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Life as usual

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From my Momma

August 24th 2013 10:46 am
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July 2002 Bullet came to us in a very sad time. We had just lost our girl Neely and we were devastated. The few days after Neely's passing, I looked at the want ads in the paper. Now for some that wouldn't be unusual but for me it was. I never read the newspaper let alone look at the want ads. This day I bought a paper and opened it to that page. The only thing I saw was one ad. In my eyes it was the whole page. I called and strangely enough, the dog I called about, I saw grow up.
So I went to meet him and loved him right away. He was a very happy, friendly, loving 5 year old boy. The owners loved him but felt with their jobs, he wasn't getting the attention he needed or deserved. There were many people wanting him but we were the only ones he cried for when we left. So one week after Neely passed, Bullet walked into our home. Not a second regret since.
Bullet loved everything and everyone completely. He played soccer ( very good at it too ), loved to have other dogs chase him, loved swimming, going for walks in the woods, loved puppies and babies and so many other things. Anyone who met him felt the love from him right away. He was a very gentle old soul. He welcomed all newcomers in his home. Whether they were staying for good or just visiting.
For 11 wonderful years we have loved him completely. The joy he gave us grew each day. The only time he did something to cause a problem was when he tried to make friends with a skunk. He tried very hard but the skunk didn't understand that. He was even happier with how bad he stunk. We weren't lol.
Once in awhile we would take him on the road with us in the rig. Bullet was a home body so even though he was " game for anything " he would rather be home with his human sister. The only thing he really liked and we don't know why, was when we would go through Montreal. He loved it there.
The following year after getting him, we adopted Daisy. Except for her biting his tail on meeting, they never had another spat and totally loved each other. They did everything together. She trusted him completely. Sadly , 2010 we lost Daisy due to Osteosarcoma. Bullet was devastated and mourned her loss since. He loved the other two girls ( Miss d and Pocket ) but they were not Daisy.
Right after Daisy passed, Bullet went grey and lost almost all of his hearing and sight. He also had congestive heart failure. He stopped being able to go for walks and all the things he loved to do. The new girls kept him busy for a bit at the beginning but later he just wanted to be left alone.
On Saturday he did something he hasn't done in over a year. He found his way to my bedroom, went around my bed and laid where Daisy use to sleep. He gave a little cry ( he hasn't made a sound in over 6 mths ) as if to tell her he was coming to the Bridge. He stood up and gave me " that look " that all pet owners know and never want to see. On Sunday night, he could hardly breathe and was in distress. I finally got him calmed and he went to sleep in my arms. We made the choice, if he made it through the night, we will help him on his final journey the next day.
Monday, Aug 19 /13 at 10:35 AM. my precious Bullet passed in my arms. He went peacefully.


It's my time

August 20th 2013 12:30 pm
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Well Diary
I finally let mom know it was time. Aug 19th / 13 at 10:35 AM I went to the Rainbow Bridge. I was sad to say bye to my family but I was so tired and missed my gal pal Daisy so much.
My mom held me in her arms and told me how much she loved me and every second I was in her life she loved me more. She told me everyday I was a great boy and how handsome I was. I lived my life to the fullest and have no regrets.

When I arrived at the Bridge... Neely was the first to greet me. She thanked me for saving our family when she passed and how well I took care of them. Right behind her was my gal pal DAISY!!! She was bouncing around so happy to see me. She told me how much she missed me and we had a lot of catching up to do. Both my sisters no longer have Cancer and are happy , healthy and loving every second here at the bridge.

I found my pal Rambo who passed the same day as I did. He was a little scared but when he saw me and Daisy, he was ok. There are so many of my friends here along with my cousins Sable, Shepp,Tag, Ace, Lucky. I have seen the girl romancer Jackson ( yes he is still after the girls ), and many of my Dogster Rottie Rule friends. Boy these puppers know how to party.
Speaking of party... gotta go because one is starting now.


