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Getting Old

Sara Passed Away July 1, 2005

April 19th 2005 6:52 am
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We are facing the decision that every dog owner hates. Sara's health is declining very quickly. We have discussed if it is time for us to put her to sleep. This is a tough one. As soon as we decide that it might be time, she bounces back for a few days. I do know that at times she is very unconfortable. Two nights ago I heard her crying softly in the night and it broke my heard. Taking care of her health problems is like fighting a fire. You beat it back in one spot and it pops up some where else. I do know she has had a really good life. She has been there and done that!


A little older

March 22nd 2005 4:58 am
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Sara is a little older and a little slower but she met what must be the dumbest possum in the world last week. It was night time and she had sneeked into the back yard while we were not watching. I heard a very loud noise ran out to check and she had captured an adult possom. I still can not believe that a possum
could be that slow and dumb to allow a dog as old as Sara to catch it.
Lucky for the possum that she is so old or it would not have lived to tell the tale.

Sara is old but she is still 100% Terrier


Getting Older

December 10th 2004 9:45 am
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Getting old is hard work. In addition to not being able to see, I am now have trouble hearing. I can hear my Daddy calling me if he is close by but I can not longer tell where the sound is comming from. My world was already very dark but now it is getting much too quiet. My Daddy does things to stimulate me as much as possable but I get tired so fast. Some times I get really lonely and cry softly. When my Papa hears it he come to confort me until I feel better. When I walk around my house I keep bumping into thing and this makes me very unhappy, so I stay in my little bed more and more. I still want to play with my little brat of a brouther Froggy but sometimes it is too much for me. My Daddy tries very hard to make me feel better. As a Fox Terrier, no one can say I haven't lived life to the fullest. I have traveled to a lot of the US, I have been to Italy and got to pee all over Rome. A lot of Roma dogs knew I had been there.

I also had eight beautiful babies and know when my time is up I will live on in my children and their children. Living is lots of fun and I have no regrets for my my 15 wonderful years.

My story might sound sad, but if you think about it I really have had a wonderful life. Even though I am very old, I can look back knowing that this Terrier did it all and wouldn't change anything.

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