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New life finally

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My First Rainbow Bridge Birthday

December 27th 2010 7:43 pm
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Well Diary, today was my first Bridge Bithday. I had fun here but I really miss my mom like she is missing me. Jan 6th will be one whole year without her. Sure I love all my old friends here and the newbies that arrive everyday. I love helping the newbies. But my heart and soul belongs to my mom.

A Bud in the Winter

I got a flower bud in the winter
Right after Christmas.
The petals were still closed
Trying to protect itself.

Days went by and one by one.
The petals opened.
Feeling more secure with the warmth of love
Knowing the feeling of safety.
Til one day all the petals opened

Feeling the love unending
This buds true colors was as bright as the sun.
It didn't matter any more how cold or warm.
This flower blossomed endlessly in vibrant colors.

This little bud that was so scared that she wouldn't open.
Finally let her petals down and embraced true love.
This bud turned into a beautiful DAISY.


Battle fought, Battle lost

January 11th 2010 7:30 am
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Hi Daisy's Diary

This is for my sweet precious angel.

Dec 22 / 03 I saw you in 2 photos and my heart cried out for you. You were at the SPCA in Yarmouth NS. I contacted them right away and did the adoption process. Sadly I could not get you until the 27th of Dec. It killed me to wait so long.

Finally the morning came and at 4 am we set out for the 3 hour drive to get you. I was excited, scared and so many other feelings but I knew you would be coming home with me no matter what.

When I finally met you, I just knew you were my heart. Yes you acted like a mean dog but I saw the scared dog inside. I told you that you will be forever safe and loved from that moment on.

Over the last years we have done so many things together. I have cherished every one of them. You made me see things in a whole different light. Like the first time you saw a chinchilla or the first time you saw a horse, kittens. You loved all the small creatures and tried to be momma to them all.

Sadly the end of August you were diagnosed with OSTEOSARCOMA in her back left leg. We did consider ampuatation but there was to many things against it. So we did everything else we could to keep you as long as possible with quaility of life. We were told that you MAY have 4 months. The cancer grew everyday and then got infected. I asked if you can hang on until after Christmas and your birthday. I told you I understood if you couldn't. Bless your heart, you stayed.

Jan 6th / 10 you got really bad. The infection got worse and split the skin. Then at suppertime, your leg exploded. Sadly, we knew that it was time. Your dad rushed home to go with us to the vet. I told you from the first day of this that you would not go alone even if you decided to go in your sleep.

We brought you in and you had to get weighed. In 2 weeks you lost 10 more lbs. In the quiet room we took you and they had a beautiful soft bed for you. Just like sitting on a cloud. We asked you to lay down and you did. I laid beside you with you in my arms. I had to hold you for as long as I could the last time. I hope you felt how much I love you.

With tears and crying in everyone there while surrounded by love from us all, the vet preped you for your final exit. You were such a good girl even then.

You laid your head against mine and I held you even closer. I could not nor did I want to, let go. My heart broke, no it shattered into a million pieces that will never be whole again because I am missing a big piece of it.

There was not a dry eye in the whole place. You have affected so many people. You are so loved by so many from everywhere you have been. You have changed the nay sayers about Rottys and turned them into Rotty lovers. From your terrible start in life with little to no trust to being a great ambassador for your breed. Everyday you made me more proud then the day before.

So my beautiful angel, with a shattered heart I say, I loved you at the start, loved you more everyday and will love you more til my days are over. Then I can have you in my arms again.

Remember my words to you that I said every morning of every day you were in my life..... Good Morning Beautiful, How was your night?

To all the friends who have helped us all through this. THANK YOU. Your kindness and continued support is priceless and we love you all.
My friends in HUD and Rotty Rules.... DOG BLESS you all.


It's my WOOFDAY!!!!

December 27th 2009 4:28 am
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I made it!!! Back in August I was diagnosed with OSTEOSARCOMA
( cancer) and there were options but none were great. Mom and Dad decided at the last minute ( well when I was suppose to be in surgery ) to not have my leg amputated . There were to many cons to have it done. Needless to say their hearts were broken as they new for sure my time was very limited.

So they took me home and wanted to love me more ( as if that was possible and yanno what? It was :)

My family's wish was for me to make it to Christmas and my woofday. Guess what? Their wish came true!!!!!

I got to open presents for Christmas ( even ones that were not mine :) )and TODAY is my woofday. Mom said she has all kinds of things planned but it depends on how I feel. She said we will " go with the flow". Now I hope that do not mean we are going swimming because I hate swimming and I hate being in water. She wouldn't do that to me, would she???