Living since Daisy (RIP)

June 4th 2011 6:59 pm
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Well Diary, it's me again. I don't write much and don't share my feelings either. After all I am suppose to be a tough rotty / lab boy dog. Really I am a big softy and get hurt very easily. I have 2 sister dogs and I do love them. D came just before Daisy was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and Pocket came the Sept after Daisy went away. My sis D tries to take care of me and comfort me. It's been over a year since my gal pal has been gone. Even though I know she won't be back, I still look for her. Mom says I have aged so much in this last year. That I have not been the same.

She knows I am getting old but it is more then that. She sees when mom says " Daisy " I get real excited and perk up. Only to go to the door or bedroom and she isn't there. I don't play any more. I can only go for a small walk now too. About 10 mins. I know mom is sad because she knows my time is coming. I want her to know how much she means to me and how happy she has made my life. I hope she knows that. I love my mom so much. I love all my family but there is nobody like mom.

My sis Pocket... hmmm lets just say TERRIBLE 2'S. She don't mean to hurt me when she is playing and knocks me down. She really is a great little baby sister. I know both my sisters will be there for mom when my time is up.

I don't want to go before my time but honestly I can't wait to see Daisy again. I hope she remembers me as much as I never forgot her.


I miss her so much

January 14th 2010 3:04 am
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Well diary, being a boy dog, I very seldom write my feelings. I guess right now I really need to.

You see, on Jan 6 / 10 @ 7:47 pm. my sister Daisy went to the bridge. I knew something was wrong and I tried all that day especially to comfort her. She had been with me since Dec 27 / 03. Yes she was bossy but that was ok because that was just her way. She was protective of me as I was of her.

It has been 8 days now and I still go to the door trying to tell mom to let her in. You see since sis got sick, mom would let Daz out by herself so D and myself wouldn't knock her down. I would wait by the door and as soon as I would hear her touch her ramp I would tell mom. I was really good at that. But you see, I still do it :(. I can't figure out why mom don't believe me.

I lay beside Daz's bed but don't lay on it. I just whine and sigh because my bestest friend isn't there. Mom , dad, my skin sis, Squeak and even D are so sad here. The house is empty without her.

Since our first meeting when she bite my tail ( because she was so scared ) we never had a spat of any kind. We loved to do things together and go places. I tried to teach her it was ok to get in water but she never got over her fear of it. I often wondered what happened but she would never tell me. She told me about allot of things that happened to her before mom adopted her and it made me shake with anger. No pupper should ever have to go through that.

I remember the first time she went in the big rig. Mom and dad took us both. Now I made it look like I didn't like it because Daisy loved it so much I wanted her to have that special time every summer alone with mom and dad. I was ok to stay with my skin sis and loved that time alone with her. I just told Daisy I didn't like it much and was homesick. I hope she loved it as much as I loved letting her have that time.

Oh diary, I can't write any more right now.... my heart is breaking again. I will post more later about our time together and hope it helps me heal.


My surgery

September 24th 2009 7:14 am
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Well I don't post much ( man of little words ) but tomorrow I will have surgery. My doctor don't want to take a chance on the tumor I have. First it looked like a cyst but after treatment for it, we found out it isn't. So I will have it removed ( it is the size of a golfball on my leg ). The vet told mom that he isn't sure if there will be enough of my own skin to cover it but if not, he will use a cadver skin. I have had all my bloodwork done and even my heart was checked to make sure I am really healthy for surgery. My vet don't take chances. Esp with us oldies. So I will have to be on bed rest for about 2 weeks and only allowed out to potty. That will be hard but my sis will be with my alot too. Her bad days she don't wanna go out much either.

When mom can, she will post about me after my surgery.


