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My Life as the Queen

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Goodbye my baby

October 13th 2011 6:50 am
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Lexie lost her battle with renal failure on Monday. She's always had issues with her kidneys and it's something that we treated in one way or another most of her life. Three weeks ago we realized that she wasn't feeling well and took her in, our worst fears were realized when they told us her kidney function was not good and she was border line anemic. We tried a cocktail of meds that seemed to help for a while but it became obvious that it wasn't going to work in the long run and we made the heartbreaking decision to end her suffering on Monday morning. My heart hurts and I still can't believe that she's gone, I keep expecting to hear her bark when I get home and to have her lay next to me on the couch at night to watch TV. We love you Lexie Lou and we'll miss you forever, but I know Oreo was waiting on you when you crossed the bridge and now you and your brother can run and play just like you used to.



September 17th 2008 6:22 am
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We live in the Gulf Coast area of Texas and this weekend we had a hurricane named Ike.

Mom took me, Wade and Thomas to Nana's house last Thursday. I really like my Nana but I've never been to her house before. She has 3 1/2 acres to roam but she has 3 dogs of her own, one of which is a huge old cranky Lab mix named Sam. He didn't like me and Wade being there at all. He's very protective of Nana and of my mom (hey that's mine and Wade's job!) so if we got near either of them or around the other dogs he got pissy and growled, a lot.

There's a smaller one named Casey and she was cool at first but on Saturday she decided she didn't want to share me with my own mom, (I'm going to have to have a talk with mom to find exactly what goes on when she's at Nana's without me) and it was time to fight. OMG! Wade came in to protect me and then Sam came in to protect everyone. Luckily my dad was there, his booming voice made everyone stop. I have a couple of scrapes and a scab on my side but overall it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The rest of Saturday and Sunday morning, someone made sure they were between me and Casey at all times.

We came home on Sunday morning, that was a little scary too, there weren't any lights and trees and water were on the road in some spots. At one point I almost got sick, but dad stopped and took me for a little walk and I was fine afterwards. When we got to our house it was all boarded up and there wasn't any lights and it was raining, hard.

We slept Sunday and most of Monday but Tuesday Wade and I were ready to play, the weather turned off cool the electric is on and mom and dad are feeling better and when they feel good we feel good.


Update #2

September 3rd 2008 6:12 am
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Okay it's been a week and I'm back to my old self again, I've been rough housing with my brother which made mom and dad really happy. I'm eating good too so that's a positive sign. I've had the poops a little lately but mom is watching to see if it gets better or if it continues. She thought I had a tummy ache the other day when I felt bad and I was on bland food for a week and I've been back on my regular Hills Science Diet for a few days so it may just be the change of food. If it continues, (and mom and dad are watching my every move) they are going to switch me to a sensitive tummy food.

The only drag is they shaved my belly in order to do my ultrasound and it doesn't seem to be growing back. Mom is promising (threatening) to get me a sweater if it doesn't hurry up and grow. Not sure how I feel about that.



August 29th 2008 12:32 pm
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Most of the tests are back and here's what we know. My ultrasound didn't show anything weird so that's good. The ACTH Stim test shows I don't have Cushings Disease, yea!! My blood pressure was elevated but not by much so it was probably just me being nervous. My urine culture won't be back for a couple of days so we'll have to wait to see if I have a urinary tract infection.

Here's the rub tho, mom is afraid we got off on the protein in my pee and we haven't addressed the real reason I felt bad the other night. I seem to feel better after a couple days on Rimadyl for my hip so mom and Dr. Newton decided to observe me for a couple of days without Rimadyl and then observe me for a couple of days with the Rimadyl to see if it makes a difference.

Wish me luck!


Good morning subjects!

August 26th 2008 6:05 am
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Lot's have been going on for me lately. About 2 weeks ago I woke my parents up during the night because I didn't feel well. I was panting and pacing and it took my dad most of the night to get me comfortable and to go to sleep. My folks thought I was having a tummy ache and the next morning I was fine. Well that night I started whining again so the next morning dad took me to the vet. They checked me out from top to bottom and the only thing they found was my right hip was sore, well yeah I hit it when I screamed out the doggy door the day before. While I was there they checked my kidneys, (my brother Oreo passed away when he was 1 from kidney failure and my mom has them check mine periodically) to make sure all is well. The test showed I had elevated protein in my urine. So they took more and sent it away, it came back elevated as well. The vet thought we should wait 3 - 4 weeks and take it again but last week on Thursday and Friday dad found a little vomit, and on Saturday morning he found that I had vomited all my food up in the living room. So mom rushed me back to the vet that morning. This time they took blood and more urine and ran the tests we had planned to wait on, putting a rush on them so we would have results Monday (yesterday). Then the vet me a nasuea shot and some nasuea medicine, also some bland canned food (I don't mind, it tastes pretty good). Meantime Mom is upset and crying because she's afraid my kidney's are going bad and she's afraid of what's going to happento me. Dad was trying to be strong be he was afraid too.