She has a big box and whatever is inside SMELLS SOME GOOD. I am not allowed to see it until later today. I see all kinds of thingies still wrapped and I think they are for me. :)

I want to thank all my pals for their support especially over these last few months. They have been so wonderful to me and my family.

I look at my mom and she has tears of sadness because she knows it is very soon my time to go. She also has tears of joy because she has so many friends that support her in this time of heartbreak that I never wanted to cause her.

I feel so bad about that. I never want tears in my mommy's eyes. Like looking at her right now, sitting there looking at me, she has tears of sadness and joy. The joy is I MADE IT THIS FAR. Sadness because I do not have much time left.

Now puppers, I want to ask a favor if you can see your way to do it ok?

My final Christmas and woofday wish is to help a doggie pal of mine. Her name is ZOWIE. She needs surgery real bad and the rescue that has her really do not have the funds to do it. They have helped so many puppers that now their money is next to nothing. So, if you can spare a dollar or two, would you send it to them please? I understand this time of year is tough for everyone and please don't feel you have to do it. But if you can, that would be so woofable.

Here is the site that is hosting ZOWIE and you can donate if you wish to.

Ok, mom is doing something now and it looks interesting, GOTTA GO!!


Love my friends

September 24th 2009 7:25 am
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Well since I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, I have gotten so many get well wishes, prezzies and love from so many of my pals and even doggies I don't know. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

As some doggies know, my mom and dad ( and vet after another 2 1/2 hour conversation) decided at the last minute not to amputate my leg. It was a really hard choice for them because they knew it then would be a timed waiting game. They felt, if I had it done, by the time I healed enough to start walking, winter would be here ( we have lots of snow and ice) and it would be unsafe for me. Also, with my age, even though my heart and bloodwork is perfect, the risk of not making it through this surgery is really high. So they wanted whatever time I have left, they want me to enjoy it as much as possible. I take pain meds that don't make me sleepy and I am able to walk around most times. Mom and dad got me leg braces to help me and I am doing good with them.

I do have good and bad days but right now the good ones are far more then the bad ones. Until the bad ones out weigh the good and the pain meds etc. help along with the other things mom is doing, mom will be by my side until the end.

Again. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT. We really do appreicate you all.


Go with the flow

September 8th 2009 12:33 pm
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Well times haven't been good here. Just getting over one thing when another pops up. On Aug 27th, we discovered a tumor on my brother. He will have it removed soon. The next day wasn't so good.

Mom was helping my skin sis with her bandages and came out into the living room. Nopw when she went in I was laying in my Queen spot on the couch. When she came out I was on the floor with very teary eyes and my leg held up. Now I am a brave girl. I never made a sound so mom didn't know what happened. She checked my leg and toes and didn't find anything. So she figured I just twisted my toe and would be ok in about 1/2 hr or so... That was not to be the case.

2 1/2 hrs later mom took me to the vet. Honestly the best thing that could have happened was a broken leg or ACL etc. Instead I was diagnosed with OSTEOSARCOMA. So we were going to amputate my leg but there is to many cons vs pros. To put me through so much for very little hope mom and dad didn't want to do it. So sadly and with broken hearts mom and dad will love me for as long as I am here.. even more if possible. Since I was diagnosed I have been hardly getting around without pain. Mom and dad are doing everything they can. I will get my leg brace tomorrow to make my " better" leg more stable to help me get around. I don't know how long I have but I will look forward to everyday. That's the best I can do for my mom and dad who love me so much.

Since then we have a new foster ... I should say HAD a new foster. She is now my sis. Her name was Daisy also but mom changed it to Miss D ( we call her D). I love having a new sis and so does my brother. I hope you all welcome my new sis to my family. She will help mom and dad and Bullet when the time comes I am not here.


My last trip

August 15th 2008 8:23 am
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Well I am home now and to tell you the truth, I am glad. I was so tired this trip.

Well it started off with rain ( actually rained most of the time) but that's ok. We didn't get to Toronto this trip, just Ottawa area and Quebec.

We arrived in Ottawa on Monday night and dad had to work the next day. It was a long day so mom decided to walk to see if Rambo and his mom was home. It was a long walk for me but hey, I went for it. Rambo was home so we got to meet. Dummy mom, she forgot the camera.

Rambo is neat. He was being a silly goofball though. I think because I was there, he thought he was allowed to be " a dog" that day just like he was allowed when Bullet was there.