Mommy is soo proud

December 30th 2007 2:03 pm
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Well, yesterday mommy was taking my sister Daisy and I for our walk. We just had a small snowstorm and it was beautiful outside. So after shovelling the driveway, mom put our leashes on and off we go. Anyway, we were almost home when mom slipped on a sheet of ice that was under the snow. DOWN she went, hitting her head and knocking herself out. When mom fell she dropped our leashes. We looked around and didn't see anyone. So I stayed with mom and Daisy ran to our neighbour Donna ( Daisy loves Donna ). Donna told mom that Daisy kept barking and running for the road and comming back to her. She knew something must be wrong because Daisy was running with her leash and she was outside without me and mom or dad. So she put her boots on and followed Daisy. That was when she found mom laying on the ground. That is when Daisy and I ran for home and just sat on the step waiting for mom. Donna helped mom home and that is when Daddy came home and took mom to the human vet. She had to stay there overnight because she had a concussion. She is home now and really sore ( neck and head ) but she will be ok. Mommy is so proud of us and I am so proud of Daisy. So much for a dangerous breed of dog.


Reindeer Bell Ringer.

December 26th 2007 2:07 pm
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Well mommy was suprised by a friend in one of her groups with Dogster Plus. So she decided to give back somehow to her pals in that group. Sooo the long and time consumming trek of hoarding zealies began. She would give them little clues at to who she was but not enough to get it. So she thought. Then computers problems started and was throwing a monkey wrench into her plans. Luckily it was only a few more days left and she borrowed her sisters lap top. As fast as she would get zealies, they would be gone again. So she asked herself if her pals was worth buying some. Mommy had worked extra hours ao she said... yes, they are worth it. So that is what she did. It was alot easier when you could get them for the Local Listings. Mommy and Daisy had been to alot of places. So it was easy to rate alot of places and to add some all over.
A couple of Dogster's in our group figured Mom out but mom did her best to steer them away. It sort of worked. In the end , mommy was pleased to give this group a treat and to have some fun. If mommy could, she would do it all the time. She thinks our pals in this group is worth it.


Shelter Needs

November 28th 2007 8:30 am
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Nova Scotia SPCA

Some are desperately needed on a regular basis while others are needed to replace the broken and worn. Anything you will provide will help. With your help we ARE making a difference! (Charitable receipts are available with proof of the fair market value of gifts in kind.)

Kennel Supplies:

Kitty litter (non-clumping), cat toys, nylon leashes, pooper-scoopers, pet carriers, stainless steel food bowls, non-plush dog toys suitable for sanitizing, x-pens, Kuranda* dog beds

Medical Needs:

Microscope and slides, lactated ringers solution, sterile syringes, pediatric scale, rubber mats, ear cleaner, alcohol


Canned dog food, canned cat food, puppy/kitten formula for orphans, rabbit/small mammal food, peanut butter, squeeze cheese in a can, heavy duty can openers (hand held), rubbermaid storage containers

Cleaning Supplies:

Scotch scrub pads, Formula 409, Windex, bleach, Wooden brooms, laundry detergent, powder dish washer detergent

Office equipment:

Desktop / Laptop computer (Pentium 4 or up, digital camera (at least 3.2mpx), digital photo printer, tv/vcr for education programs & training, laser printer, copy/fax machine, heavy duty paper shredder, batteries (size D, AAA, 9 volt)

Office Supplies:

Plain white photocopy paper, colored photocopy paper, digital photo paper, postage stamps, card stock(bright/neon colors), Avery laster shipping labels (2" x 4" & 1" x 4"), pens, dry-erase board markers, lockable file cabinets, office safe (combination)

Miscellaneous Needs:

Air compressor (for dolly/cart tires), gas-powered generator, WD40, dollies (1000lb capacity), portable 6" length collapsible tables, black metal shelving

*You can donate a Kuranda Dog Bed directly to a NS SPCA Shelter in need by going to the Kuranda website and locating your local shelter from their list. These patented dog beds make an ENORMOUS difference to the animals in our care!

