 pm
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Mom has been very busy with work lately, but she's been spoiling us! We love it, I gotta say. More walks, more training, more play! What more could a doggie ask for? But, I feel like something is going on... what could it be?

Mom here: I've been researching the retired racing greyhound for almost 6 months now. Initial doubts about adopting one and having 3 dogs have been washed away. I am ready to adopt and have been waiting until my bf says the same. Well, last night came the moment I've been waiting for. Dear bf annonced we would complete the adoption application form this weekend!!! We are both very excited about adopting and adding yet another loving creature to our family. Wish us luck!


Happy Howlidays!

December 21st 2008 4:44 pm
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to our Dogster family,
We want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! Hoping everyone is healthy, happy and get some nice hugs and play time during the Holidays (maybe a present too). I think I smell a present under the tree... better investigate!

Wishing everypup the best,



Blame it on Mom

August 5th 2008 1:26 pm
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Hi everypup! I am so sorry we haven't written in a long time, it's all Mom's fault, but it is for the best. We have been away because we just moved into a new home!! That's right, a whole house just for Zeppelin and me (and the 2-legged ones too). It's fantastic!! And the best news is that we are going to get a fenced yard in a few weeks, I can't wait! I will be able to run and play with Zeppelin all the time without getting tired around a tree! BOL!

Thanks for all the special gifts everyone! You pups are great!




March 31st 2008 5:08 pm
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Wowzerz! My Mommy is sooo proud of me today! I didn't even bark once when Daddy got home from work! Yay me!! She distracted me with cheese, made me sit and I got a little piece. Then she showed me that Daddy had arrived, I didn't bark and she said Quiet and I got yet another piece of cheese! Wow! It was great and she was so happy. I bet I can do it again tomorrow.


Dogster Plus

January 28th 2008 7:02 am
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Well, Mom finally made the jump into Dogster Plus! So now you can see tons of new pics of me and Zeppelin! Yeehaw! Zeppelin is gone to the vet, so I'm taking it easy today. It's okay, because there is a big snow storm outside and I don't like snow that much. I get to hang out with Mommy all day!! :o) Yip yap and woof!!


My first raw snack!

January 25th 2008 3:02 pm
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Oh poo, Zeppelin got to post first... oh well! Tonight, we both got a great snack! We got our first raw snack!! Mommy gave me a whole chicken wing and I wasn't really sure what to do with it. So Mom had to cut the wing in 2, and she saved the other half for tomorrow. It's ok though, because the bigger piece was plenty enough for me.
We really loved it and can't wait until we get another raw snack! Mom said she's going to the dog food store tonight to find some premade raw. Oh and tomorrow we get to go to the park. yeehaw!! Woofs and yips!


Getting spoiled!!

January 4th 2008 12:21 pm
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I have to admit I wasn't too sure about inviting Zeppelin into our home. I was afraid Mommy would forget me, but boy, was I wrong! I am getting spoiled even more than before! Yeehaw! We are even getting TWO WALKS A DAY! We love it and so does Mommy! ;o) Zeppelin and I both got a Kong that gets stuffed with yummy goodies every time we get left alone. We both got some nice bones for Christmas (and some other presents) and Mommy bought us (more for her than us) a Furminator. I don't really like it that much, but it does feel nice to strip off that dead fur! Wow! And the treats afterwards are pretty good too.

The Holidays were fun, but I am glad to be home again. I was getting restless with all the new people and doggies too!

Oh, and guess what? Mommy has finally found a food that I REALLY like!! Oh man, I hope I don't get fat! I'm finally eating a whole serving every day; it's called Orijen and I get fish oil mixed in with it. Mmm mmmm. Well it's almost suppertime! Gotta go!


Love going to the park

November 27th 2007 12:21 pm
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Hi again,
So we've been to the dog park twice every weekend since Zeppelin has gotten his first shots! I am a happy puppy! And so is Zeppelin now because he's not so shy around strange dogs anymore (he was scared at first). So we bomb around the park like speeding bullets (That's what mommy says!). AND I even got a whole bunch of sweaters from a nice lady at the park. Her daschund didn't fit in them anymore. Thank you Teeny and Suzanne! I'll get mommy to put up some pictures of me in my new wardrobe real soon!


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