Well he slipped his collar and the game was on. It was a run, chase me(Rambo),tease game. After over an hour, Rambo's mom asked a man in the parking lot if she could open his car door so Rambo could get in. That is the only way his mom could catch the lil goof BOL. He agreed and poof, in goes Rambo. The silly dog made them miss their vet appointment.

Mom didn't intend to be gone so long and it was on the way back to the truck I got really sore and lame. Mom thought " that's ok, I got your pain meds and you will be fine soon". GUESS WHAT? SHE FORGOT MY PAIN MEDS!!! Needless to say, mom was very upset at herself. She couldn't believe she did that.

So that night ( back at the truck stop) we got our new passenger. Her name is Rumor. She is a BSL dog from Onscario ( Ontario). This lil staffie mix is a sweetheart. Mom told me we are taking her to New Brunswick to be safe. I wasn't really happy about sharing my truck with another girl dog. It took a day or so for us to totally get along.

It was tough because she couldn't be outside like me or go for walks incase someone spotted her and complained. She was really good about it though. We became great friends.

The day came when we were to hand her over to her new foster mom. I didn't like that at all. My new friend was suppose to stay with me always. I am beginning to hate cars... they keep taking my friends away and even the puppies I adopted when mom fostered them.

So I was really sad for about 3 days ( human days). Mom said we will see her again. We will just call the next time we go through New Brunswick and have a play date if possible. Mom and dad would have loved to keep her. I begged them to. But mom and dad said we couldn't because then we couldn't help more doggies. :(

Anyway, mom and dad says this may have been my last trip. They feel it was way to hard on me. I hope they give me another chance. I try to tell them it was because of the heat and long walk we were on that made me like that. I hope they understood.

I also met other doggies and people. It was great. Of course I was on my best behavior EXCEPT for one time.


After Rumor left with Kat ( her foster mom) mom and dad was helping a couple with car problems. So by this time it was dark and I was in the truck watching them. Dad parked the truck way back so that the cab of the truck next to us did even come close to be side by side with ours.
So, this car drives up and stops right in front of MY truck and just stayed there. Then a male got out and just kept standing on the corner of his truck next to us. So that made me be on the alert. I barked a warning bark " to get away from my truck". I didn't know this person and he seemed " weird" to me.

This male got upset... mad actually, that I barked. He wanted us to move our truck so he could get in his and drive away. NOT!! There was no way he would be anywhere close to me to be in danger ( not that he was anyway) unless he got on our truck to my window.

He was gonna call the police / AC/ Irving( owns of the truck stop) to have ME removed. Stating that I was " dangerous" because I barked at him... well let me tell you. This male ended up leaving with his tail between his legs after mom was finished with him.

After mom got calmed down with all the stupidity that came from his mouth, she was laughing. He was soooo stupid and past being ignorant that it was funny. What made mom angry was he was threatening me. He was saying I was trying to attack him ( I am inside a truck, that even if I was to jump out my window( which I wouldn't) it is almost a 7ft drop to the ground. Mom told him if he didn't act so suspiciously around my truck ( like he was lurking) I wouldn't have even bothered with him at all. If he just drove up, got in his truck... that would have been it. BUT NOOOOO!!!! He had to make a federal case out of ONE BARK.

Oh well, there is a " MR. STUPID" everywhere I guess.



August 2nd 2008 7:28 am
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ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother Bullet got to go the last time :(. He knows that is MY TRUCK. He got to meet Rambo ( Dogster) and Jesse ( another trucker dog) and quite a few more.

Mom says I get to go this time. Mom also says she will be bringing back some doggies that are not safe where they are. I know what that is like. These babies are under the BSL so they can't stay there to get a new home. Maybe I can meet Rambo too. I hope he don't wash my face and mouth like Bullet told me her did to him. I hope I get to meet alot more doggies this trip like Bullet did. But I don't want to see doggies being abused like Bullet did. I would get VERY ANGRY and take a bit outta crime. Mom was a trouper. She saved that doggie. No dog should be abused. I know what that is like and believe me, it isn't fun.

I wanna go to Richie Feed too. They love me there and I love going there. Mom makes sure we go because I love it so much. Any dogster that gets to Ottawa, go to Windmill Lane. That is where Richie's is. You will love it there.

I hope I get to see alot more of Ottawa. It is a VERY nice place and most people love doggies no matter what the breed is. Course there is good and bad in all. I just wanna meet all the nice ones who will like me for just being me.