#1 Wish

Six Million Dollars to build a new Metro Shelter

If you have any of these items that you are no longer in need of, or you would just like to help us out, drop them by the Metro Shelter or just let us know. Gift certificates to areas stores such as WalMart, Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Depot, Kent, Sobey, SuperStore, and other food and hardware stores as well as gas stations are ideal. We (and the animals) appreciate anything you can do.

Heavenly Creatures ( Newfoundland )


Monetary donations to cover spaying, neutering and kennel costs
Kennels and Carriers (all sizes for dogs and cats)
Unscented Scoopable Cat Litter **this is one of our biggest needs
Dog & Puppy Food, wet and dry (quality brands like Pedigree, Purina, Nutrience, President's Choice, Precise. No Ol' Roy or No Name, please)
Cat & Kitten food, wet and dry (quality brands like Whiskas, Friskies, Purina. No Special Kitty or No Name, please)
Deworming & Flea Control Products (quality brands like
Interceptor, Advantage, Program, Revolution, Capstar)
Pet Beds and Baskets
Rescue Remedy cream, drops and spray
Leashes, Collars and Harnesses
Scratching posts (preferably cardboard or rope)
Brushes and Grooming Products
Chew Toys and Cat Toys
Rabbit Bedding and Food

1 Laptop computer (new)
2 Cell phones
1 PDA (personal digital assistant) for HC President
Free or low cost photocopying
Musicians willing to perform at benefits
Use of sound equipment and/or a karaoke machine for upcoming fundraisers
DO YOU RECYCLE? We have accounts with both Scotia Recycling and Evergreen Recycling. When you turn in your recyclables, tell them that you'd like to donate your refund to Heavenly Creatures to help the animals.

Scotia Recycling: 25 Rhodora, St. John’s (579-7466) 47 Sagona Ave., Mt. Pearl (368-7466)

Evergreen Recycling: 807 Water St., St. John’s (777-3400)

SAVING CANADIAN TIRE MONEY? If you would like to support Heavenly Creatures, please donate your Canadian Tire money to us - we can use it to purchase pet food and supplies.

Thank you for your support - we appreciate every gesture of kindness.


Mommy is mad at herself

October 22nd 2007 9:37 am
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Yesterday, I was really sick. Things comming out of both ends ( if ya know what I mean, wasn't pretty ). Anyway she was doing everything she could and waited for a few hours to see if I would start to feel better. I didn't. I got worse. Mommy rushed me into the emerg. They kept me there to do bloodwork and scans etc. They saw something in my bowel but couldn't really tell what it was. They had me on IV's because I was dehydrated. They said I had to stay all night to be safe. Well it was a good thing because I started to hemmorage. Seems it was a bone I got without mom seeing it. It had cut into my bowel. They called mom at about 3 am to tell her that by the time she got there I would be in surgery. When mom got there, the vet told her she could come in surgery with me. So she did. She stayed with me until I was out of surgery and in recovery then when I was put in the kennel to sleep. Nothing more then that mom could do. She had to come home for my sister Daisy and cat sister Squeak.
Mom blames herself. We always have to wait for mom to check the yard because crows fly over and drop things all the time. She thinks she didn't check it good enough and missed it. I can't wait to be able to tell her she didn't do anything wrong. I hide it when she wasn't looking. Poor mom. She is such a worry wart. I have to stay in the hospital for a few days but the vet says I should be ok. They are treating me to prevent infection so I should be ok.


Missing you

July 13th 2007 6:02 am
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I know I have never met you. You left our family the week before I came. I just know from the pain in mommy's heart you were loved so much. I never came here to take your place. No dog can do that. I came here to help take care of them til they could be with you again. I promise to love them like you did. I hope you see how much you are missed. Neely, you were one of a kind and irreplaceable. You will always be loved and missed from deep in their hearts. One day we will meet and I know from what mom tells me, I will be honored to meet you and call you my sister.

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