Test came back yesterday and although they show an elevated protein level in my urine my BUN number is slightly elevated but just barely above normal and my creatinine was normal. My bloodwork was really good and healthy so they think I have Cushings Disease. So I have to go back in tomorrow and stay the day so they can give me an ACTH Stimulation test, check my blood pressure and ultrasound my kidneys. Hopefully this will pin down the problem and I can get on with my life.


We went too far

January 2nd 2008 6:11 am
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Last night Wade and I went too far and we are in big trouble. My mom got a new cat (Thomas) over the holidays and last night Wade and I chased him in the backyard when he went to use the restroom. He went over the fence and now mom can't find him. She's crying and really upset and worst of all she won't talk to Wade and I at all. She put our food down this morning but we didn't get our treats from dad that we usually do. Last night was the colded night we've had so far so she's really worried.


Fractured Coronoid Process

November 29th 2007 7:05 am
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Mom took me in for my yearly recently and had the doctor explain about my injured leg again. She said that the first time it was discussed she kinda spaced out after the doctor said surgery, arthritis, limping etc so she went in with a pen and paper to take better notes. We found out I have a Fractured Coronoid Process in my left leg. We saw a different doctor this time but he agreed with the first one that surgery isn't really an option because it usually isn't successful. He gave us a prescription for Rimadyl to be taken only when needed which hasn't been very often so far and told mom to limit my running. He said it was important to take me on lots of short walks, so we go 3 or 4 days a week with a day in between walks for my leg to rest. I've become really good on the leash (okay maybe not "really" good but definitely better) and mom says she doesn't mind taking me anymore. He also gave us some SynoviG chews with all that good joint medicine. Wade and I love them because they taste like treats and they seem to be working wonders on both our gimpy legs.

Gotto go now, ER is on!


A Bug

August 20th 2007 11:24 am
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Your queen has a tummy bug, how undignified. I started feeling bad on Saturday evening and on Sunday I either laid around or paced the royal chamber. The queen mother gave me a little Sprite and rubbed my tummy and finally got me to go to sleep. This morning at the vet's office they stuck a stick up my royal booty to take my temperature, determining that I had a little fever and was slightly dehydrated. I got lots of shots and some anti-biotics to take. Doc says I should be feeling better by the time the Queen mother gets home from work.

Your Queen


Busy Days

August 14th 2007 6:38 am
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#1 Sunday Wade, Mom and I went to pick Dad up from a campground. I hate to admit it but I did have fun. Not as much fun as Wade, that boy is spastic with his happiness. I got to go on a long walk with my mom and she was very proud about how much better I've gotten on the leash. I don't like the leash, period, but I'm improving. I got to bark at strangers and share breakfast with the folks, bacon, eggs & fried potatoes, yum!

#2 Monday afternoon mom took me to the vet because she and dad thought I was limping slightly on my right leg. Well it turned out to be a torn ligament on my left leg. There is a particular word for the injury but I can't remember what it is. The vet said that I could have surgery but they're not sure if it will help so they aren't going to put me through it. But I will have to worry about arthritis in this leg as I get older, I'm a little worried about that. The vet said that it's very common in German Shepherds and since I'm a Heinz 57(?) I may have Shepherd in me. I have to take a pill everyday for two weeks (with peanut butter, thanks mom) and then I'll take joint supplements everyday just like Wade does. Vet says the supplements are most yummy, we'll see.

Your Queen signing off!


Yesterday was my birthday!!!

January 2nd 2007 10:29 am
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I turned 4 years old yesterday, yeah for me. Mom started my wonderful day by making me scrambled eggs, yum. Oh and she and dad sang to me before breakfast. Then we played some and lounged a lot and for dinner I got the Chilli's leftovers from the night before, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and corn. Man my mom knows how to make me happy, forget toys, give me food.

Happy birthday to me!

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