Anyway, gotta go pick out my hankies and toys I wanna take, put in my menus for the trip and wash my lambskin mat that I absolutely love. Oh... dad says no bully or moo sticks for me but mom whispered to me that I WILL HAVE ONE ( OR 2) bol. Dad is so silly if he thinks mom isn't the boss.

Well gotta go, take care all my pals who sneak peeks in my diary. Please have fun and be very safe while I am gone.



June 21st 2008 7:34 am
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Well I have been not getting worse. With the meds I am on, I have been free of pain and my movements are much better. I even got the ok to go with mom and dad again this summer. We just have to be alittle more careful so I don't get to excited and jump out of the truck.

I can't wait to go. Daddy just got back so hopefully mom will be off before he has to go again.

Life is great!!!


Good new? Bad news? WHICH?

May 28th 2008 12:53 pm
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Off and on Daisy has been limping. She does have arthritis so we were thinking that was the problem. So I did all the things I usually did but now it isn't helping. So off to the vet.

The news isn't good but so far it could have been worse.

Daisy has ..

Degenerative Joint Diease (DJD)

Hip Dysplasia

damaged Cruciate Ligaments in BOTH knees.

The ligaments are damaged along with the Menisci.

Daisy is right now on high doses of pain meds and treatments to hopefully stop it from getting worse. To avoid surgery if possible.

With how much this dog has been through in her 8 yrs ( mostly from before we got her) it breaks my heart to see her in this much pain now.

The treatment was started last night and today she is much better. The stress and pain is gone from her face and she isn't limping as much. She has to be careful not to strain her back legs or she could rupture her knees.

That can prove to be hard seeing as she loves to jump around playing.


To bad but glad

April 5th 2008 5:32 am
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There was alot of talk about Oprah doing a puppymill show. Unfortunitly mom never got to see it ( she had to work ). Not that it is something mom wants to see ( she fights PM's / BYB's / animal abuse etc everyday. But she would have liked to see it as to how well it was done and what would be shown and said. From the response she has heard and read it was done very well. Mom along with others here on dogster have been accused of being mean, nasty etc. when they talk about shelter / rescue / BYB's / PM's. That is the funny part really. It is because they are NOT nasty or mean. They are very caring people who do a job that unless you have done it ( not once or twice ) it is really hard to understand. They get burnt out, their hearts ache, their dreams are invaded, sleep don't come easy, stress is so high and most times when they need to vent, nobody will listen. They try every way possible to explain why getting from a responsible breeder / shelter / rescue is the way to get their new addition to their family. Buying one pup from a miller / pet store / BYB( most times ) will only " save that dog" but will condem the mother and father to more breeding for a litter to replace that pup. So in reality because someone ( innocently for the most part ) at least 3 dogs will suffer more and longer. The mom / dad and at least one pup born or how ever many that is. The crime that is committed against these poor babies is heart breaking. The law lets them get away with it. Pet stores support them. People support them every time you buy ANYTHING in a store that sells pets. There is a difference in a store with animals that work with shelters. They adopt animals out to help the shelters. NO MONEY is taken by these store for the pets. They do not benefit like pet store and millers. No matter what a pet store says the pups are or have as in pedigree / papers etc. THEY ARE FALSE. They make them up to show you. DEMAND to have the " breeders name / address and phone number". Get the vet who was to have checked over the health of the pup's name. Check him / her out. Most times it isn't a vet or a vet that don't care. They usually only use one vet. BYB's are not much better. Most do not check for health concerns, they don't care where the pups go as long as they got rid of them to produce more and money in had. ANYONE who breeds to make money off the lives of their dogs ARE NOT good people. There is no need to breed more when you have no business breeding in the first place.
I am glad to see this program has made some nay sayers see what is really going on. Yes those babies in the " window" are soo cute / sad etc. that you want to save them BUT really what happens is the chain keeps getting bigger.
Take a stand. DEMAND that it stops. TELL the pet store that they will no longer have your business until they stop. TELL your friends to do the same. WRITE your legislator to make PM's illegal and selling pets in stores also. BE the squeaky wheel. Help those who don't have a say. LOOK at your own baby and wonder what his/ her life would be like. Does he / she deserve to live that way? EVERY DOG / CAT deserves to be born in a place / home that they are wanted for THEM and LOVED. Their parents deserve the same.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. Take a pledge to do everything you can to show they deserve more. ONE person can make a difference. BE that one person.

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